Best Epiphone Guitars In 2020

Epiphone Limited Edition Slash Les Paul Standard PRO Anaconda Burst

If you’re going to pick a stylish guitar that also sounds great, choose one designed by one of the all-time rock legends. This Les Paul was designed by music icon Slash and looks just as good as it sounds.

Epiphone Les Paul SL Starter Pack

For beginners, there’s nothing better than this Les Paul starter pack that includes all you’ll need to get started on your guitar journey. The iconic Les Paul has a great reputation with experienced guitar players and amateurs alike, so it’s a great starting point.

Epiphone G-400 Pro Electric Guitar with Coil-Splitting

With its classic cherry color, mahogany body and Alnico classic pro pick-ups, the G-400 electric guitar is a great buy that has push/pull coil tapping and the classic SG design, coupled with modern-day features for the best of both worlds.

Buyers guide for epiphone guitars

A Gibson-owned company since 1957, Epiphone are renowned for their wide range of instruments at competitive prices, catering to musicians of all styles. Epiphone remains one of the largest manufacturers of electric guitars to this day, but they also have a small selection of acoustic offerings as well. There are a few things to consider when picking out the right guitar for you, starting with the sound – with a host of styles played on guitars, it’s important to ask yourself the easy question of whether the guitar sounds good in your style. Secondly, you want to think about the look of the guitar – Epiphone make fantastic looking guitars that have a high-quality finish and are available in a range of different colors.

Electric guitars have different neck styles, so this is another element to consider when choosing a model – you want to be comfortable with how the neck feels to you, as it’s a purely objective factor. Lastly, there’s the price and overall value of the model you’re choosing – do you play regularly or is this something you’ll be practicing on from time to time and therefore don’t need to be at the premium end of the price bracket? Guitar shopping is a lot of fun but if the thought of spending a lot of cash on a guitar is causing you stress, it might not be the right choice, so consider how much you value the guitar you’re coveting. These are ten models that vary in style, but all offer the same excellent quality that Epiphone are known for, from the classic acoustic to the futuristic angular designs that bring iconic shapes up to the modern era.

Boasting a choice of colors to pick from, the Epiphone Les Paul SL Starter Pack is a great kit for anyone new to playing the guitar who wants to kick things off right with a good quality model that they can rely on. This kit comes with everything you’ll need to get started, including a strap, bag and picks, as well as access to online classes with the EON Mobile App. It also comes with a battery operated MityPRO amp that’s surprisingly powerful for the size. This Les Paul SL has single coil pickups that provide plenty of tonal versatility for a range of sounds that give you the flexibility to play multiple genres. This kit is perfect for beginners, young or old, with everything in one convenient package.


Key features:
  • Single coil pickups
  • Comes with a gig bag, picks and strap as well as a battery-operated mini amp
  • Includes online lessons through eMedia and EON Mobile App

The Epiphone Limited Edition ES-335 PRO guitar has a classic bell shape and a 1960s D-profile neck, fusing vintage style with Epiphone’s Alnico Classic humbuckers and coil-tapping. Vintage guitars come with the problems associated with older models, but with the ES-335 PRO you get all the style of an iconic shape with modern reliability, and at a price point that’s not going to break the bank. The sound of the upgraded pick-ups on this model are full and loud, and the push-pull volume knobs make it easy to adjust the pick-up from humbucker to single coil to give you more tonal options. The mother of pearl inlays and stylish fretboard are great features of this guitar that looks as great as it sounds.


Key features:
  • Breakthrough guitar design that dates back to 1958
  • Black Kalamazoo-era bell shape
  • Mahogany neck with a 1960s SlimTaper “D” profile

With a mahogany body, SlimTaper “D” profile neck and AAA Flame veneer top, the Les Paul Standard PlusTop PRO guitar is a stylish model that comes with a host of features. It has the classic Epiphone ProBucker humbuckers with push-pull coil tapping as well as an 18:1 tuning ratio. The PlusTop PRO is everything guitar aficionados love about the signature sound iconic rock ‘n’ roll guitars like this provide with the added bonus of versatility and style. This guitar comes in a bright cherry red that is sure to stand out for all the right reasons. With so many great features, this is a Les Paul you can be proud to own and enjoy playing for many years, all the while enjoying the same rich sound and flexibility.


Key features:
  • AAA Flame veneer top
  • 1960s SlimTaper “D” profile neck
  • Made with a mahogany body and neck

The limited edition Slash Les Paul Standard PRO guitar has a unique style and really makes an impact. Designed by Guns N’ Roses legend Slash, this guitar comes with a AAA flame veneer and the new Anaconda Burst green finish that’s really striking, with an ebony fingerboard and “Slash” humbuckers. The “D” neck gives you the same comfortable play that Slash has loved and used for years. And with the Sprague Orange Drop capacitor, there are more options to play around with the tone for that added dose of sparkle on the high end. The vintage style 18:1 ratio isn’t just for looks, it also ensures this killer axe is kept in tune at all times.


