5 Best Tarps For Camping and Backpacking in 2019

Tarps have served a variety of purposes throughout the years. They may have been used as roofing, or perhaps they’ve been utilized for signs. The versatility of tarps is almost endless, and they could well be among the most useful products ever made. As a firm believer in the usefulness of tarps, I can vouch for whatever they have to offer. I’ve been using tarps for years, and even though they’re not, at most, aesthetically-pleasing, their usefulness knows no bounds.

Conventional tarps have also been present in the outdoor environment, but when you think about it, carrying them to camp can be rather cumbersome and only adds additional weight to your load. Campers, hikers, and trekkers would dream of nothing more than a lightweight tarp that does the job as well as traditional tarpaulins. And that’s exactly where silnylon tarps come in.

A synthesis of silicone and nylon, silnylon tarps are used in a variety of outdoor activities that, for the most part, require lighter loads. They can be every bit as convenient for people of the outdoors and they can let you experience the majesty (and maybe even the harshness) of nature in all its pristine glory. Ultralight silnylon tarps can be easily squeezed into one’s backpack and it doesn’t take much to store them. In fact, even a small kid can store and carry a rolled piece of tarp around!

Admittedly, silnylon tarps aren’t that easy to look into, with its limited presence on online retailers. Nevertheless, there are some brands and products that you can always check out. Here is where I come in to help you.

If you’re looking for a great silnylon tarp that you can use for whatever reason you may have, then here are some reviews of silnylon fabric products that are readily available online.

LiteOutdoors Silnylon Tarp

LiteOutdoors’ silnylon tarp makes a bold claim by saying it’s one of the lightest in the market. At only 12.3 oz, LiteOutdoors seems pretty justified in making such claim. The one convenient thing about this tarp is how you can pack it just about anywhere, because it just doesn’t feel bulky. You can use it for whatever purpose, as you can easily set it up.

Even with its light weight, durability is hardly an issue. This tarp can take a lot of abuse and can withstand the usual problems with the elements during camping. If you’re up against snow, wind, and rain, then this tarp is just what you need. You might as well rely on this LiteOutdoors tarp to save your life when camping out.

With its price range at around $125 to $145, it really doesn’t come cheap. But that doesn’t matter—you pretty much get a tarp of great quality with that amount!

Sanctuary SilTarp Ultralight and Waterproof Ripstop Silnylon Rain Shelter Tarp, Guy Line and Stake Kit

An affordable silnylon tarp with a no-nonsense approach to manufacturing, this Sanctuary SilTarp does everything you need and gets the basics right in a silnylon tarp. Like many of its kind, it’s a lightweight product that easily fits in your pack. It can be carried well enough with ease, and requires little strain in doing so. It also gets other things right, like how it repels water, how it is flexible enough to suit your needs, and how it’s already a complete package in itself.

It’s great for starters or for hobbyists who just want to go outside and experience what nature has in store. It’s not priced too steeply: at about $79.99, it makes for a great starter silnylon tarp, which is good enough for anyone who wants to try out what silnylon is about.

Aqua Quest Guide Sil Tarp – 100% Waterproof & Ultralight RipStop Nylon Material

Aqua Quest actually makes a lot of silnylon tarps, and they could go on record as one of the leading manufacturers of the sil tarp products. This Guide silnylon tarp of theirs greatly embodies their commitment to what silnylon tarps are all about: lightweight, water repellant, compact, and durable enough to withstand the perils of the wilderness.

This tarp features straps where you would need them, which is handy for those who just want to get the process of setting up over with. And of course, as with the name, one thing that Aqua Quest sil tarps are noted for is their ability to endure harsh weather conditions such as thunderstorms and the like. This Guide sil tarp is sure to keep you dry.

Aqua Quest Safari Sil Tarp & Accessories Kit – 100% Waterproof & Lightweight RipStop Nylon Material

Another one of Aqua Quest’s sil tarp, Safari can be summed up by how balanced it is in terms of how lightweight and how durable it is. You can literally use this in safaris, where conditions can be a bit harsher than most. The Safari sil tarp can be used as an emergency replacement for tents. It fends off fragments of a harsh environment so well, you might want to carry this around on your next camping trip.

You can utilize this sil tarp according to your needs, since it’s pretty versatile and flexible in general. It’s relatively cheaper than other Aqua Quest products— so if you want to save a good amount of cash, Aqua Quest’s Safari sil tarp could be worth the purchase. You may check out its reviews on Amazon if you want to make sure you’re getting the right product for your money.

