10 Best Bug Zappers in 2019

Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device

A powerful and industrial-sized zapper, the FC-8800 Diplomat covers an astonishing 2 acres of space to keep outside areas free from bugs. It’s a great choice for commercial spaces where the need for pest control by dumpsters is necessary.

GLOUE Bug Zapper

The GLOUE model has plenty of power despite its size, delivering up to 16 square meters of coverage. It’s ideal for lower levels of insects and for space-saving needs, such as in motor homes where you don’t want anything too bulky.

Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer

Efficient, easy to install and clean up, and can be safely used indoors both for the home and commercial premises. The Aspectek uses 2800V of power to eliminate pests and keep your space free from insects without the need for chemicals or manual effort.

Bug ZapperKey Feature
LiBa Bug ZapperUses 20w bulbs, easy to remove tray.
GLOUE Bug Zapper
Compact, easy remove tray and incredibly quiet.
Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer

85 foot coverage indoors, removable tray for easy clean.
Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat Fly Control Device
120W UV bulb for 2000 square foot coverage, indoors or out.
Lumapest Electric Bug ZapperIncredibly quiet, screw off basin to catch bugs.
Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper
625 square feet converage, 3.5 hour run time with lantern feature.
Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer
One acre coverage, using a 40w bulb, non-clogging grid.
KEYNICE Nontoxic Mosquito USB Killer
Portable, Uses UV to attract and a mesh funnel to prevent escape.
Hoont Powerful Electric Indoor Fly Zapper
Up to 6000 square feet, inexpensive with two HI 10W bulbs
Electronic Insect Zapper Night Light Large coverage of up to 1000 square feet

Things to consider when buying a bug zapper

It may not be a year-round device, but depending on where you live, a bug zapper can be a crucial piece of equipment that helps to make your environment more pleasant to live in. Flying pests such as mosquitoes, flies and gnats are irritating when the weather gets warmer – bug zappers offer a chemical-free way of maintaining them, so you’re not infested with flying insects around your home or commercial premises. But the type of bug zapper you buy depends on the type of insect you’re trying to eradicate. Flies and moths are lured in by ultraviolet light while mosquitoes are more attracted to other factors such as sweat or breath.

There are several variations of bug zapper to choose from, each with their own unique properties. Horizontal light zappers are usually intended for indoor use and are boxier units which have a large mesh grid to allow insects to enter and be eliminated. The most effective horizontal zappers are in the 20W range. Vertical light zappers are easily made waterproof, so they can be used in or outdoors, and they usually have a plastic casing to protect people from accidentally touching the grid.

Bug zapper light bulbs are designed to fit into a standard socket and have a zapper element in them – they don’t provide as much light, but they are effective at killing bugs in the area they’re placed into. Finally, electronic bug repellents don’t kill the bugs, but they maintain them and keep them at bay to ward them off. They work by plugging into a socket and emitting a high frequency sound that deters insects.

Safe enough for indoor use, both in the home and for commercial environments, the LiBa Bug Zapper provides instant insect attraction thanks to the 365nm wavelength it emits which has been scientifically proven to be incredibly attractive to insects to help eliminate the pests from your home or commercial premises. If you’re looking for a chemical-free way of keeping flies and mosquitoes under control, the LiBa zapper is a great choice that can be used anywhere from the home to warehouses, retail stores and even restaurant kitchens. It has a strong 2800V grid to keep insects under control and uses 20w bulbs. The cage wiring prevents anyone accidentally touching the grid and the removable tray makes cleaning the zapper a breeze.


Key features:

  • Instant insect elimination with a powerful 2800V grid
  • Natural and chemical-free form of pest control
  • Safe and secure for indoor use

If you’re on the lookout for a smaller and space-saving zapper, GLOUE’s compact design is sure to impress. Don’t let its diminutive size fool you though – this is still powerful enough to keep flies and mosquitoes at bay, with effective coverage of up to 16 square meters. It’s a great choice if you’re on the move and travelling but still want protection from bugs – it can be used anywhere from hotel rooms and individual rooms in your home to motor homes while you’re on the road. If you’re dealing with lower levels of insects but still want to keep them under control, the GLOUE model is a perfect option that won’t take up too much wall space. As wall-mounted zapper go, this is one of the best for its size.


Key features:

  • Compact design that’s easy to install even in smaller spaces like motor homes
  • Easy clean up simply by removing the lid and cleaning the tray
  • Quiet eradication means it won’t disturb you at night but still offers protection from insects

The Aspectek Bug Zapper uses two powerful UV lightbulbs to emit strong rays of light that will easily attract bugs from as far as 25 meters away, making it an effective form of pest control. It has a 2800V grid that is highly efficient as well as a washable tray that can be easily removed and wiped up for easy removal of dead insects. It’s a low maintenance way of keeping your home or commercial space free from bugs, flies and mosquitoes, and is built to last so there is no need for parts to be changed for a long time. Despite its power, the Aspectek is perfectly safe for home use and can even be safely used in restaurants, offices, hospitals and garages.


