10 Best Popcorn Maker in 2019

Paramount Popcorn Maker

The Popcorn Maker from Paramount is genuinely a beautiful blend of old with the new. The nostalgic feel of eating vintage popcorn from the comfort of your home, and in modern appliances is entirely worth the wait. The popcorn produced in rich, flavorsome, and crisp on the palate.

HOTPOP Microwave Popcorn Popper

The HOTPOP Microwave Popper is easy to use, easy to clean and can be prepped in minutes. It does not take a lot of space and can be stored in drawers after use.

Wabash Valley Farms – Stovetop Popcorn Popper

The Stovetop Popper from Wabash Valley Farms is indeed a delight. The popcorn is crisp and flavorful, and cleaning is easy.

Best Popcorn MakerFeaturesPrice
HOTPOP Microwave Popcorn PopperTime and space saving popcorn popper with heat resistant lid$
Salbree Microwave Popcorn PopperMicrowaveable popcorn popper with easy grab handles for safe popcorn popping$
Hamilton Beach Hot Air Popcorn PopperChild-friendly popcorn machine that requires very little oil and time to pop the corn$
Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn PopperTrendy and handy popcorn popper that is 100% microwavable and dishwasher safe$$
Wabash Valley Farms – Stovetop Popcorn PopperOld school stovetop popcorn popper with design improvements for aromatic popcorn$$
Nostalgia Vintage Kettle Popcorn MakerVintage style popcorn cart ideal for party and home use$$
West Bend Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn PopperVisually appealing electric popcorn popper for a fun popcorn marathon$$
Franklin’s Whirley Pop Stove Top Popcorn MakerExcellent stovetop popcorn with easy instructions$$$
Paramount Popcorn MakerClassic looking theatre-like popcorn maker for different flavors$$$
Great Northern Roosevelt Popcorn PopperLarge, easy to use popcorn popper for parties and big groups$$$$

Buyers guide for Best Popcorn Maker

Movie nights, romantic dates, action flicks with friends, a house party, or a friendly chatting session, popcorn features in all these circumstances. Knowing how to get some popcorn ready to tingle your taste buds can be the game changer to a boring night. Popcorn helps lighten the mood, acts as a conversation filler, and for many people, is also comfort food.

With microwavable alternatives available in the market, the process of popping corn has lost its charm a little bit. No doubt, the best way to do it is the old-fashioned way – on a cooktop with the lid down. However, if you plan to make popcorn a regular occurrence in your home, a fast-acting machine, also known as a popper, can help get in the mood straight away.

How to buy a popcorn maker?

Knowing what to look for while purchasing a popcorn maker is as important as eating the popcorn.

Type of popcorn: You would want to buy a popper that best suits the kind of corn kernels you are planning to pop. There’s no point in wasting money on a product that doesn’t satisfy your requirements.

Materials: Getting a popcorn maker that’s made out of good quality materials will help produce better popcorn and will get you a better taste profile. Most low-quality poppers break down after 6 months, and you have to pay more to get them fixed than what you paid to buy them.

Taste: Taste should be one of the most important considerations. Ensure that you check out the do’s and don’ts for the additives like butter, salt, caramel, cheese powder, or chocolate in your popper before you buy it.

The HOTPOP Microwave Popcorn Popper is one of the most popular ones on our list. Extremely user-friendly, this device is excellent for storage and does not take any counter of shelf space. It is made of a collapsible bowl. All you have to do is open the container, pour the corn in with some oil and flavors, cover the bowl with the pressure lid and place the entire thing in the microwave.

This innovation in popcorn poppers from HOTPOP has combined design technology with ease of use to transform the age-old process of popping corn. The unique lid helps trap the pressure inside the bowl and is heat resistant. When you’re done popping the corn, you can eat directly from the container or remove the popcorn, wash, collapse the HOTPOP bowl and slide it into a corner till the next use.


Key features:

  • Collapsible bowl saves counter space
  • Heat resistant plastic lid
  • Microwave safe

The Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper is similar to the HOTPOP microwave popcorn popper but comes with easy-grab handles that make the experience of eating instant popcorn pleasurable. Available in 14 bright colors, the silicone body of the collapsible microwave popcorn popper is wear-and-tear free. The Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper is microwavable and dishwasher safe. It is also effortless to clean and reuse.

If you do not want to wash it before each new batch of popcorn, just wipe with a paper towel and refill to start a new bunch. BPA free, the Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper can be stored safely in drawers or in handbags, making it easy to transport.

Key features:

  • Fits in all microwaves
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in 14 colors

A beautiful stormy red popcorn popper, the Hamilton Beach Hot Air Popcorn Popper is a delight to have on the kitchen countertop. It is a simple and user-friendly device that kids can also operate when supervised by an adult. There is a cylinder and fountain space that pops the popcorn out at quick intervals so that it looks like a fountain of popcorn.

The Hamilton Beach Hot Air Popcorn Popper requires very little oil to get the popcorn popping and operates through a heat source at the bottom of the cylinder. The popcorn bursts forth from the red colored cylinder through a special nozzle created to halt the excess bursts of corn. Not very large, this device requires very little space on the kitchen counter.


