Best Fabric Markers in 2019

Arteza Permanent Fabric Markers

Excellent quality dual tipped permanent fabric markers with fine side and ultra-fine side, that come in a pack size of 30. The shades available in the Arteza Fabric Marker set are non-toxic, do not fade quickly, and can be used regularly by children. Great fabric marker set for people wishing to take their hobby to the next level of creativity.

Crayola Fabric Line Markers

Crayola Fabric Line Markers are our Value Pick for this list. Excellently priced, easily affordable, and quick to obtain, these popular fabric markers come in a pack of 10, do not fade, and are bright. Highly pigmented, the basic shades are enough to help start you off on your art journey. Non-toxic, these fabric markers are great for children too.

Stained by Sharpie Fabric Marker Pens

Excellent Fabric Marker Pens by Sharpie. Just like most of their other products, Sharpie has again proved its effectiveness in this range of products. The fabric markers from Sharpie are long lasting, bright and vivid, and bold colored. They are also non-toxic and are safe for children to use. The ink is non-fading and does not wash off with regular washing.

Best Fabric MarkersKey FeaturesPrice
Crayola Fabric Line MarkersAffordable permanent fabric markers for children and amateurs$
Super Fabric MarkersExcellent affordable permanent markers with bright, bold colors$
Colore Premium Fabric MarkersBudget-friendly permanent fabric marker in a pack of 20$
Best Fabric MarkersVersatile, non-toxic markers for all fabrics$$
Stained by Sharpie Fabric Marker PensExcellent budget-friendly permanent marker set$$
Tulip Permanent Fabric MarkersExcellent quality permanent markers, hyper pigments, bold and bright colors$$
Crafts 4 All Fabric MarkersExcellent permanent fabric markers that are non-toxic, bright, and do not fade$$
Creative Joy Fabric Markers18 vibrant colors with non-fade, non-toxic properties that are safe for children$$$
Crafts 4 All Dual Tip Fabric MarkersExcellent value for money markers with storage bag$$$
Arteza Permanent Fabric MarkersSuperior quality permanent fabric markers with dual tips for versatile artwork$$$

Buyers guide for Best Fabric Makers

Many people have become conscious about spending money on designer clothes and continually changing their looks. One of the easiest ways to achieve an entirely new wardrobe is by merely upgrading the clothes you currently own and making them look like new. Some people prefer dyeing their clothes a new color, while some prefer applying appliques, rhinestones, and crystals to make their current clothes look trendy.

One cost-effective yet fun way of revamping old clothes is by using fabric markers and redoing the clothes in a pattern and color of your choice. For many, this is also a new business opportunity. You can spread the word and offer to revamp the clothes of your friends and family members for a small fee.

As your fame grows, you can take on professional orders and bulk corporate orders to upscale your new clothing enterprise.

How to use permanent fabric markers

You can easily procure a wide range of permanent fabric markers either online or through retail stores. You can display your creativity and imagination on any cloth surface including clothes, cloth bags, table runners, and so on. You do not need to limit yourself only to wearable textiles.

To use permanent fabric markers, merely select the colors that you wish to work with, and draw a stencil on to the material of choice. Once you have a fair outline of the drawing or figure, you can start by slowly systematically filling in the colors, and then building them up as the color progresses.

The trick is in choosing the best fabric markers for your unique styles and drawings.

Things to consider when buying permanent fabric markers

There are some crucial points to remember before making a selection of fabric markers for continuous use.

  •   Fade-proof
  •   Color retention
  •   Non-toxic
  •   No-color bleeds

The Fabric Line Markers from Crayola are incredibly affordable and comes in a pack of 10. If you are just starting on your fabric design journey, this is the pack you should opt for. Excellent colors in 10 shades, this pack of fabric markers will help unleash your creative potential. With both fine and thick tips, this fabric marker set can quickly assist you in creating fabulous works of art.

Children as young as 4 years can use this pack of fabric markers since they are non-toxic. They also do not fade with repeated washing. They bleed very little but must be thoroughly aired for 24 hours before the first wash.


Key features:

  • Pack of 10 colors
  • Bright and vibrant colors
  • Child-safe

The fine tipped Super Fabric Markers come in a pack size of 20. Versatile, you can use them in almost any form for thick or thin work. They are easy to make colored outlines, and can also be used to fill in the color for each individual design. This is a premium fabric, and permanent t-shirt marker set made for children, amateurs, and professionals alike. With this versatility that this set provides, you can create eye-catching motifs, designs, patterns, and florals.

The fine tip allows you to create fine lines that look spectacular from far. The price is extremely affordable, and these colors are long lasting. They do not bleed easily and do not fade with regular washing. You should definitely consider investing in these markers for the future.


Key features:

  • Fade resistant
  • Bullet tips for fine lines
  • Stunningly vibrant colors

The Colore Premium Fabric Markers are uniquely fine tipped to give you the experience of sketch pens on fabrics. These highly pigmented markers give off a bright pigment and do not fade quickly. Repeated washing also does not cause the color to fade. Non-toxic, these permanent fabric markers from Colore do not bleed easily.

