Best Steppers in 2022

Premium Pick
Kettler Montana Stair Stepper

Kettler Montana Stair Stepper

 This product is equipped with a heart rate sensor, makes minimal noise, resistance levels can be adjusted.

Value Pick
BEOUZO Fitness Stair Stepper

BEOUZO Fitness Stair Stepper

Has an adjustable pedal height, extremely safe and easy to use and as maximum weight capcity of 220lbs. The price belies its usefulness.

Best Pick
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Lightweight, portable and durable. Made from strong aircraft aluminum. Has a maximum weight capacity of 400lbs. Its resistance is adjustable.

Published 11:56am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

Published 11:56am

This product review was written by Aurora Colt

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
EFITMENT Mini Fitness Step Stair Stepper MachineFeatures an LCD display, weighs 15.5lbs with a maximum user weight of 200lbs.$
Hurtle Fitness Exercise Elliptical Twister StepperHas a max weight capacity of 220lbs, uses 2xAA batteries for effective output. Has an LCD screen.$
Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Elliptical TrainerThis product weighs 24lbs, has a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs, and an LCD display.$
BEOUZO Fitness Stair StepperHas a max weight capacity of 220lbs, adjustable pedal height, also features a joint-protecting spring.$
Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding StepperMaximum weight capacity of 250lbs, resistance cylinders are adjustable, LCD monitor.$
Doufit ST-01 Folding Workout Step MachineEasy storage, adjustable height, quite stable.$
Kettler Montana Stair StepperWeight capacity of 250pounds, built-in floor levelers, able to record and store workout data.$$
GOPLUS Stair Stepper TwisterHeight can be adjusted between 47 and 51”, maximum weight capacity of 220lbs.$$
Xiser Commercial Mini StairmasterWeighs just 14lbs, maximum weight capacity of 400lbs, adjustable resistance.$$$
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine25 levels of resistance, 29 different workout programs, Bluetooth connectivity.$$$$

Best Stepper

With a simple fitness device known as the stepper, you can get incredible fitness results that will rival those of your colleagues who are gym regulars using things like the elliptical machine and manual treadmill. What makes this even more advantageous is that it is flexible and you can use it anywhere and at any time – inside your home, in your office, just about anywhere. Not only that, once you buy it, you own it forever. Therefore, it helps to eliminate the monthly or annual costs of a gym subscription. Nevertheless, you can also combine this great tool with your regular gym sessions for greater results. This post reviews the very best steppers available now. If you want to buy one, read through this review and you will find a great choice.

EFITMENT Mini Fitness Step Stair Stepper Machine

This is a proper fitness stepper, so to speak. It is designed for indoor use and it does not falter when it comes to performing its intended duty. The EFITMENT mini fitness step stair stepper machine makes use of two highly efficient hydraulic cylinders to provide workout of varying intensity for you. It comes with a non-adjustable resistance and has slip-resistant pedals to keep you safe during workout.

In addition to its ergonomic design that makes using it quite convenient and comfortable, the EFITMENT mini fitness step stair stepper machine features a digital LCD screen that shows your workout stats. Its maximum weight capacity should be high enough to bear your weight comfortably. The materials used to make the stepper are quite strong and top-notch and you will use it for a long time.

Note: Essentially, this model exists in two types – one comes with a resistance while the other doesn’t.

Key features:
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Anti-slip slip footrests for safety
  • Noiseless
Hurtle Fitness Exercise Elliptical Twister Stepper

Is it too difficult for you to hit the gym? You don’t have to worry. If you are too occupied to find time to go for proper workout sessions in the gym, this fitness exercise elliptical twister stepper is here to help you do it at home.

This high-performance fitness equipment burns fat very at a very fast rate. You will be amazed at how much this thing can do in such a little time. All you have to do is to step repeatedly on the pedal and watch as it performs its miracle!

It essentially targets the lower part of the body, such as the hips, waist and core. In addition, it is quite easy to use and its LCD will keep notifying you about your progress so you know whether you have improved or not. For working your core see our guides on roman chairs and sit up benches.

Key features:
  • LCD screen helps you to track your progress
  • Makes use of two AA batteries
  • Relatively average maximum weight capacity
Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Elliptical Trainer

You can use the Stamina InMotion E1000 compact elliptical trainer either in a standing or sitting position. In this regard, it can be said to be flexible as it gives you usage options. It is a quiet device and you will like the opportunity to listen to music during workout that it presents. More so, there is a monitor screen that keeps track of your progress and informs you how much you are in line with your target.

Although the Stamina InMotion E1000 compact elliptical trainer weighs just 24lbs, it nevertheless has a very maximum weight capacity that is more than ten times its weight! Furthermore, it has an adjustable resistance.

Key features:
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Noise is at barest minimum
  • Sturdy and durable
BEOUZO Fitness Stair Stepper

Looking to get fitness equipment at home? The BEOUZO fitness stair steeper is the right choice for you. It only covers an area of 0.16 square meters, which is just about the size that a fairly big carton would fill up.

Moreover, the BEOUZO fitness stair steeper is a very effective fitness tool. The resistance bands will help to bulk up your chest, shoulders and muscles while its European-standard hydraulic drive system goes a long way in helping you build a lean body mass and, by extension, a healthy look.

Furthermore, due to the simultaneous up-and-down and side-to-side movement of this stepper, you are afforded the opportunity of performing a three-in-one kind of exercise that involves stepping, stretching and twisting. Stretching and twisting are particularly effective when it comes to strengthening the core of the body.

