About Us!

At Civilized Health, we care about you. We offer honest, tried and tested information about reviews associated with daily-used products. We help you create your house from scratch with the best possible information about the tools, machinery, equipment, home-improvement mechanisms, and DIY tips and tricks to make your life better. Whether its home repairs or personal grooming, we have your back.

With our steadily growing reader-rate, we reach several millions of people daily and contribute towards a better way of living. If you need better kitchen storage ideas, product information on backpacks and earplugs, or information about the best electric toothbrush, you can count on us for an unbiased review.

Our Ethos:

We enjoy trying out the latest products with our talented team of like-minded individuals. All our products are personally tried, tested, and sampled before we publish our reviews. Please note that our reviews are entirely our own and do not have any bearing on other sites or individuals claiming to have the same or different results. We have a team of writers that do extensive research on the best-loved and hated products available in the market today. Once the initial investigation is done, a few promising products are selected, tried, and used, and are only then compared by price points, quantity, quality, durability, and efficiency.


Meet our Writers!


Ainsley Hunter

Ainsley Hunter has been with Civilized Health since our inception and brought a wealth of experience to the table.

Ainsley has spent more than 8 years in the retail space before shifting to online commerce. He has been writing about retail products, information, and research, and has been instrumental in writing detailed product-reviews for consumers. A regular contributor to various websites, online resources, and consumer sites, Ainsley combines his passion for detailed content with his love of research to deliver some of the best and unbiased product reviews and descriptions. He takes pride in personally trying and testing several of the products that come across his desk.

Ainsley backs his passion with a Master’s Degree in Consumer Behavior and has continued his learning through several certificate courses on content, consumerism, and buyer behavior.


Katie Jones

Katie Jones has been writing about health, lifestyle, home décor, outdoors, travel, sports, and many more genres since her teenage years. Starting out with short stories as a child, she quickly realized her passion lay in writing about topics related to the real world. Katie’s work has been published worldwide and continues to make its mark on the field of content and communications.

Armed with her knowledge gained through extensive social media marketing, networking, actively blogging, and being an Influencer, Katie contributes wholeheartedly to the content at Civilized Health.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Journalism and continues her tryst with words daily.



At Civilized Health, we believe that information and research is a fast-moving Highway. We take pride in sharing and spreading up-to-date, accurate, and original content with all our readers. We endeavor to keep our content ethical and free of conflicts.

If you have any concerns about our ethical guidelines, or would like to help us improve our content, please get in touch with us on [email protected]

We would be happy to reach out to you. We welcome constructive suggestions to assist us with our quality of work.

All the reviews published on Civilized Health are independent and are based on our internal testing. We do not rely on third-party companies to conduct research for us. If you purchase products via a link from our website, we may earn a small commission, but we do not receive any compensations or considerations for any of the content on our site.