10 Best Rocking Horses in 2019

Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse Ride On

With a host of unique features and accessories, Champion the rocking horse is sure to become your child’s new favorite toy. He features sound effects, can be ‘fed’ with the accompanying carrot toy and makes different noises with each of the riding levels.

Little Tikes Rocking Horse

This toy comes fully assembled, is suitable for in and outdoor play, and is easy on the wallet. It’s the perfect choice for young children to get started with and has a low saddle and high back for safe and secure rocking.

Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse

This plush rocking horse makes realistic galloping sounds when the ear is pressed and features a saddle and bridle, along with easy-grip handles and a solid wooden base to make it easy for children to climb on and play.

Things to consider when buying a rocking horse

One of the most traditional and timeless toys that any generation will love, rocking horses are perfect for inspiring young minds and developing the imagination of your children. From a young age, rocking horses can help youngsters develop their motor skills, balance and coordination, as well as helping them to improve their upper body muscles and push-pull motions as they rock back and forwards. The rocking motion is also incredibly soothing to children, so it can be a comforting toy for them to play with. There are many styles on the market, from classic wooden horses to plastic and sounds, meaning there’s a rocking horse to suit every child.

Think about the purpose of the rocking horse – it is designed to be an heirloom to be passed on to your grandchildren or is it to encourage the imagination of your little ones? Do you want it to just be a toy or also a decorative item for the home? These factors determine the style of horse you want to look for, such as a classic wooden horse or a more contemporary plastic option with sound effects and mechanical features. You should also think about the size of the horse – if you have limited space then you don’t want to purchase a larger horse with a wide base as this will take up a lot of room and can be difficult to store. Finally, think about the stand it’s on – is it set on bow rockers or a wider base? The following list of options are some of the best rocking horses on the market to suit every child.

The next best thing to a real horse, the Radio Flyer Champion Interactive Horse has been realistically designed to respond to motion and make life-like sounds when triggered by different riding actions. Kids will love feeding Champion and listening to him respond with eating sounds when fed with the carrot accessory. The rocking horse also comes with a comb for brushing and smoothing out his yarn mane. To keep kids safe while they’re playing, Champion has in-built safety straps and an X-frame base so that children can easily step on and off the horse. If your kids are desperate for a real horse, there’s no doubt they’ll love Champion and all the realistic effects he comes with.


Key features:

  • Has three levels of riding action – walking, trotting, and galloping – which triggers different sounds
  • The carrot activates chewing noises
  • Features built-in straps for safer play

The Melissa & Doug Plush Rocking Horse is an adorable addition to any kids toy collection and is almost as good as the real thing! Complete with super-soft fur, a realistic saddle and bridle, and galloping sounds when its ear is pressed, no child will be able to resist this lovable rocking horse. The sturdy base, high-quality construction and classic style ensure that generations to come will continue to enjoy this fantastic toy. The Melissa & Doug horse has a realistic look that’s traditional in style and will look beautiful and timeless in your home. For other great toddler items see our top picks for toddler travel beds, making travelling with your child easy.


Key features:

  • Supports weight of up to 150 pounds
  • Has soft brown plush fur that kids will love
  • The rocker base and handles are made from durable wood

Little Tikes are renowned for their well-made toys and this rocking horse is no exception. This toy comes fully assembled and is affordable while still being well constructed. The low saddle and high back make this a safe and secure ride for little ones, and the handles are easy to grip on to. If you want a toy that your children can grow into and continue to use for some time, this is an ideal option – it has a maximum weight of 50 pounds but toddlers as young as 12 months can enjoy playing with this one both in and outdoors safely. The Little Tikes rocking horse comes in blue or magenta colors, so you can choose the toy that best suits your child’s tastes, and will look great in your play room or child’s bedroom when being stored.


Key features:

  • A contemporary twist on an old favorite that’s perfect for outdoor play
  • Features easy-grip handles and a carefully-designed seat to prevent kids from falling forwards or back
  • Ideal for younger children, with a maximum weight of 50 pounds

The VTech Gallop and Rock is a toy that will grow with your child, transforming from a rocking horse to a ride-on toy as they develop. It features over 60 songs and melodies, as well as sounds and phrases to encourage them to explore their imagination, and the brightly colored buttons and flashing lights will help them experience sensory play. This particular rocking horse is guaranteed to capture the attention of your child and will help them to learn as they play and develop their understanding of colors and animals. The plastic construction is easy to keep clean and hygienic, and makes for a unique alternative to the usual plush or wooden rocking horses on the market.