Aqua Quest Guide Tarp XL 20 x 13 ft Green – Ultralight Waterproof Rip-Stop Sil Nylon Backpacking Rain Fly

While this is actually just a larger version of the previously reviewed Guide sil tarp, it has some quirks of its own. There’s the usual stuff like how it’s lightweight, how it repels water, how strong it is, and how it can fend itself from volatile weather conditions, and that’s all a given for something that’s similar to its smaller version.

This sil tarp works great as a sort of mess hall for campers, trekkers, and even mountaineers on base camp. It keeps everything dry! Combine it with some basic stuff, like groundsheets and other things, and you’d have a working shelter for many.

Curiously, it’s priced the same as the smaller Guide sil tarp, even with its enormity. Maybe you should consider purchasing this one, if you’re catering to a good number of people. It solves the problem of housing a rowdy crown during unfavorable weather conditions.

Do silnylon tarps sound good to you? Before you go about running to your nearest outdoor shop and purchasing a silnylon backpacking tarp that you’d use for your next camping trip, there are also a few things you need to consider. You do need to make an informed purchase and a rational decision as to buying your first silnylon tarp. I can definitely say for certain that you’d need to take note of what to look for in a silnylon tarp, and why these seemingly small things matter most to you.

Here are the things that you first need to take into account when buying a silnylon tarp for camping.

  • Weight – For many, the lightness of the product is a top priority. This makes sense and holds true. After all, no one really wants to lug around something heavy for hours on end, especially when going on multi-day treks or even a shabby day hike. Silnylon tarps have to be lightweight. Of course, it’s a given that most of them are, but you need to be on the lookout for the most part.
  • Strength – So what if the tarp is light enough for you to carry, if it is not strong enough to withstand most of the elements? You really don’t want your tarp to rip in half or anything of the sort! Sure, you can probably get cheaper ones which may as well be knock-offs of actual silnylon tarps, but that’s beside the point. Aside from the tarp’s weight, prioritize its strength as well. Don’t be afraid to dish out some extra cash!
  • Waterproofing/Water Resistance – The weather can be volatile whenever you’re going out camping. Water can easily make its way to your belongings, which may cause a huge problem and could potentially ruin your excursion. Luckily, tarps—in general—tend to be waterproof. However, there might be problems in production that affects how a silnylon tarp repels water. Many retailers would allow you to test products out, so it’s best you do so.
  • Size – If you’re going on a multi-day trek with a good amount of people, then size is a pressing issue. You’re going to need a place to lay down your things, and if your tarp isn’t big enough to do the job, then it becomes a major concern for you and your squad. If you’re going minimal with the intention of setting up a makeshift shelter with your tarp, then you have to make sure it’s big enough for your needs.
  • Versatility – Looking into various features of a silnylon tarp can help you in your purchase. You have to make sure such features are practical and aren’t just around for novelty’s sake. Seeing how you can use such inclusions can help you determine if you’re purchasing the right tarp. You might need the inclusions whenever you have to make some changes or alterations along the way. Nitpick the features wisely.


What is Silnylon?

I’ve explained early on that silnylon, fundamentally, is a synthesis of silicone and nylon—its name is an obvious portmanteau of both. It’s used in lightweight camping and has actually been around for quite some time. It’s gaining popularity among adventurers who want to do things rapidly and don’t want to put up with heavy loads. So, whether you’re a trekker, a backpacker, or a mountaineer, having a silnylon tarp handy could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

How Durable is Silnylon?

Since it’s thin nylon fabric synthesized with silicone—which improves tear strength—you can be assured that it’s going to take a good amount of abuse before any significant damage is even made. That’s the amazing thing about silnylon. You’d think it’s a flimsy material, but it’s actually stronger than conventional tarps. Plus, it lightens your load on long backpacking trips! It’s pricier, but the durability makes up for it significantly.


Whether you’re purchasing a silnylon tarp tent, a silnylon tarp hammock, or just a plain piece of silnylon tarp, there’s no denying that you can reap plenty of benefits in doing so. As an efficient lightweight tarp, silnylon is a material that can totally take a lot of abuse. It’s always a good idea to choose the best silnylon tarp available for your needs.

Have you decided what silnylon tarp you’re off to buy? Nowadays, it only takes a click of a mouse and a simple search function to look into more silnylon items that you may want to buy. So, go ahead, and choose what’s best for you. Rest assured, you’d be put at ease with genuine silnylon products.