10 Best Laser Measuring Tools In 2019

Bosch GLM 50 C

The GLM 50 C is incredibly versatile with a 360-degree tilt sensor and connection to the GLM app for convenience. It has a measuring range of up to 120 feet and includes a variety of measurement modes for flexibility, as well as an illuminated display for better visibility.

Suaoki S9 198ft Portable Laser Distance Measure

An easy to use and budget-friendly option that measures up to 198 feet and supports both imperial and metric units. The S9 retains up to 20 sets of data and is precise up to 1/16” for greater accuracy, as well as being dust and water-resistant for durability.

Makita LD050P Laser Distance Measure

Displaying both imperial and metric units, as well as measuring up to 164 feet, the Makita LD050P delivers great results with seven measurement options and a power off function to increase and maximize the run time in between uses.

Buyers guide for laser measuring tools

Also known as electronic tape measures, laser distance measuring tools deliver a more accurate and efficient way of measuring distances, corners and areas. All you need to do is point the device towards the end point and it will calculate it for you, removing the need for stopping and starting like you would do with a traditional tape measure, so there’s no need to worry about human error. They’re commonly used in construction and decorating industries and are one of the best tools a builder can have to hand for precision and speed. Depending on the model and brand, you can choose from basic measuring devices or those with a host of different features, depending on whether you need it for home or professional use.

Laser measuring tools are also great to have on hand if you’re a keen DIYer or are renovating your home, as they enable you to make accurate and precise measurements more effectively, whether you’re landscaping the garden or determining how much paint you need to decorate your home. Many devices also give you the option to store the most recent measurements or transfer them to other devices via Bluetooth, to save you having to note them down yourself. These are ten of the best laser measuring tape devices on the market for a host of applications, from the standard to the feature-packed to suit all budgets.

The Leica DISTO D2 is an efficient piece of equipment, with 1/16” accuracy and up to a 330 foot measuring range. It’s Bluetooth compatible, so you can transfer your measurements to other devices for convenience and ease. The DISTO D2 has a Pythagoras function for indirect heights and an intelligent automatic end piece for harder to reach corners. This is a powerful tool to have on hand set within a compact device that makes it easy to take with you on the go between jobs, retaining the last ten measurements you’ve taken so you don’t have to worry about forgetting what you’ve measured. It also comes with a removable pocket clip to make it even easier to keep with you at all times.


Key features:

  • Contains a Class II laser with a 1mW output
  • Bluetooth capability to transfer measurements to different software
  • Retains the last ten measurements for referring back to later

The Bosch GLM 50 C includes several modes, including length, volume, area, continuous measurements and single indirect measuring, making it an incredibly versatile tool to have around, even for home use. It has a useful pocket-sized design so it’s easy to transport and take to different locations without weighing you down or becoming an inconvenience. The GLM 50 C has a great measuring range of up to 120 feet and an accuracy range of 1/16”. The device works with the GLM Floorplan App and efficiently transfers data via Bluetooth to other pieces of software. The illuminated display makes it easy to see what you’re doing even in darker locations and has a rotating display for ease of use. For other additions to your tool box see our best drill bits.


Key features:

  • Quick and efficient transference of data via Bluetooth
  • Easy to use with an improved user interface and illuminated color display
  • 360 tilt sensor with easy angle measurements and levelling applications

The Tuirel T100 utilizes precise laser technology with accurate measurements of up to 328-feet. The multiple measurement modes, which include single distance, continuous measurements and area measurements, make it a versatile piece of equipment, along with a range of measurement options to choose from, such as feet, inches and metric units. The T100 has a backlit display so you’ll be able to read measurements even in dimly lit conditions and the pocket-size design provides easy portability. The continuous-length mode automatically amends your measurements as you go so you won’t need to waste any time taking note of measurements and repositioning the tool. The T100 is much easier to use than a tape measure and provides far more accurate measurements. For other necessarily tools see our favourite wood chisels.


Key features:

  • Has a measuring range of up to 328 feet
  • Provides measurements in inches, feet, decimal feet and metric units
  • Includes a backlit display for better visibility in darker conditions

The Suaoki S9 is accurate up to 1/16” and provides both imperial and metric units to suit you. The backlit display makes reading the data really easy and clear, even in dimly lit areas and there’s the option to save and recall the previous 20 sets of data. You can change your reference point among the front and rear of the device, and there’s also capability for tighter corners and difficult spots. The reinforced rubber casing is water-resistant and dust-proof, so you don’t have to worry about the device becoming damaged when you’re working in different locations. The S9 includes a Pythagoras function for calculating triangular areas and also has single and continuous distance capability for convenience.