Key features:

  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Pops corn in quick bursts

The Ecolution Micro-Pop is an innovative take on the tea kettle. Shaped like one, it looks like a teapot but pops corn instead. Made of heat resistant borosilicate glass and rubber lid, and rubber handle, this popcorn popper is a definite conversation starter. Microwavable and dishwasher safe, the Ecolution Micro-Pop Popper makes crisp and tasty popcorn on demand.

To use, pour the corn, oil or flavors into the glass carafe and place in the microwave. The rubber lid has ventilation shafts that allow the heat to escape yet keep the popcorn safe from too much movement. The Ecolution Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper can be used at home, when on holiday, or even at work.

Key features:

  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Conversation starter
  • Dishwasher and microwavable safe

Made of durable metal, the Wabash Valley Farms Stovetop is a unique one on our list since it is purely a stovetop popcorn popper. With silver hues and a hinged lid, this stovetop popcorn allows you to open the top while the popcorn is popping inside without injuring yourself with the popping corn. The loose fit of the lid does not allow the pressure to escape yet allows you a quick peep into the world of popping corn.

To use, just pour the popcorn, oil, and flavors directly into the Wabash Valley Farms popper and place on high heat on a stove top. Within a few minutes, you would be able to hear the sound of corn popping and the beautiful aroma of freshly made popcorn all around you. To clean, just wipe with a paper towel.


Key features:

  • Durable and easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Stovetop Popper

The Nostalgia Vintage Kettle Popcorn Maker is a large sized 2.5-ounce stainless steel kettle shaped like an old-fashioned popcorn cart. It also comes with an inbuilt stirring system so that it pops all the corn in the pot. The kettle gets securely attached to the brackets. You need to turn the unit on for 2 – 3 minutes till the kettle heats up. Once it has heated, turn the Nostalgia Vintage Kettle popcorn maker off, lift the lid on the pot, add the oil and corn kernels and turn the machine back on. In a few minutes, you will see fresh popcorn being thrown out of the kettle and into the trough.

You can tilt the kettle to empty the popcorn. This unit also comes with an overhead light so that you can visually see the popcorn being made. It also has a tray for easy access to the popcorn. A kernel and oil measuring spoon are also provided with the machine.


Key features:

  • Looks like a vintage popcorn cart
  • All round view of popping corn
  • Easy to use and clean

The West Bend Stir Crazy, as the name suggests, goes crazy when oil and corn are poured into the machine. Not only is it a delight to watch, but also crazy fun! Easy to transport around the house, this popcorn popper can be plugged into any electrical source. If you have a house party and want to impress your guests, you can use this popcorn machine to do the trick. Dramatic and visually appealing to watch through the glass lid, the West Bend Stir Crazy delivers the taste and fun that is guaranteed to come with popcorn nights.

The popper is slightly old fashioned in its design and is reminiscent of old classic popcorn poppers from the 1980s and 1990s. However, technology and energy savers have evolved this machine to be a safer, more accessible, and cheaper alternative to the classic one.


Key features:

  • Dramatic pop
  • Easy to transport
  • Can be plugged into any electrical outlet

The Franklin’s Whirley Pop Stove Top Popcorn Popper is one of the best stovetop variants available in the market today. With a lightweight aluminum construct, the popper heats evenly and quickly, ensuring that almost all the kernels are popped. The crank handle on the Whirley Pop is also lightweight and easy to move. The popcorn comes out fresh and crisp, and it does not burn very quickly if taken off the stove within the time limit.

To use, just add oil and corn kernels into the vessel, and secure the lid firmly. You do not need to preheat the Whirley Pop.


Key features:

  • Excellent stovetop mechanism
  • Produces crisp and flavorful popcorn
  • Easy to clean and use

The popcorn maker from Paramount looks old but is gold. New and improved, the Paramount Popcorn Maker looks like one of the popcorn machines that you would see in classic movie cinemas or in the 1980s and 1990s. The popcorn maker is suspended in a trough, and the popped corn fall down in the glass frame. The popcorn has to be poured in with a little oil, and once it is in the trough, you can easily mix in the flavors, salt, and butter that you want.

The popcorn box is made of glass so that you can easily see and smell the delights popping within. While the ones in the movie theatre were large, this is actually a perfect addition to the home kitchen. Not compact enough to transport, it sits comfortably in most homes, and also works as excellent conversation starters.


Key features:

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Vintage design
  • Great conversation starter

Classic looking Roosevelt Popcorn Popper from Great Northern is one of the most loved popcorn machines in the U.S. While it seems like an old world popcorn machine, it is quite modern by look and feel. Like the Nostalgia popcorn popper, this variant from Great Northern also features a kettle basin that pops the kernels. The kettle has a unique handle by which the popcorn can be dropped into the trough and scooped to collect.

You can just add the oil and kernels in the kettle, turn the machine on, and wait for the sound of popping corn. The glass doors are a grand touch to the design of the popper and the red and yellow vintage colors add to the old-world feel of the machine.


Key features:

  • Large popcorn machine for big groups
  • Antique looking popcorn popper
  • Easy to use and modern