Key features:

  • Can attract flies, mosquitoes and other bugs from as far as 25 meters away
  • 2800V grid that is effective at eliminating pests
  • Removable and washable tray for easy clean-up

The Flowtron FC-8800 Diplomat offers up an impressive 2 acres of coverage, and can be easily mounted vertically or horizontally onto the wall. It uses 120W of UV light to attract pests and efficiently eliminates them – the removable collection tray can then be taken out and cleaned with ease. If you’re in need of a bug zapper for a commercial space, such as trash recepticals outside a restaurant or by a dumpster, this is a great option that will effectively keep the space free from bugs and flies. It’s an industrial-size zapper that won’t let you down and removes the need for chemicals or glue boards to get rid of any pests outside your home or business. It would also be good for use with a camping tarp to keep pests away.


Key features:

  • 120W of UV light covering 2000 sq.ft. of indoor space
  • No need for glue boards or chemicals
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors for commercial spaces

The Lumapest Electric Bug Zapper is a lantern-style model that offers a streamlined and more aesthetically-pleasing look than some other models on the market. It has a screw-off basin that catches most of the bugs it kills for easy clean up and will eliminate everything from flies to small moths. This particular model requires a plug and has a 6’ cord, but it can be used in or outdoors providing it’s near a socket as it is weatherproof, so it is a great option for hooking up on a patio or porch area. The Lumapest also has a great two-year warranty to provide peace of mind and is well worth the money for the functionality and space-saving design it provides.


Key features:

  • Vertical placement allows for a more streamlined look
  • Includes a screw-off catch basin that catches the majority of bugs it eliminates
  • Incredibly quiet for minimal disturbances

For times when you have no available power source but still want to keep the area bug-free, the Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper is the solution for you. It delivers excellent insect control for outdoor spaces and is powered on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which provides you with several hours of use on a single charge. If you do happen to have a nearby electrical outlet, it can also be used while plugged in for extra versatility. The Stinger uses a UV black light instead of the typical white light which doesn’t emit as much light but can attract up to 40 percent more insects, so it’s highly efficient and managing pests. It’s a great option for use on patios, decking and around pool areas, plus the design means it’s not going to stand out – it will easily blend into the background but provide plenty of protection from bugs.


Key features:

  • Portable design that’s cordless and can be moved easily
  • 5 hour run time with the lantern-only feature
  • Covers an area of 625 square feet, killing flies and mosquitoes

One of the best models available for outdoor use is the Flowtron BK-40D Electronic Insect Killer which is a corded bug zapper that eradicates insects with ease. It provides coverage for up to one acre and uses UV light to attract pests and eliminates them using the powerful, non-clogging electric grid. The casing for this zapper is made from polycarbonate for durability and rust-proofing when exposed to the elements too. If you have a larger outdoor space for your home, have a barn or utility shed, or you run an outdoor business and want to ensure an insect-free environment, the BK-40D is a great choice that effectively and efficiently eliminates the problem without any effort on your part.


Key features:

  • Advanced electronic insect control with a non-clogging grid
  • Provides up to one acre of coverage using a 40W bulb
  • Delivers continuous and uninterrupted service for outdoor use

For those looking for a portable and lightweight mosquito killer, the KEYNICE USB bug killer is a great option that can be plugged into a laptop or phone charger for portability and convenience. It weighs just 0.5kg so it can be taken on trips, when you go camping or fishing, and will effectively contain and eliminate mosquitoes without the need for pesticides and chemicals. There’s a dedicated storage button that allows for easy clean-up – the KEYNICE model doesn’t use electricity to kill the insects but rather a fan to dry them out instead, with a mesh funnel to stop insects from escaping. There are two modes – Mute and Strong – which can ensure silence when you don’t want to be disturbed or a specific decibel of sound to attract more insects, for extra efficiency. 


Key features:

  • Powered by a USB cable and incredibly lightweight for complete portability and easy charging
  • Great for outdoor trips such as camping or hiking
  • Uses a UV light to attract pests and a mesh funnel to prevent insects from escaping

The Hoont Powerful Electric Indoor Fly Zapper does exactly what it says – it provides superbly powerful insect control for up to 6000 square feet of coverage and can be used for both in and outdoor use. It can be wall-mounted to keep it out of the way of children or pets and the improved thin design means it won’t be obtrusive wherever you decide to install it. The Hoont zapper uses high-intensity 10W bulbs to attract bugs which are then eliminated using the high-powered electric grid. Dead insects are collected in the tray at the bottom of the unit which can be removed easily for cleaning up and disposing of the insects. From homes and offices to kitchens, hospital and schools, this is a safe and efficient bug zapper that can be used safely 24/7.


Key features:

  • Inexpensive to run with two high-intensity 10W bulbs
  • The thinner design makes it unobtrusive wherever it’s installed
  • Provides up to 6000 square foot of coverage

Free from chemicals and pesticides, the Electronic Insect Zapper Night Light can be plugged in anywhere around the home or office, making it a versatile and effective zapper. It effectively kills mosquitoes, gnats and house flies using high voltage electricity, as well as working as an efficient night light thanks to the aesthetically-pleasing blue light it emits. This is small enough that it can be stashed in a suitcase for travel or used in a motor home as well. Simple to install and easy to clean, it’s a great option that works well at keeping pests at bay.


Key features:

  • Plug-in design that makes it convenient and easy to move around the home or office
  • Easy to clean with a removable lid
  • Large coverage of up to 1000 square feet

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