Best Sandwich Makers In 2020

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo

The Breville Panini Duo looks modern and stylish, creating delicious food within its stainless-steel housing. With this machine, you can create toasted sandwiches, crisp filled paninis, open style melts and more, with faster and more efficient cooking.

Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker

A cost-effective machine that enables you to create delicious toasted sandwiches with a range of tasty fillings, the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker is simple and easy to use, with non-stick plates and a pre-heat light for convenience.

Cuisinart WM-SW2N Dual-Sandwich Nonstick Electric Grill

With the Cuisinart Dual-Sandwich Grill, you can create double the amount of food at one time. It has deep pockets that enable you to create larger sandwiches with more fillings and even meals like French toast or omelets.

Best Sandwich Maker

For the ultimate grilled cheese that’s perfectly crisp and evenly browned, there’s nothing better than a sandwich maker. Sandwich toasters became a hit back in the ‘80s but the technology has come a long way since then and today, there are some great models on the market that allow you to create a host of delicious meals, not just grilled sandwiches. The advances in non-stick coatings and temperature controls mean there’s no longer the worry about cleaning the machine afterwards or having your food stick to the grill, and you can create everything from waffles and crisp vegetables to rich meats and open melts with one appliance. Sandwich makers have a reputation for being just for convenience foods, but with creativity, you can create much more without the need for additional appliances.

If looks are important to you when it comes to choosing a new gadget for your home, then there are some aesthetically-pleasing models on the market too, such as the George Foreman grill or Cuisinart sandwich makers that look just as good when they’re out on display as the food they create does. If you’re just in need of a basic sandwich maker that will enable you to perfect your grilled cheese, then this list also includes some great budget-friendly options that create great food for a fraction of the cost of the higher-end brands. From breakfast sandwiches to desserts, a good sandwich toaster will allow you to create fast and convenient food for you and your family, whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a tasty snack.

The Black + Decker 3-in-1 Waffle Maker is a versatile product that doesn’t just allow you to cook delicious waffles but also serves as a griddle and a sandwich maker. From toasted sandwiches to frying up bacon and eggs, and tasty fluffy waffles, every breakfast sandwich you could think of can be made with this one product. The non-stick plates are easy to remove for cleaning and the adjustable temperature control means you can create the perfect meal for your tastes. The 180-degree hinge doubles the cooking area, so you have a larger and flatter griddle surface, giving you more cooking options. If you’re keen to create tasty breakfast meals but don’t want the hassle of multiple appliances cluttering up your kitchen space, this is a great option.


Key features:
  • Combines three appliances in one for space-saving and convenience
  • Has non-stick reversible plates that are easy to clean
  • Features adjustable temperature controls and a unique 180-degree hinge for a larger cooking surface

The 60-square inch George Foreman 4-serving Grill and Panini Press is small but mighty, delivering delicious meal options and easy clean-up. The grill heats up 35% faster than others on the market, so you can go from plug to plate in next to no time. This grill has an advanced non-stick coating that makes it easier to clean up and also removes the need for any oil or butter, plus the sloped design helps to drain fat away so you can eat healthier food without any extra effort on your part. It’s a great product for creating tasty grilled sandwiches for breakfast, lunch or dinner, all with the brilliance that George Foreman products are known for. For other great kitchen items see our whipped cream dispenser top picks.


Key features:
  • Includes a fat-removing slope that helps create healthier meals
  • Advanced non-stock coating that’s three times more durable
  • 35% faster heat-up for quicker cooking

The Breville Panini Duo has great technology, from Quantanium cooking surfaces to a floating hinge and brushed stainless steel housing, to create delicious food. The top plate of the press can be moved into different positions above the bottom plate so you can grill thick artisan breads or toast open-style melts with ease. From an aesthetic point of view, this panini press is elegant and contemporary, with a brushed stainless-steel exterior and scratch-proof interior. It delivers great results and has four height settings to suit different foods and meal options. The Breville Panini Duo comes with a ribbed top plate for grilled sandwiches that look as great as they taste, and there’s also a recipe guide included to help inspire new creations.


Key features:
  • Has a non-stick, scratch-resistant Quantanium cooking surface
  • Ribbed top plate allows for grilling and aesthetic marks
  • Floating hinge maintains an even pressure on thick or thin ingredients

The Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker is great for creating delicious toasted sandwiches in a flash, with your favorites such as grilled cheese or pizza pockets just minutes away. If you want to avoid all the bells and whistles and just enjoy a simple appliance that creates tasty meals quickly, this is the perfect sandwich maker for the job. The non-stick plates can be wiped clean for convenience and the pre-heat lights let you know when it’s ready to use, so you can ensure perfect food every time you use this sandwich maker, morning or night, quickly and easily. For other cool kitchen gadgets see our top picks for kegerators.