Key features:

  • Has a measuring range of up to 198 feet
  • Supports both imperial and metric units
  • Allows you to save and recall the last 20 sets of data

The Fluke 424D is packed with useful features, measuring distances accurately in any situation up to an impressive 330 feet. It has a 4-line display that displays more data at a glance than many other laser measuring devices and has a higher level of accuracy of up to 0.04 inches, so you can be sure that the results are reliable. The 180-degree inclination sensor helps with tracking height and leveling, as well as indirect horizontal distances. The corner angle feature also enables you to determine the angle of a corner for increased versatility and the in-built compass provides a heading for your distance measurements. The 424D can be used for both in and outdoor applications and has an extra bright laser that makes using the device even easier. The full Pythagoras function allows for better height measurements so all angles are covered with just one easy to use device. For more time efficiency when working see our sliding compound mitre saws for quick cuts.


Key features:

  • Measures up to 330 feet
  • Has a higher level of accuracy of up to 0.04 inches
  • Has a corner angle feature

The DeWalt DW01050-XJ has a distance range of up to 50 meters and creates automatic calculations to ensure your job of creating estimates is quick and efficient. It can cope with indirect height measurements using the Pythagoras function that means you can measure distances even when the end point isn’t a linear measurement. The DeWalt laser measuring tool also has a memory unit to store the last five measurements and a two-line display that’s backlit for better visibility. The durable casing is water and dust-resistant so it’s sure to last for many years, whatever conditions you’re working in. DeWalt is a well-known brand that has a great reputation for providing high quality products such as the random orbital sander so you can be sure that you’re getting a measuring device that’s built to last and that will provide reliable results every time.


Key features:

  • Has a 50 meter distance range
  • Indirect height measurement using Pythagoras function
  • Durable design with secure housing

The Bosch GLR825 delivers excellent accuracy at 1/25 inches for long distances, measuring up to 825 feet so it’s perfect for those in construction trades. This is a really versatile device that has eleven modes, including volume, continuous minimum and maximum distances, double indirect and multi-surface. It has a great memory, storing up to 30 measurement modes and results so you can work more quickly and efficiently. The GLR825 is also equipped with an integrated 1.6x magnification view finder for longer range and outdoor measurements, as well as protection from dust, debris and water for a longer life expectancy. It has a class II laser and provides great results for both professional and home use, whether you’re painting, building or fitting new flooring.


Key features:

  • Accuracy of up to 1/25 inches
  • Can measure up to 825 feet
  • Provides up to eleven measuring laser measuring modes, including length, area and volume

The Tacklife HD40 Classic Laser Measure is accurate up to 1/16” and 131 feet distances and with a large backlit LCD screen for better visibility. The HD40 has a low battery indicator and can store up to 30 groups of data in its memory, as well as calculating area, distance, length, volume and continuous measurements. It has a waterproof and dust-proof function to keep the device protected and a mute setting allows you to turn the sound on or off. There’s also the option to manually delete data and it has automatic shut-down when it’s not in use to maximize the run time. This laser measuring tool is a portable size and comes with a hard rubber body to give plenty of grip wherever you are. It delivers a great deal of accuracy and has two bubble levels to ensure every measurement is correct, just use a colored pencil to mark the lines before you turn it off.


Key features:

  • Has two bubble levels to provide a more precise measurement
  • Automatically calculates the area and volume and has data memory for 30 groups
  • Compact design that has a protective carrying case

The Makita LD050P device is a quick and convenient way of measuring long distances that would otherwise require various steps to complete. This device can reach distances of up to 164 feet and has seven measurement functions for greater versatility. It has an automatic power-off function to increase the run time performance and a simplified user interface button and screen for better usability. The LD050P displays both imperial and metric units of measurement and has a 635 class II laser for greater visibility even in moderate light. The device has a protective carrying case and also benefits from a water and dust-resistant casing that will improve the durability.


Key features:

  • Measures up to a range of 164 feet
  • Has seven measurement functions for increased versatility
  • Includes a bright 635 class II laser

Great for home use, the Irwin device calculates length, square footage and cubic feet for distances up to 50 feet. The tool allows for quick and hassle-free measurements and has a large LCD screen so you can easily read the results. It’s ideal for painters and decorators, laying carpet, landscaping and a host of other home and renovation projects. If you’re dealing with distances that a standard tape measure can’t cope with without the need for multiple measurements, the Irwin measuring device is a great option that doesn’t break the bank. Whether you’re calculating how much fertilizer to buy for the garden, how many gallons of paint you need to redecorate the house or planning on laying vinyl flooring and need to know how much, this is a great tool for helping you measure the amount you need.


Key features:

  • Measures up to 50 feet
  • Has a larger LCD screen for greater visibility
  • Calculates area and volume