10 Best Snowboard Bindings In 2019

Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings

A top choice with professionals and enthusiasts alike, the Malavita bindings offer excellent quality, versatility and durability. Offered in both Re:Flex and EST, they provide across the board compatibility and are a great choice for serious snowboarders.

Rome Vice Snowboard Bindings

The Vice bindings share many characteristics with Rome’s top-of-the-line bindings but with a simpler design and a more wallet-friendly price, so they’re perfect for people looking for a value option that doesn’t compromise on quality or features.

Flow NX2 Fusion Snowboard Bindings

Comfortable padded basepads absorb chatter and heavy impact landings while the aluminium rockered baseplate allows for successful energy transfer. The NX2 Fusion bindings are great for freeriding through unpredictable terrain and offers complete control even through deep powder.

Things to consider when buying snowboard bindings

High-quality bindings are the all-important connection between your boots and your snowboard, allowing for more freedom of movement on your rides. When it comes to choosing the right bindings for your needs, comfort, durability and construction all play a crucial role to get the most functionality and performance for your freestyle riding. The right binding enables you to unleash your confidence and potential when you’re freestyling. After all, a snowboarder is only as good as their equipment will allow them to be.

When shopping for bindings, there are a few factors to look out for that will determine if a model is right for you. Highbacks are what allow you to make heel side turns and are the arched plates running from the heel cup up to the back of your calf. Shorter highbacks are more comfortable and preferred by freestylers who want flex. Freeriders prefer taller, stiffer highbacks though as these are designed for speed and stability.

Baseplates fuse your board to the bindings and are your foundation, so you want strength here if you’re a freerider while freestylers will look for more flexibility and cushioning. The heel cup is as the name suggests and protects your heel, commonly being made from the same material as the baseplate. Lastly, the straps are another key aspect – most bindings use two straps at the toe and ankle, but some models have a single strap, such as rear-entry bindings. The materials used for binding construction are typically aluminium and plastic, though carbon is increasingly popular for its strength and lightweight properties. These are ten of the best snowboard bindings available for a range of uses and riders.

The Burton Malavita is one of the top snowboard bindings you can buy, not just as part of the Burton range. The mid-range flex makes these bindings ideal for riders who enjoy freestyling, as do the winged highbacks that allow for more committed presses and jibs. The updated Hinge technology between the heel cup and baseplate reduces foot fatigue and makes ollies and other tricks that bit easier. The single component baseplate is made up of 30% short glass and nylon for a flexible base that’s more responsive and playful enough to have some fun with. This design is for advanced riders that’s perfect for all mountain and freestyle boarding.


Key features:

  • Has a medium-stiff flex with a strap-in binding system
  • Comes in a choice of three colors
  • Features winged highbacks for more committed presses

While this is a more affordable option, K2 never sacrifices on the quality of their products and the Sonic bindings are no exception. The K2 Sonic has a simple design but it’s just as effective and is a great option for entry-level snowboarders who don’t want to rent. The K2 Sonic is predictable and durable, with a reliable construction that is well suited to mountain freestyling and those new to the sport. It’s loved for its versatility and great support, as well as the comfort it offers due to highbacks having forward lean adjustment and the EVA footbeds that work effectively to cushion against bumpy terrain.


Key features:

  • Includes formed EVA shockpads in the foot bed for comfort and protection
  • Features an adjustable power ramp strap and has a two-strap system
  • Has regular highbacks

Flux bindings are incredibly popular and with good reason. The buckles release easily while the asymmetrical Axis highbacks are designed to include a slit down the middle for lateral flex and a hardwearing spine that encourages heel-side domination. Fans of the Flux XF design are particularly fond of the slim top straps which can be worn as traditional straps or as cap straps. The cushioned FooTon foot beds are customizable and designed to prevent snow build-up, while the adjustability means these will suit a wide variety of preferences. Freeriders will love these bindings and the comfort they provide, as well as the innovative design. The XFs are great for riders who want a bit of stiffness but still want a great board feel with enough forgiveness that riding is comfortable. These bindings will take you from mountain and backcountry boarding to the park and freestyling, offering excellent versatility.


Key features:

  • “Beer Buckles” allow for a smoother release
  • The ankle “Waffle Strap” has been designed with power and fit in mind
  • Asymmetrical highbacks provide lateral flex

The award-winning Bent Metal Transfer has a mid-flex pattern and a durable build that makes it a great all-round choice. The flex control drive plates are a particularly great feature of the Transfer design and are made by sandwiching materials used in the board construction, such as eco-sublimated sheets, between an EVA foam footbed and reinforced nylon to create customizable baseplates. There’s a choice of three build options for the plates – a medium-soft bi-axial, a mid-stiff magnesium model and a firm carbon choice. The forged aluminium buckles are great for easy release and strength, and the easy forward lead adjuster offers four different angles – 10°, 14°, 18°, 22°. The magnesium fiber drive plate gives a precise freestyle and freeride performance, allowing for excellent control in every situation or terrain. For summer sports check out our best baseball bat picks.