Key features:
  • Great for making quick and easy meals
  • Has easy to clean non-stick grids
  • Has pre-heat lights so you know when it’s hot enough to use

A unique alternative to the countertop sandwich maker, this Red Copper Flipwich Grilled Sandwich Maker means you can create tasty toasted sandwiches and paninis on the stovetop. It has non-stick, scratch-resistant copper-infused cooking surfaces and aluminium induction plates that heat up quickly and evenly distribute the heat. With this piece of equipment, you can create melted sandwiches and crisp paninis without the need for a frying pan. The Flipwich comes with a recipe book to help you create different meals easily and quickly. You can even use it to create grilled steaks or chicken cutlets that can then be used in salads, sandwiches or as a meal in themselves. Its distinctive red appearance will brighten up any kitchen and makes for a cost-effective addition to your kitchen that you’re sure to use time and time again.


Key features:
  • Aluminium induction plates that ensure an even distribution of heat
  • Scratch-resistant copper-infused ceramic cooking surface
  • Stovetop sandwich maker that makes flipping sandwiches incredibly easy

The Cuisinart Dual Sandwich Grill allows for effortless cooking and clean-up, with a deep pocket grill that means you can create up to two filled sandwiches at a time. The non-stick plates brown and seal the food perfectly and ensure that your food will be released with ease, while also allowing for easier clean-up. But this machine does more than just one meal – you can also use it to grill omelettes, crisp up French toast or create pizza pockets. It has a compact design that makes it perfect for smaller kitchens or dorm rooms, where space is at a premium. It’s a handy gadget to have in your kitchen for those moments when you want food without any hassle or fuss. If you’re sprucing up all your kitchen items consider a plastic free electric kettle.


Key features:
  • Versatile piece of equipment that can grill, press sandwiches, make crisp yet fluffy omelets and French toast
  • Has a deep-pocket grill to allow for plenty of ingredients or thicker breads
  • Has red and green indicator lights so you know when it’s ready to use

The Aicok Sandwich Maker comes with three sets of plates, so you can use it for grilling sandwiches, paninis or waffles. The anti-stick coating makes cleaning easy and also means your food won’t become burned to the machine. The smaller size makes this easy to move around, store and take with you for easy portability. It as a safe-style floating lid too that evenly presses any size sandwich for an even crispness and browning. The press takes just three minutes to come to temperature for quick and simple cooking that won’t take ages to enjoy, and the green light ensures you know exactly when it’s come to temperature for perfect food.


Key features:
  • Portable design that means it can be stored easily and taken anywhere
  • Has a heat-resistant stainless-steel case and anti-slip feet
  • 750-watts that takes just three minutes to reach the cooking temperature

If you’re looking for something a bit different and unique for your kitchen, the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker is sure to fit the bill. This versatile gadget lets you take bread, eggs, cheese, meats or any ingredients you want to include and create your perfect breakfast sandwich in the comfort of your own home. The in-built digital timer lets you know when your food is ready, so in less than five minutes you can be enjoying two delicious and customized sandwiches with any fresh ingredients you like. Avoid the hectic morning rush of grabbing breakfast on the go and cook up a meal you can really savor. What’s more, when it’s time to wash up, each of the parts can be easily removed and put in the dishwasher to save time and effort, ready for the next meal.


Key features:
  • A unique sandwich maker that takes just five minutes cook your food
  • Creates up to two sandwiches at once to speed up cooking for a crowd
  • Includes quick and easy recipes in a handy accompanying booklet

Housed in stainless-steel with an oversized cool-touch handle, the Wilbur Gourmet Sandwich Maker looks great in any home and creates fantastic food that you’ll enjoy time and again. There are several details to enhance the user experience with this sandwich maker, from the drip tray and fat spout to create healthier meals to the floating lid that ensures the food is evenly browned. It can be used for grilling and toasting sandwiches, browning thin cuts of meat, cooking vegetables and more, making it a useful piece of equipment for any home. The innovative twist switch allows you to easily control the temperature for different foods, with an indicator light to help you cook safely and efficiently. 


Key features:
  • Multipurpose equipment that can be used as a sandwich maker, panini press, breakfast maker and more
  • Height adjustable for any type of ingredient
  • Has a floating lid to maximize the surface area and ensure an even grill

The Procter Silex Sandwich Toaster is easy to use and compact, making it simple to store away when it’s not in use and ideal for smaller kitchens, dorm rooms or studio apartments where space is limited. The non-stick plates simply need wiping down after use for convenience and the pre-heat light lets you know when it’s reached the appropriate temperature so you can cook more efficiently and as safely as possible, without the risk of under or overcooking your food. From crisped, fluffy omelets to desserts, gooey grilled cheeses or hot filled pizza pockets, you can get as creative as you like with this sandwich maker, creating a host of different meal options.


Key features:
  • Pre-heat light lets you know when it’s ready to use
  • Non-stick plates can be cleaned easily after use simply by wiping them with a damp cloth
  • Can be stored easily with a lock handle and compact design