Key features:
  • Carved hard maple cap with a AAA veneer
  • Ebony fingerboard with pearl trapezoid inlays
  • Custom Slash profile

Epiphone don’t just do great electric guitars, they also offer a selection of great acoustic styles as well. The DR-100 offers excellent value for money and has been designed for first-time players but with all the quality experienced guitar players would expect. The dreadnought is largely considered to be the classic shape for a range of genres, from country, rock and folk to bluegrass. The DR-100 delivers a well-balanced sound at any volume and provides a commanding sound for an acoustic model. This particular model features pearloid dot inlays and a sleek ebony finish on the mahogany body that provides that classic yet contemporary look that will stand the test of time.


Key features:
  • Mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard
  • Pearloid dot inlay features
  • Has a SlimTaper neck profile and premium tuners

Embraced by many a guitar legend, the original SG was a classic style but now you can enjoy the G-400 PRO without the price tag attached the original vintage numbers. With the G-400, you get plenty of tonal variety that Epiphone guitars are known for. This electric guitar has a stunning cherry red finish with a rosewood fingerboard and trapezoid inlays that serves as a perfect tribute to the original SG designs. It has Alnico Classic PRO humbuckers that can be coil tapped for single coil sounds and all-metal three-way pick-up selector, with volume and tone controls with a full-size 500K O potentiometers. The G-400 also has the LockTone Tune-o-matic on the bridge and LockTone Stopbar on the tailpiece.


Key features:
  • Has a classic SG look
  • Bridge pickup volume control with push/pull coil-tapping
  • Beautiful cherry red finish

This electric guitar pack has been praised for providing an easy way for beginners to learn guitar and with this kit, you’ll be learning on a model that doesn’t just sound great but looks fantastic as well. The striking guitar comes in alpine white and includes everything you’ll need to get started, from the MityPRO mini amp to a gig bag, strap, picks and a Real Tone cable so you can plug it in to play with digital effects using a revolutionary video experience. The guitar itself has a host of features too, such as the EZ-PRO C-shaped neck to the ultra-light strings and built-in Shadow E-Tuner. Great for beginners or those looking to upgrade their first guitar to something a bit more stylish, this pack from Epiphone is a brilliant option. Find a great set of bookshelf speakers under $2000 in our other reviews to play your guitar through.


Key features:
  • Ultra-light strings and an exclusive Shadow E-Tuner on the bridge pickup mounting ring
  • Comes with a MityPRO mini amp powered by a 9V battery
  • Plug-in to video experiences to learn how to play with digital effects built in

The Hummingbird PRO pays tribute to one of the most iconic acoustic guitars from Gibson, making playing a more beautiful and enjoyable experience than ever before. The built-in Shadow E-Performer pre-amp and pick-up provides an impressive level of control over the tone and the mahogany back and sides deliver that rich tone that its older brother is known for, but for a fraction of the cost of the Gibson original. It features a spruce top that only improves with age, so the more you play, the better this guitar sounds. It has that classic sloped dove wing headstock with the white Epiphone logo, as well as pearloid parallelogram inlays and 20 medium frets. This is a great-looking guitar that deserves high praise for the quality of sound it puts out.


Key features:
  • Solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides and a rosewood fingerboard
  • Pearled parallelogram inlays
  • A modern iteration of the legendary Hummingbird guitar

The ES-339 P90 semi-hollow body guitar from Epiphone has that vintage look that is firmly planted in the classic rock era of the ‘50s and ‘60s but with all the contemporary features that bring it bang up to date. It has the reduced-size ES-style body with the much-loved bell shape and P90R PRO ‘soapbar’ pickups along with medium jumbo frets and a gloss body. The double cutaway shape is reminiscent of old school guitars and the striking cherry red finish means it’ll be anything but a wallflower in your collection. The ES-339 has a 21-inch radius neck with pearloid inlays and cream binding on the fingerboard to complete the classic appearance. Finally, the single-coil pickups are individually voiced for rhythm and lead for versatility – a great recreation fo the first generation of hand-wound P90s which have long been considered to be the best single coil pickups ever made.


Key features:
  • Gloss fretboard with medium jumbo frets
  • A modern guitar with vintage roots
  • Semi-hollow maple body with a mahogany neck

If you’re looking for something with a different look, the 1958 Goth EXPLORER electric guitar is the one for you. With a 24.75-inch scale set mahogany neck and XII inlay at the 12th fret, this guistar has a striking and futuristic design, despite being introduced in 1958, that comes with completely black hardware and hot open coil humbuckers. This guitar has an adjustable bridge with a stopbar tailpiece with a three-way switch, two volume controls and master tone controls. The smooth black satin finish sets this apart from the usual glossy numbers and the angular design makes it a great guitar for any collection. This guitar delivers great action and there’s no string buzz, with a powerful sound.


Key features:
  • Black diecast tuning machines
  • Rosewood fingerboard with XII inlay at the 12th fret
  • Mahogany body with a stylish black satin finish