Key features:

  • Bright buttons and sounds introduce toddlers to colors and animals
  • Has a motion sensor to detect movement and encourage kids to ride
  • Plays realistic sounds and phrases for imaginative playtime

If you want something a little different in a rocking horse, then this labebe option is the perfect choice. It has a comfortable seat and great grip, with a unique design that makes it aesthetically pleasing too. This handcrafted toy is destined to last for years’ worth of fun and imaginative play time. It has a strong wooden base and can support weights of up to 150 pounds, with stain-resistant fabric for easy cleaning. What’s more, the comfortable seat has a built-in safety strap, so infants and toddlers can play safely without the risk of them falling off. A beautiful toy that would look great in any child’s bedroom or nursery, the labebe rocking horse is guaranteed to put a smile on your child’s face. 


Key features:

  • Encourages mobility and balance, as well as inspiring independent play
  • The wheels can be manipulated to turn the horse into a stroller
  • Has a soft saddle-shaped seat for comfortable sitting

The Rockin’ Rider 2-in-1 Pony can be easily converted into a roller without the need for specialized equipment. Candy has songs already pre-programed as well as phrases and other audio tracks, and the mouth of the horse moves in accordance to the tracks too. This is a safe toy that kids will love playing with, with a soft body that’s perfect for hugging and is comfortable to sit on, as well as a locking mechanism so the horse doesn’t move easily when it shouldn’t. The Rockin’ Rider Candy can be used by kids up to four years old, from 12 months, so it’s a toy that will grow with your little ones from toddler age.


Key features:

  • Includes six talking phrases and sound effects
  • Converts to a rolling toy without the need for tools, making it a versatile toy for the play room
  • Has a patented moving mouth feature when talking and singing

The Hape Rock and Rise Wooden Rocking Horse has a classic design that makes it a timeless toy that generations will enjoy playing with. It’s made from strong, solid wood and painted with child-safe paint, with a wide seat and adjustable back rest for comfortable seating. The back can be moved down when your child is old enough to support themselves when rocking, and the guardrail can also be removed once they gain confidence, but until then the horse can be used as early as ten months to develop motor skills and their imagination. The wooden design can be wiped down easily for simple and effective cleaning, so you don’t need to worry about dirt and grime building up over time. For other great passtimes for your child see our educational best books for two year olds.


Key features:

  • Adjustable guardrail for safer play
  • Made from long-lasting solid wood
  • Stylish, classic design that kids will love

For something a little different in the world of rocking horses, the Qaba giraffe-themed chair is the ideal option. A plush rocking toy with a soft and huggable body, this giraffe is sure to become your child’s favorite plaything instantly. The soft body covers a strong and durable frame that is great for long-term use and will support up to 80 pounds of weight, but the toy itself weighs just over 8 pounds so it can be moved and stored easily. It has a supportive and comfortable seat, so kids can play for hours without any risk of falling or becoming uncomfortable. Any child who loves giraffes will enjoy this fun alternative to the classic rocking horse.


Key features:

  • Features smooth runners for gentle rocking
  • Has a soft plush body and comfortable riding seat to imitate the feel of riding
  • Includes a built-in safety belt for secure play

Lucky the talking horse is a bit of a big deal, with a tonne of features that make it stand out from others on the market. It has a wide base (so make sure you have the space to store it before you buy!) and has a synchronized mouth for when it’s singing and talking. There are also motion-activated sound effects which can be volume adjusted, as well as springs instead of wooden rockers for a bouncier and more realistic ride. There are three stirrup positions, so the toy can grow with your youngsters, making this an investment that will last for years of play. For other parenting items see our breast pump picks.


Key features:

  • Includes a strong steel frame to support your child
  • Features talking phrases and audio tracks to enhance play time
  • The mouth of the horse moves in time with audio and speaking

The Little Bird Told Me Bobble & Pip Rocker is a huggable horse with a textured body made from boucle fabric and crinkle materials for developmental play. Bobble the horse comes with a plush pal called Pip too, who lives on the side of the horse’s body, so kids can play with two toys at the same time! The faux suede mane and tail and great for encouraging children to learn new textures and add to the fun of playing. The horse is suitable from nine months up and the wooden footplates can be removed as they grow taller, making this a toy that will last. What’s more, this beautiful horse can be purchased with fuss-free packaging for simple and efficient play that’s virtually instant.


Key features:

  • Can support weights of up to 44 pounds
  • Suitable for ages 9 months and up, with removable foot plates to accommodate children of all heights
  • Features crinkle textures for developmental play