10 Best Books for Two Year Olds in 2019

Press Here by Hervé Tullet

An interactive book that takes the premise of an electronic tablet and turns it on its head, making it well-suited to young audiences and for parents who don’t want to encourage too much screen time. This is a fun and entertaining book that children will love.

Make a Wish, Midas! by Joan Holub

This book takes the well-known myth of King Midas and makes it palatable for little ones, with Midas discovering that having too much of his favorite color can have messy consequences.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle

A much-loved book that has amused and entertained generations of young minds, this book sees the caterpillar quite literally eat his way through each page of the book. It’s a colorful and memorable story that will capture the hearts of children.

Best books for two year olds buying guide

Reading is one of life’s greatest pleasures and it is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy with the right material, even toddlers. Starting children off with books early is a great way to encourage the development of their vocabulary and identification of objects, numbers and time, as well as helping to minimize the amount of TV time they’re exposed to early on. In particular, when it comes to getting children to go to bed, sometimes the lure of a bedtime story can make the process of getting children to settle down much easier. Every child is different in the stories they enjoy, from picture-based books to those who enjoy a more interactive experience, but there are plenty on the market to choose from to suit all personalities.

When choosing a story for two year olds and pre-schoolers, there are a few factors to bear in mind. These include the vocabulary used, ensuring that the story isn’t too complex for little minds to wrap their head around and that there are plenty of pictures to help children follow along with the story. These titles are some of the best for ages two and up, with fun and engaging storylines, brilliantly colorful illustrations and artwork, and a range of subjects to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something that’s interactive so your children feel as though they have a part in the story or you want a wholesome tale that will send them off into an imaginative slumber, these are excellent books that will be enjoyed for many years by both parents and children alike.

A wonderful book that is a “celebration of children everywhere”, Welcome to our World helps pre-schoolers learn about how children live in other parts of the world. From learning sayings from other countries such as how people say ‘you win some, you lose some’ in Arabic countries, to developing the knowledge to say “My name is” in a range of different languages, this is a fun and educational book. Kids will love the answers to a host of questions along with the bright illustrations that accompany each page. This book is a fantastic way to teach children about diversity and other cultures, as well as broadening their minds in terms of their understanding of different phrases and languages. It will encourage plenty of questions, spark their imagination and inspire them to want to learn more each day.


Key features:

  • Colorful illustrations by Harriet Lynas
  • Helps children learn how to say their name in different languages
  • Full of facts about other countries, from common sayings to traditions

This book details all the ways a child can grow up and the loving things in which their parents think of when they look at them, with delightful and sometimes humorous illustrations to go along with each page. The pictures have a retro-mid-century feel to them, showing children of all ethnicities playing and sharing toys and taking part in different activities. This is a book that kids and adults alike will enjoy for many years to come, and it makes a great gift for any occasion, whether it’s a baby shower or a birthday. The Wonderful Things You Will Be has a heartfelt message which parents will enjoy passing on to their children from an early age.


Key features:

  • A New York Times bestseller
  • Based on the premise behind the Dr. Seuss classic ‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’
  • Has a song-like rhythm to the text

A fun kids book that has a distinctive style, both in writing and illustration, that kids will really enjoy. Where do Diggers Sleep at Night is a fun board book version of the beloved construction bedtime story that will send young readers off the dreamland in no time. This book serves as a sweet reminder of the rituals little boys and girls need to remember when it comes to bed time and has a lovely message at the end. Younger audiences will be familiar with the different vehicles, from tractors and monster trucks to fire engines, and will have fun pointing out what they recognize. For kids who can’t get enough of trucks and cars, this is a great book that is the ideal choice for a bedtime story they’ll want to hear time and again. For other great kid items check out our toddler travel beds, perfect for reading to your child in.


Key features:

  • Fun board book based on the classic bedtime story
  • Has a wonderful message and familiar routines that children will recognize
  • A must-have for kids who love trucks, cars or fire engines

Filled with bright and colorful illustrations of the underwater world, The Pout-Pout Fish has wonderful artwork and bags of personality. The book has clever rhymes that younger readers will enjoy following along with and is sure to keep their imaginations ticking away from page to page. You and your kids will be able to follow along with the pout-pout fish as he discovers that being miserable isn’t for him, all while exploring the stunning ocean throughout this fun oceanic story that will put a smile on anyone’s face. This story book is a bit different to many others, including those in this list, as it has a rhyming text instead of a standard storyline so it’s great for something a bit different to everything else on the bookshelf.


