10 Best Karaoke Machines In 2019

Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke System

The ultimate in karaoke, this premium system is one for serious karaoke enthusiasts. It comes with over 300 effects, has three levels of enhancement from beginner to pro, and works great with YouTube karaoke videos and apps.

BONOAK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone

Simple, effective and great for space-saving, this wireless microphone has all the fun of a full-sized machine without the bulkiness and cost. It features multi-function buttons, Bluetooth capability of up to 10 meters away and a USB port.

Karaoke USA GF840 Portable System

The Karaoke USA GF840 system comes complete with a remote control, 300 songs pre-loaded on a CD, two microphones and Bluetooth capabilities for endless karaoke fun and unlimited song options, all in a portable and easy-to-store machine.

Things to consider when buying karaoke machines

Karaoke is one of the best activities for a night of fun with your friends, family or work colleagues, but who says you have to pay for entry to a karaoke bar? With these machines you can have all the karaoke fun you want in the comfort of your own home. The type of karaoke machine you buy depends on your needs and how invested you are in the activity – do you want something that’s an all-in-one package or are you looking for a simple microphone and speaker set-up that you can use with your own tunes and apps?

A dedicated machine with backing tracks and lyrics on the screen will provide a more professional and streamlined karaoke experience, but with so many apps, software and videos to choose from now there’s nothing to say you can’t create your own perfect library of tunes to sing along to. But what features are most important to look out for? Naturally, the microphone plays an important role in karaoke but having two also means that you can take part in duets.

You also need to think about whether you want backing tracks or if you’re happy providing your own. Many machines come with songs recorded specifically for karaoke while others include backing vocals but not lead vocals, so it can vary. Finally, the speaker output is important – a good quality speaker will reduce distortion and ensure a better sound quality when you and your guests are performing. Here are ten of the best karaoke machines on the market if you’re looking to add a bit of musical fun to your gatherings.

With unlimited music supply at your fingertips, you can have hours of fun with the Karaoke USA GF840 system. The speaker offers 35-watts of quality sound output as well as a set of audio and video outputs if you want to hook it up to your TV or home entertainment speakers for a louder sing session. The GF840 comes with two microphones for the perfect duet, which snugly fit into two holders at the top of the machine for easy storage. There’s also a pre-loaded CD that’s packed with 300 songs and an all-in-one media player remote control, so everything you need for a great night of karaoke is ready to go.


Key features:

  • Has a 35W Peak Digital Power amplifier
  • Records voice and music mixes with instant playback
  • Includes a 7” digital color screen and Bluetooth wireless speaker

If you want something minimal with all the fun of a full-size karaoke machine, the BONOAK wireless microphone is the perfect choice. This karaoke microphone is designed to be both a speaker and a recorder, and allows you to stream your favorite songs from up to 10 meters away using Bluetooth technology, from a tablet or smartphone or a music player. The multi-function buttons mean you can easily change the volume or even add echo effects, and the USB port means you can plug in your music and use the microphone as an MP3 player for extra versatility. Because you only have the microphone to think about, you’ll be free to add a bit more theatricality to your song performances. Consider some bookshelf speakers under $1000 to go with your karaoke machine so you can hear your great singing in crystal clear sound.


Key features:

  • Supports micro SD cards up to 64GB, as well as smartphones, for high compatibility
  • Excellent portability and easy storage thanks to the minimal design
  • Includes multifunction buttons to adjust music, echo, volume and PA/R

You can’t go wrong with a celebrity-endorsed product, and the Singtrix Party Bundle has been featured everywhere from The View to Ellen. This premium product comes with all the features you could want from a karaoke machine, plus it’s a portable design for easy manoeuvrability. The Singtrix system has a 40-watt speaker and a built-in subwoofer for excellent sound quality, and a great range of effects such as voice cancelation, reverb, delays and much more. You can use this system with your own song library or sync it up with a karaoke app for endless song possibilities and the chance to cater to everyone’s favorite tracks with ease, from pop and rock to country and hip hop.


Key features:

  • Features three levels of enhancement, from beginner to pro
  • Includes 300 fun effects including natural pitch correction, HardTune features, voice-morphing and 4-part harmonies
  • Works efficiently with thousands of YouTube karaoke videos and apps on your phone or tablet

The MKS-SS1 SingStand lets you take center stage as the star of your own performances, with quality sound output and voice control and effects. You’ll impress your friends and family with your great karaoke performances and the system even lets you connect to your own musical instruments as well. You can connect to any iPod or MP3 device using the headphone jack too for hours of fun. This is a unique take on the usual karaoke set-up, with all of your necessary controls at the bottom of the stand, so it’s more easily stored thanks to its compact design and lightweight portability. You don’t need a TV or sound system with this stand so it’s perfect for laidback, spontaneous karaoke sessions where you want something that can be set up quickly.


