10 Best Scuba Diving Masks in 2019

Oceanic Cyanea Ultra Scuba Mask

Designed for easy use and excellent visibility, the Oceanic Cyanea Ultra mask is made from crystal-clear liquid silicone for a wider field of vision. The silicone skirt has stability ridges to prevent creasing and trouble-free buckles to make adjustments quick and easy.

Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask

For unspoiled views at a budget-friendly price, the Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask is a must. It’s made from tough materials that are built to last and can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit for every wearer.

Tusa M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask

Offering brilliant field of vision and incredible comfort, the Tusa M-1001 Freedom mask is durable and easy to use. It has a single lens for a wider view, as well as a 180-rotational buckle that delivers great security.

Diving mask buyers guide

When it comes to diving, the right mask is the key to ensuring great visibility and keeping water out of your eyes and nose for better focus. You don’t want to be wearing anything uncomfortable or frustrating to adjust, as this can deter from your diving experience, so it’s an essential component of your diving equipment. There are two factors to think about when choosing a diving mask – comfort and the fit. An ill-fitting mask isn’t just uncomfortable, but they can also be prone to leaking and fogging. You want to choose a mask that’s made from materials like tempered glass and silicone, to ensure comfort, prevention of leaks and durability.

There’s also the option of choosing a single lens mask or a multi-lens mask. Single lenses deliver a more ‘open’ feel because there’s no nose bridge, so you get an uninterrupted view. Multi-lens masks, however, have a small window pane on each side, so you have greater peripheral vision. Angled lenses also make a big difference – inverted or slanted lenses can provide a better downward view, so you can see your equipment like gauges and buoyancy control devices more easily. Picking a mask from the many available on the market can be a little overwhelming so this guide aims to remove the guesswork. The following masks are ten of the best you can buy, to suit every type of budget and need, from masks suited to different face shapes to the materials used for greater visibility.

One of the biggest selling points of the Tusa M-1001 Freedom HD mask is the massive single lens that sits close to the face for a vast field of view. This is an incredibly comfortable mask that has a high-quality lens for excellent vision opportunities. It also has a great design and durable construction, making it a great option for anyone looking for a mask that’s going to stand the test of time. The Freedom HD mask has a 180-degree rotational buckle that is brilliantly secure, as well as larger nose pocket rounds for comfort. This mask will comfortable fit all face sizes and shapes while still maintaining a low profile. The five-position strap, in particular, helps with this, meaning you can make smaller adjustments more easily for a really tailored fit.


Key features:

  • Huge field of view with a wide frame
  • Five-position strap to allow for smaller adjustments
  • 180-degree rotational buckle system for a secure and sturdy fit

The ScubaPro Solo mask delivers maximum comfort, thanks to the silicone skirt and non-slip strap that can be easily adjusted for a customized fit. The single lens is made from tempered glass to provide you with unobstructed views of your surroundings and the frameless mask offers a modern and low-profile look. There are no seams to worry about and the minimal bezel enables you to have a really clear view at all times. The Solo has a non-slip, adjustable strap for a secure fit that’s tailored to you, while the lightweight properties of the mask mean you can explore for hours without feeling the pressure of fatigue. If you’re looking for a low maintenance piece of kit that really delivers on performance and quality, this ScubaPro mask is the ideal option.


Key features:

  • Has a clear and open-view single lens mask
  • Features a frameless design that provides an increased field of vision
  • Non-slip strap that has an adjustable buckle

The Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Scuba Dive Mask has a three-lens design that’s constructed from tempered glass, ensuring this mask will hold up for many years and deliver on durability. As the name suggests, you’ll enjoy panoramic views with this dive mask for excellent peripheral vision. The split strap also helps to maintain a secure seal around the skirt so there’s no worry about leaks. One of the best features of the Phantom Aquatics mask is that there’s minimal fogginess and the buckle system flexes with each facial movement, so it’s incredibly comfortable too. It has an innovative push-button buckle that makes strap adjustments quick and easy. The seal and comfort is great, but nothing beats the clear views you get with this mask.


Key features:

  • Tri-window design providing an unobstructed view
  • Features a foldable buckle attachment that moves with your facial movements
  • Feathered edge and wide strap give a comfortable feel

Cressi’s Panoramic mask delivers on the view front, with a wide and uninterrupted field of vision from the durable tempered glass lens. What Cressi have produced with this product is a mask that delivers not just on visibility but also on comfort, fit and durability. This mask a low-profile option that all lovers of underwater sports will enjoy using. It has a double feathered edge skirt made from 100% silicone rubber, as well as a polycarbonate frame that’s long-lasting and tough. The ratcheting mask strap buckles are easily and quickly adjusted, while the precise fit of the lens allows for an unspoiled view of the underwater landscape. This snorkel set comes in a wide range of colors too, from clear to black and brighter tones, so you can tailor it to your preferences and personal style.