An extra feature of this device is the LCD that provides the statistics of your workout so that you can track your development – or lack thereof – without any problem. In addition, the pedals of this device are made of non-slip materials to ensure your safety while working out. It should be added also that the height of the BEOUZO fitness stair steeper can be adjusted according to your preference.

Its maximum weight capacity is 220lbs.

Key features:
  • 3-in-1 exercise
  • LCD that displays performance records
  • Anti-slip PVC pedals for added safety.
Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper

Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate folding stepper is another great stepper to consider when looking quality steppers on the market. Its LCD screen is multifunctional and tracks your workout stats such as workout time, number of steps per minute, total number of steps during the workout, and many others.

There are two adjustable resistance hydraulic cylinders that help to deliver an effective stepping motion. Besides, the ergonomically designed handlebars of the Stamina 40-0069 SpaceMate Folding Stepper are covered with foam and as a result, they help ensure a comfortable workout experience for you. You can even fold up and easily store this stepper when you are not using it. it is light and portable.

Without mincing words, you will enjoy its effectiveness and ease of use.

Key features:
  • Two resistance hydraulic cylinders
  • Can bear weight up to 250lbs
  • Lightweight and portable
Doufit ST-01 Folding Workout Step Machine

The Doufit ST-01 folding workout step machine is another great stepper for personal use. It is ergonomically designed to provide you with the best experience. It has a hydraulic resistance system that includes a pair of removable bands. Simply put, this resistance system works wonders.

One interesting feature of the Doufit ST-01 folding workout step machine that you are bound to like is that the frame is collapsible. This makes it portable and allows you to easily store it when not in use.

It is quite stable and compact and the slip-resistant handles and pedals are on-ground to effectively protect you from any danger while working out. It also has a digital screen that allows you to monitor your fitness regime. With this, you can know whether you are meeting your fitness targets or not.

Key features:
  • Has a hydraulic resistance system
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can be used on uneven surfaces
Kettler Montana Stair Stepper

If you are overly concerned about your safety during workouts, please go for this stepper! Okay, that is by the way; the Kettler Montana stair stepper actually offers much more than the protection you get during workout. It helps to build your body and improve your fitness. The precise features that allow it to work so effectively are discussed below;

The Kettler Montana stair stepper has strong hydraulic piston cylinders that allow you to improve your muscular health. These cylinders are quite flexible and their resistance can be adjusted between 1and 12 so that you can make increase the degree of resistance as you progress with your workouts.

Furthermore, there is a recovery heart rate feature that provides fitness grades between 1 and 6. Moreover, there is a digital display where you get to check your workout stats, including time spent, pulse rate, energy consumption and many others. It has a maximum weight capacity of 250lbs.

As for safety, its ergonomically designed handlebars and anti-slip footplates will guarantee your safety.

Key features:
  • Strong hydraulic piston cylinders
  • Features a heart rate sensor
  • Floor levelers allow you to use it in any type of surface
GOPLUS Stair Stepper Twister

The GOPLUS stair stepper twister works your thighs and buttocks, therefore helping to tone your body in the process. Furthermore, the GOPLUS stair stepper twister has an LCD monitor where you can check your workout details and stats. It has an adjustable height ranging between 47 and 51 inches. This flexibility allows you to adjust it according to your preference.

It is equipped with built-in handlebars to help maintain your balance while working out. Moreover, it has slip-resistant pedals that will prevent you from slipping when using it. These two features will particularly be useful if you are new to using steppers and you have not yet mastered how to keep yourself balanced.

Meanwhile, this really fabulous stepper is made of durable, heavy-duty steel construction. It is therefore sturdy and can hold weight up to 220lbs. For weight training see our guides on olympic barbells and smith machines.

Key features:
  • Quality heavy-duty steel construction
  • Has an adjustable height
  • Helps you to maintain your balance
Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Featured in this review is the Xiser Commercial mini stairmaster. To begin with, this stepper costs a premium. Now, having said that, it goes without saying that you will get more than your money’s worth from this equipment.

It is perhaps the most durable stepper out there, due to its exceptionally high-quality material. It is made of aircraft aluminum, and as a result, it is super strong. But not only that, the aircraft aluminum also ensures that it is very light and portable. You can easily move it around. You could even decide to take it along with you on your travels. The tag ‘commercial’ in the name of this stepper is not a random one. This stepper, despite being extremely lightweight, is designed for commercial use and allows people who are considerably heavy to use it. Its maximum weight capacity of 400lbs is simply incredible.

The ability of the Xiser commercial mini stairmaster to work perfectly and efficiently without making noise ranks second to none, its hydraulic cylinder and silicone fluid combining well to make this happens. In addition, the Xiser commercial mini stairmaster is designed with flexible resistance and you can adjust the tension with a screwdriver that comes with the package. It has a five-year warranty; you won’t find many steppers with warranties this long.

Key features:
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • Quality aircraft aluminum construction makes it durable
  • Comes with a five-year warranty
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

This elliptical stepper is a piece of effective workout equipment that allows you to build your fitness with fun. It has a lot of features that are designed to enable you to enjoy your workout sessions.

The Schwinn 470 elliptical stepper is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to sync with the Schwinn Trainer App for efficient fitness tracking. With this seemingly simple equipment, you can get up to 29 different workout programs including those targeted towards heart rate control. The resistance can be varied over 25 levels providing you with multiple intensity levels for your workout.

Extra features that come with this product include an LCD screen, an mp3 port, USB media charging and a fan.

Key features:
  • Multiple resistance levels
  • Numerous workout programs
  • MP3 and media file port

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