Key features:

  • Includes dual microphone inputs for duets, with one dynamic microphone included
  • Has Auto Voice Control built-in
  • Allows you to connect to musical instruments so you can play with a band

Both high-quality and on the more affordable end of the cost spectrum, the Singing Machine SML385BTW machine offers countless possibilities for song choices as there is a CD player built in to the system. You can also connect your phone using Bluetooth – although the machine only comes with one microphone, there is another jack if you fancy taking part in a duet with someone else in the group. The RCA cable can be used to connect the system to your TV, so you can read the lyrics from it and the disco lights will have you feeling like you’re in a professional karaoke studio for plenty of fun and entertainment. This is a compact system that has everything you’ll need for plenty of fun for years to come without any massive financial investment. You could also invest in some bookshelf speakers under $2000 for a good audio experience when singing your heart out.


Key features:

  • Plays CD and MP3 from USB, and records voice and music to USB
  • Includes two headphone jacks, echo control and auto voice control
  • Includes one microphone, a demo disc and 5 bonus download songs

The Akai KS213 offers a sense of style along with heaps of fun and will look great in your home. It has all the features you’d want from a karaoke machine, including an aux connection, input for a CD and two microphone jacks for when you want to duet with friends and family. It also has built-in speakers, so you don’t need to purchase these separately. The KS213 has features such as balancing and auto-tuning, as well as echo control to make sure your singing is on point. And the cradle for your iPad or tablet on top makes reading the lyrics really easy. For parties and events, this is a great machine that offers up the disco-themed lights of a real karaoke bar with the convenience of singing at home.


Key features:

  • Has colorful red lights on the corners of the machine which flash as you sing
  • Features an iPad or tablet cradle on the top of the machine to read lyrics from
  • Includes two microphone jacks for duetting

The Singing Machine iSM1030BT Pedestal is a great machine that is compatible with most audio and video outputs, as well as giving you the option to insert CDs and MP3 players for extra song choices. The machine is Bluetooth compatible and shows the lyrics to your chosen tracks on a 7” TFT display. This system combines fun with quality and convenience, but it also looks great thanks to its stylish speakers. If you’re a fan of putting on a performance with your sing session, have no fear – the microphone comes with a very long cable, so it’ll reach anywhere in the room.


Key features:

  • Includes a tablet cradle for iOS and Android tablets
  • You can record music and vocals onto a USB if you want to cover the latest tracks
  • Has a 7” display for reading the lyrics clearly

With 60 vocal effects to choose from, the Numark Sing Master Karaoke Sound System will have you sounding like a pop star in no time. You can even alter your singing by adding reverb or echo effects. The machine has excellent sound quality with an 8” two-way speaker and a powerful 50W amplifier, which work in tandem with the sound-reactive LED lights. The Numark Sing Master comes with two microphones and has Bluetooth connectivity for use with wireless devices. So, whether you want to use your own song library or hook the machine up to YouTube for your favorite karaoke tracks, the options are limitless and guarantee that everyone in the group will be able to find something they enjoy to sing along to.


Key features:

  • Comes with over-ear headphones with a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency range for a great listening experience
  • Features 60 exciting effects to choose from and vocal correction processing
  • LED lights are sound reactive and show up in multiple display patterns

The Behringer Minimix Mix800 has a superbly small and compact design, but it’s just as powerful as larger machines. The 40kHz resolution ensures great vocal enhancement and the mic channels have level controls for the ideal adjustment. The voice canceller eliminates any vocals from stereo sources, so you can just enjoy the musical elements. If you’re serious about upping your karaoke game and are more interested in developing your own customized karaoke system, the Mix800 is the way to do just that. Because this is just the machine and speaker element, there are no backing tracks or lyrical displays, but it more than makes up for that with the quality of sound you’ll receive.


Key features:

  • Has two independent microphone channels with level controls
  • The integrated digital echo and reverb processor allows for vocal enhancement
  • Ultra-compact design makes it ideal for easy storage in the home

The PDWM3375 is the karaoke machine you’ve been searching for to improve your singing performance and provide you with a high-quality audio experience. The wireless feature allows for hassle-free fun and the machine comes with everything you need to perform, including two microphones to complete that perfect duet. This Pyle machine is great for work events or larger gatherings such as wedding celebrations, and will provide you with great quality performances every time in one compact package.


Key features:

  • Wireless capabilities make it easy to move around and gives you more freedom while you’re singing
  • Comes with two microphones which have 8 frequency channels
  • Delivers clear, distortion-free sound reproduction and quality so it’s perfect for large events

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