Key features:

  • Uninterrupted field of view due to the wide lens
  • Double feathered edge skirt for a tight and secure seal on the face
  • Durable polycarbonate frame and a tempered glass lens

The crystal-clear glass lens of the Atomic Frameless 2 Scuba Mask enables excellent views of the surrounding ocean landscape, allowing you to see everything clearly and uninterrupted. There are no seams in the glass as it’s constructed from a single pane of glass, and the low volume makes cleaning this mask easy too. The Frameless 2 mask features a comfortable skirt for the perfect seal to your face as well as an easy-to-use buckle system which can be adjusted simply by pulling the edge of the strap and adding pressure. This is one of the most comfortable masks on the market and suits people with larger faces.


Key features:

  • Includes easy to adjust strap buckles
  • Has a low-profile hydrodynamic design
  • Delivers a wide field of view with a single lens

A great option for divers who want a frameless mask, the Hollis M1 delivers fantastic optical quality and a distortion-free view of the oceans. Visibility is key with any dive and this mask won’t disappoint, offering brilliant clarity and a higher light transmittance. There’s a reduced iron content that also helps to lower the green tint that can be a common factor of other lenses. This helps to improve the color and visibility underwater for a really clear image of everything around you. The Hollis M1 skirt is double feathered and made from high-quality silicone for a comfortable and secure fit that sits close to the face. It’s great as a primary and secondary dive mask, with a modern and minimalistic look that many divers will enjoy.


Key features:

  • A low-profile mask with a wide field of view
  • Offers great visibility from the single lens
  • A comfortable fit due to the silicone skirt

The Sherwood Onyx mask is created for stealth and every aspect of its design has this in mind, from the color of the frame to the silicone rubber. The use of clear silicone rubber can create reflections that distract hunters and photographers, while the use of black matte on the Onyx mask is to ensure a low profile and great field of vision. It has a double-feathered edge that’s made from premium silicone rubber for the perfect seal on the face. It also has an ergonomic nose pocket that’s easy to reach for ear equalization which can be easily utilized even when you’re wearing gloves. The mask has dual tempered glass lenses and a unique push button system that makes it incredibly easy to adjust the mask even while it’s being worn. This mask is a must for precise vision and is a great option for underwater photography enthusiasts who want to block out distractions.


Key features:

  • Matte black finish for a contemporary look
  • Black silicone rubber to avoid reflections on the inside of the lenses
  • Precise field of vision that’s great for underwater photography

Mares has a great reputation for producing brilliant scuba masks and diving gear, and the I3 Sunrise mask is the ideal choice for people with wider faces who want something comfortable but still secure. The mask has a large piece of glass in the front, so the wearer’s view isn’t interrupted, and two smaller panes which wrap around the corners for full-framed vision. The I3 Sunrise has a large skirt that makes it comfortable to wear and the innovative X-shaped strap ensures the mask doesn’t create any pressure points. It’s a great mask that’s both stylish and well-designed, with a great construction that will ensure comfortable wear.


Key features:

  • Features an X-shaped strap for a more secure fit
  • Quick-adjusting buckles for easy use
  • Ideal for wider faces

Made from superbly-clear liquid silicone, the Oceanic Cyanea Ultra provides a great amount of visibility from its two wide lenses, for a wide field of vision. It has a liquid silicone double-feathered edge which has stability ridges to avoid creasing and make sure the seal is secure. The lenses are made from tempered safety glass to reduce impurities impacting your vision and to ensure all colors are vibrant and bright. The lenses are also slightly slanted, so your downward and peripheral vision is improved. The ski-goggle style strap is made from chlorine-resistant elastic and has a silicone grip that’s adjustable and comfortable to wear. There’s even a fixed loop that can accommodate a snorkel, so there’s no need for bulky snorkel clips.


Key features:

  • Offers a wide field of vision and incredible clarity
  • Easy-to-use buckles
  • Double-feathered edge made from soft silicone with stability ridges

The Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal Mask delivers amazing quality with a low volume design to make divers more hydrodynamic underwater. The dual-tempered glass is both durable and offers brilliant optical clarity, while the translucent silicone skirt allows more light to enter the mask for better visibility. The Big Eyes Evolution mask is incredibly comfortable to wear, particularly for smaller or narrower faces, and is made from super soft silicone rubber so it won’t leave marks around the eyes. This mask is popular for the wide field of view that it provides – it is also designed to work with prescription lenses too. The Cressi Big Eyes mask has integrated buckles in the frame that operate with a swivel system for easy adjustment, as well as a narrow headband to reduce its visibility when being worn.


Key features:

  • High-end mask that can be used for both snorkeling and scuba diving
  • Inclined and inverted teardrop-shaped lenses for better downward visibility
  • Made from crystal silicone to avoid yellowing over time