Key features:

  • Includes a nylon highback and fiber-reinforced baseplate
  • Medium-stiff flex and magnesium fiber drive plate
  • Durable build with EVA foam footbeds

The Rome Vice bindings share many of the same features of Rome’s premium Katana design but at a more affordable price point. The Vice design provides excellent customizability and versatility, with a simpler build than the Katana and great comfort for long periods of wear. It shares the customization that Katana offers too. The PivotMount Technology enables you to change the straps mounting point, so you can tailor the support to your needs. The V Rod Ultralight Baseplate rockers laterally for improved flex while the ankle strap provides you with improved hold and helps to absorb heavy impacts and rough snow.


Key features:

  • Offers full highback rotation and AsymWrap technology provide improved leverage
  • PivotMount technology allows for customized strap support
  • The EVA SubBase allow for improved board

The Ride Rodeo’s design is based around mobility and ultimate flexibility for freestyling action and plenty of jibbing fun. This set has fantastic side-to-side flex with Stealth highbacks and a new Infinity chassis and 3D ThinGrip toe strap allow for plenty of support yet flexibility. The EVA Basepad is comfortable and helps to absorb shocks from heavy impact too, while the versatile ankle strap has been designed to provide support for bigger tricks but allowing for plenty of play with the smaller movements as well. These Ride Rodeos have the perfect amount of flex for park riding and also the ideal amount of flex for beginners, so they’re a great choice for those new to snowboarding.


Key features:

  • Flexible and shock-absorbing design can handle impact
  • Has a strap-in binding system with soft-medium flex
  • Ideal for freestyle riders who focus most of their energy on park rides

The Flow NX2 Fusion bindings have a rear entry binding system and stiff flex that offers excellent performance that’s still responsive and allows for complete control. The aluminium rockered baseplate minimizes the contact area with the board so power can be effectively transferred without losing any energy, and despite its light weight it’s incredibly strong and responsive. The NX2 Fusion has dual density EVA footbeds and an adjustable toe-ramp to optimize the fit, while the cushioned basepad dampens landings and successfully absorbs chatter throughout the entire pad. These bindings are a great choice for confident riders who want to ensure stability but still want to freshen up their ride a bit.


Key features:

  • Aluminium Alloy Rockered baseplate
  • Two-strap system – one Fusion Powerstrap and one Hybrid Power-Cap Strap
  • Glass-filled nylon Modback highbacks

With their best plate yet, Salomon has provided exceptional flexibility with their District bindings with a heel cup that gives a more responsive feel and added control. When combined with the District Highback, which have been ergonomically designed to adjust to your body position for extra comfort, users have a great balance between response and support to enable all-round great performance for all your park tricks. The Salomon District is one of the few bindings on the market to feature Shadowfit technology that’s based on a malleable heelcup that has Kevlar wire throughout it. This provides improved fit and energy transfer with great comfort. The simple style and medium flex is intended for freestyling use and allows for smooth but incredibly well supported ride. For some summer or indoor sport see our picks for tennis racquets.


Key features:

  • The baseplate padding is made from EVA foam and has a canted footbed
  • Lock-in Deluxe tow strap and 3D Asym Supreme ankle strap for ultimate support
  • Flexible heel plate works with the District Highback for extra balance

Reigning supreme for the best rear entry bindings on the market, the Flow Fuse-GT Fusion has an innovative design that allows for complete ease of use. All that’s required is to bend the highback, put in your foot and lock your feet in place. The Fuse-GT offer great convenience, particularly for shorter runs when you want to maximize your time. The medium-stiff flex is ideal for most circumstances and the modular highback has separate upper and lower zones to target strength, support and flex where you need it most. These have a softer frame but stiffer heelcup and highbacks that combined together make them really reliable for riding just about anywhere, regardless of the terrain. Plus, the footbeds are canted 2.5 degrees for minimal pressure on your knees – the EVA foam is a bit stiffer than usual, so it’s better suited to soaking up impacts to protect your joints. Overall, this is a supportive and flexible design that works for riders that want edge to edge response.


Key features:

  • Aluminium Alloy Modback Highbacks with a rear-entry fit
  • Molded nylon rockered baseplate
  • Aluminium heelcup for added power onto the edges of your board

Arbor is a newer kid on the block, but don’t let that put you off. Enthusiasts will recognize their earth-tone aesthetic already, even though the brand has only been on the market for a few years. The Cypress is Arbor’s freeride model is accented with aluminium touches on the levers and heel cup, which works well with the subtler tones of the bindings overall, meaning they will combine with any style or color of deck for an easy and stylish set-up. That said, looks aren’t everything and Arbor’s Cypress set is durable enough to make them a worthwhile investment beyond their great looks. The exclusive System X baseplate has 30% the fiberglass for a stiffer but lighter and more laterally supportive highback, and the aluminium heelcup and buckles are light but incredibly tough. Consider a travel backpack when boarding to efficiently carry all your goods.


Key features:

  • Perfect for freeriding, freestyling and any mountain snowboarding
  • Includes a conventional strap and toe cap
  • Features asymmetrical highbacks