Key features:

  • Winner of the 2009 Bank Street Best Children’s Book of the Year
  • Great for younger kids who will enjoy the repetitive verses
  • Includes cartoon illustrations of underwater creatures

The quintessential picture book that has entertained kids for generations, The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a much-loved book that charts the progress of a caterpillar’s meals throughout the week. This is a fantastic book for pre-schoolers to teach them the names for different foods, as well as the days of the week, time and numbers. It’s an engaging story that will surprise and delight young readers as the caterpillar literally eats his way through each page of the book. And parents are sure to remember the story from their own childhood and will no doubt enjoy reliving it again with their children.


Key features:

  • Innovative picture book
  • Hugely popular the world over
  • Filled with imaginative drawings and cut-out details

If there’s one aspect of the daily ritual that kids never enjoy, it’s bath time but with this book, they’ll grow to enjoy it. This clever but simple interactive book allows the reader to take charge of the bath time routine, from turning on the shower to wiping water off little rabbit’s nose and getting him dry and ready for bed time. The illustrations that accompany this story are wonderfully expressive and really bring the tale to life. With each spread, there are different actions that kids can see the results of simply by turning the page, as if by magic. For parents who struggle to get their kids to go to bed, this book is a great way to get them on board and feel as though they’re more in control of each step so they can begin to look forward to the routine.


Key features:

  • Follow-Up to Tickle my Ears
  • Interactive board book where readers take charge of bath time
  • Minimalistic illustrations that are expressive and colorful

Lola is the younger sister of Gilbert, Diane deGroat’s popular children’s book character series. This interactive flip book lets kids help her celebrate each and every holiday with her special dress-up box. Throughout Lola’s adventures, readers will be entertained and amused every step of the way, time and time again – this is sure to become a story that will delight for generations. Lola secretly delivers valentines to everyone she loves in her life, but the ending provides a big surprise for Lola herself. The book teaches children about the joy of giving gifts to others and has a wonderful message.


Key features:

  • Teaches children about the joy that can come from giving to others
  • Written by Diane deGroat, an acclaimed writer of more than 120 books
  • Interactive flip-book

The unique and innovative Press Here has instructions within it that allow the reader to take part in an exciting journey, filled with interactive tasks and surprising results. From shaking the pages to tilting the book and pressing dots, readers will be fascinated throughout the story as they discover what’s to come. This is fun for both kids and adults and is sure to ignite the imagination of little ones as they embark on the read-aloud fun of this book. Just because parents want to limit screen time for their young ones doesn’t mean they have to miss out on the enjoyment of electronic magic and this book proves that – the voice-over narration will lead the read along with different instructions to amaze and delight them with each turn of the page.


Key features:

  • A clever imitation of touch screens with more interaction and physical pages to learn
  • An engaging book that kids will love
  • Has voice-over style narration

A beautiful book filled with charming characters and stunning watercolor illustrations, Adventures with Barefoot Critters makes learning the alphabet fun and enjoyable. From building a cozy campfire to seeking out honey and making friends, this book is packed with exciting adventures that will have little ones keen to explore the great outdoors and embark on their own adventures. The illustrations have a wonderfully nostalgic feel to them that perfectly match the beautiful storyline, so adults will enjoy reading this just as much as the kids will. It’s also a brilliant way for children to learn the names of each animal and identify them, from birds to furry mammals, as well as the seasons and all that comes with each part of the year.


Key features:

  • A delightful cast of animal characters who explore the alphabet
  • Beautiful watercolor illustrations and story from Teagan White
  • A great way to inspire children to explore nature

Brilliantly reimagined by Joan Holub, Make a Wish, Midas! is a fantastic story for toddlers that takes the well-known Greek myth of King Midas and makes it easy for younger audiences to understand. Midas wants everything to be his favorite color, yellow, from his clothes to this food. But over the course of the book, he comes to realize that having too much of a good thing isn’t always ideal. With carefully written text and unforgettable illustrations, this book is a great way for kids to learn about one of the best loved stories of all time and also helps them to identify colors and names for different objects throughout the book. For other great toddler items see our breast pumps for great convenience.


Key features:

  • Reimagined Greek myth for younger readers
  • Teaches children the moral behind the story
  • Coupled with humorous illustrations