The color goes on quite easily, and many times, you do not have to repeat the same area for a stronger color coat. Even when used, this set of 20 permanent markers from Colore include the colors yellow, red, orange, pink, green, blue, purple, and black.


Key features:

  • Contains 20 markers
  • Non-fade and non-toxic
  • No Bleed

Excellent for children since the Best Fabric Markers are non-toxic, these safe to use markers are fresh and vibrant. Highly pigmented, yet fun to use, this pack comes with 24 shades of colors that are versatile and can be used on any surface. The colors included are neon, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, red, and black. These shades are further exposed to their variations for a colorful palette.

Depending on individual hold (like paint brushes), you can get a series of lines. By turning the method of using the permanent fabric marker, you can get extremely thin lines while also getting super thick ones. Excellent for filling in color, these markers will surely bring you great joy and happiness in creating your unique designs.


Key features:

  • Works well on all fabrics
  • Safe for children
  • Thick and thin lines

Sharpie is a very well-known name in the field of markers, pens, and highlighters. This permanent fabric pen set is no different from their other products. Sharpie stained fabric markers are excellent for denim, cotton, synthetic materials, and canvas. With this set, the possibilities for use are practically limitless.

The broad tip of the permanent marker from Sharpie is non-toxic and highly pigmented. It is also non-fading and extremely durable. This set comes with 8 colors – orange, red, pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, and black. One advantage with these colors is that you do not need to iron them to make the ink permanent. You can definitely benefit from using these fabric markers.


Key features:

  • 8 vivid and bright colors
  • Non-fading ink
  • Non-toxic

The Tulip Permanent Fabric Markers come in a pack size of 20 and have an assortment of colors in different hues for versatile and creative work. With ultra bright colors, this pack is a pleasure to work with. The premium quality of the ink retains its highly pigmented color even after repeated washing. It is non-toxic and safe to use by children and adults alike.


The colors dry quickly and do not require a heat setting like many other fabric markers. The color can be applied evenly without the tips getting snagged on the fabric and causing a mess. Bullet-tips on the markers can be used for outlining, designing, and doodling successfully. Excellent quality fabric markers that are sure to thrill you.

Key features:

  • Premium quality highly pigmented ink
  • Bullet-tips
  • 20 colors

The Crafts 4 All Permanent Fabric Markers Color Art 24 set is an assortment of fabric markers in earthy and fluorescent tones. These colors are highly pigmented and have been derived from a German fabric dye. They are brightly pigmented making them an ideal choice for all types of fabrics. They are also color retentive and can be used post washing.

Great for DIY projects, these bullet-tip fine pens can be used to doodle, draw, color-in, and also color professional calligraphy designs. This set comes with a piece of fabric to try the colors out before using it on your finalized materials. Non-toxic, these colors are safe to use with children. These markers are a great buy to build a creative hobby or past time.


Key features:

  • Highly pigmented colors
  • Non-toxic
  • Do not fade

The dual tip permanent fabric markers from Creative Joy are extraordinarily versatile and value for money. With 18 bold and bright shades, these markers help unleash unique design talent in all ages. These permanent markers from Creative Joy come with a thin and thick tip for easy outlining and drawing and ease of filling in color to sketches and prints. If you want, you could get a design template printed on the fabric of choice, and use these markers to fill in the color.

The ink is highly pigmented, non-toxic, and does not fade very quickly. Without a lot of bleeds, these permanent fabric markers from Creative Joy can be used by children and adults. Once the colors have dried completely, immerse the fabric in ice cold water to seal the colors in completely before repeated washing.


Key features:

  • 18 bold and vibrant colors
  • Highly pigmented
  • Non-toxic and non-fade

The Dual-Tip Permanent Fabric Marker Pens from Crafts 4 All can be used on all fabrics. They are non-toxic, safe to use with children, and lightweight for a comfortable grip. The dual tip helps to get a fine or broad sketch on various materials with ease. You can outline, draw, design, color, freehand, and use text with these permanent fabric markers. These markers are not messy like fabric paints, and there is no chance of them spilling or bleeding over.

The rich and deep pigmentation promises a bright and vivid color mark across each surface. These fabric markers from Crafts 4 All are consistent in their clarity and use of color and can work for long periods. This pack contains 20 colors and comes with a storage bag for easy transportation.


Key features:

  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Highly pigmented
  • Non-bleed and non-toxic

The Arteza Permanent Fabric Markers come in a set of 30 assorted colors made from highly pigmented shades. This ink is weatherproof and waterproof and does not fade over time. It is also lightfast and long-lasting. Extremely durable, these colors are excellent for people wishing to make a career out of fabric designs. These markers work exceptionally well on most fabrics.

To retain the color for more extended periods, was the fabric in warm water with a neutral fabric. The markers come dual tipped with a fine side and an ultra-fine tip side. Ultra-fine tips are used for designing and outlining features, while fine tips are used for precision coloring. These markers from Arteza are non-toxic and can safely be used by young design protegees. The manufacturer allows a replacement in case you are dissatisfied with the product.


Key features:

  • Weatherproof ink
  • 30 colors
  • Fade-proof and non-toxic