Best Tennis Racquets in 2020

Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet

The ultimate in control and power, the Blade 98 is a great option. It’s ideally suited to advanced players who want stability for volleys and groundstrokes, with a minimalistic look and flexible racquet made from tough but lightweight graphite and basalt.

Prince Textreme Tour 100P Tennis Racquet

An affordable racquet that focuses on control and speed, the Textreme Tour 100 delivers fantastic results and quality for its price point. This racquet provides brilliant stability and lightness for greater accuracy and power on the court.

Babolat Pure Aero Tennis Racquet

Validated by tennis champion Rafael Nadal, the Pure Aero racquet offers great control, speed and improved topspin, with a comfortable and innovative shape and design. This racquet packs a punch and performs incredibly well, without players having to exert too much extra effort.

Things to consider when buying tennis racquets

While tennis racquets may look the same to the untrained eye, there’s a lot to consider when making the purchase and investing in a high-quality racquet. From control and speed to the weight of the racquet itself, there are many factors that go into choosing the right racquet for your needs, as well as your style and level of play. More expensive racquets are often made from carbon fiber which allows them to be incredibly strong but lightweight for faster swings and reduced shock from the ball. Beginners should look for a racquet that’s light and easy to manoeuvre wile more advanced players will need a heavier racquet that allows for more speed but may be more difficult to control. 

The head size of the racquet is also a key feature that varies between brands and models. The larger the frame, the greater the sweet spot that makes it easier to hit the ball, delivering greater accuracy and fewer mis-hits. However, these too are better suited to intermediate or advanced players as they can be harder to control. Balance is closely linked to this, and racquets can be head-light which means they’re well suited to volleys, and head-heavy which provides greater power to the player. Racquets which are balanced offer the best of both worlds. All of this, as well as the tension of the strings, goes into the decision-making involved in choosing a racquet that’s suitable for the player. The following racquets are ten of the best on the market, each offering something unique to the player and covering a wide range of abilities and budgets.

The Wilson’s Blade 98 racquet has a minimalist design and a matte look, but plenty of power that maximizes the player’s energy thanks to the Countervail technology. The braided graphite and basalt material has an elastic quality that improves the flexibility of the racquet, while the Spin Effect technology increases ball RPM without any need for you to adapt your swing. The Blade 98 has a timeless look and gives the player an edge – it’s the perfect choice for players who want excellent control on the court without the risk of developing fatigue in the third and fourth sets. The dense string pattern prevents the risk of the strings from wearing out too quickly, offering plenty of stability for volleys and groundstrokes for more advanced players. And for the style-conscious, the racquet comes in a variety of color iterations too for a personalized touch.


Key features:
  • Carbon fiber dampens the vibrations and impact while parallel drilling increases sweet spot
  • Braided graphite and basalt build for extra control
  • String pattern is 18 Mains/20 Crosses, with a string tension of 50-60 pounds

Head’s Graphene XT racquet is as stylish as it is powerful, with an innovative and lightweight graphene frame that provides great energy transfer and a better distribution of weight. It has a bold and colorful palette that makes it an attention-grabbing racquet for all the right reasons. The design is the frame of choice for tennis pro Novak Djokovic and delivers the kind of performance and manoeuvrability that you’d expect from such a highly-promoted racquet. The heavy topspin makes it great for big groundstrokes and the weight distribution allows for a fast swinging racquet. The XT Speed Pro has a larger head that provides a greater sweet spot and increased power for aggressive playing. A quick and strong racquet, the Graphene XT is guaranteed to impress the most discerning of players. For other great sport items see our top picks for baseball bats.


Key features:
  • Made from graphene for an ultra-lightweight frame that has incredible strength
  • Features a 16 x 19 string pattern for spin
  • Fast-swinging and easy to manoeuvre frame

For aggressive players who want maximum control and power, the Babolat Pure Strike racquet is an enticing option that has an improved design, replacing the AeroStorm model. The thinner frame makes for more powerful play and the Response Woofer grommet system has PEBAX material injected into the bumper and grommets for extra strength. This is a sleek and stylish racquet that looks great and performs amazingly well. For players who want the ultimate in control, power and spin, the Pure Strike provides a responsive frame. The stiffer frame may mean that players want to reduce the string tension to compensate, but the lightness means volleys are a breeze without any risk of fatigue. Stabilizer Technology from the carbon fiber material enables improved torsional stability, even for big hitters.


Key features:
  • Great for intermediate to advanced players who are moving up
  • FSI string technology for increased spin and greater opportunity for movement
  • 16 x 19 string pattern for a mix of spin and control

Instantly recognizable because it’s unique head shape, the Yonex EZONE 98 racquet has an isometric design that allows for a greater sweet spot and a lot of control. There’s plenty of spin potential with the EZONE 98 and it’s comfortable to hold, with enough manoeuvrability for volleys and a great amount of power. The lightness of the racquet will appeal to tournament players who want responsiveness without any unnecessary weight. Advanced players who want a more technologically advanced racquet for competent playing will love the control this racket provides and the massive spin that comes from the 16/19 string pattern. What’s more, the three layers of gel added to the handle help to lessen the shock and vibration that runs through the frame.


Key features:
  • Low to Medium power level with a 16 x 19 string pattern and string tension of 45-60 pounds
  • Isometric Square Head Shape allows for a 48% larger sweet spot
  • The narrower shaft minimizes unwanted vibrations and reduces shock from the ball

The Prince Phantom Pro 100 has all the characteristics of the original Phantom 100 but with an improved design. It’s a control-orientated racquet that’s arm-friendly and helps players maintain stability thanks to the ultra-thin carbon frame. The Constant Taper System transitions from a 16mm shaft to a 20mm head combines flexibility with power for the best of both worlds, so players don’t have to work too hard. The Prince Phantom Pro is well suited to intermediate and advanced players – it has stability and a classic feel that delivers excellent accuracy. This is an enormously comfortable racquet that’s an ideal option for players who want something arm-friendly that won’t lead to fatigue too early on in a match.


Key features:
  • 100 square inch head providing sufficient surface for avoiding mis-hits
  • Low stiffness rating of 54 makes it great for control-oriented players
  • 16 x 18 string pattern is great for generating topspin

A great all-rounder that has a revolutionary new design, the Yonex VCore Pro 97 racquet has high-density Black MicroCore infused into the frame at specific points to increase its stability and spin. The NAMD graphite material adds a uninque flex to the frame that delivers quick snapback while the isometric technology gives a 7% larger sweet spot for less mis-hits. This is a great racquet for manoeuvrability that gives platers excellent power and drives, and the addition of the improved grommet design promotes a better and more effective energy transfer and swing power. Yonex are known for their strength and control, and this VCore Pro series has redefined the notion of stability to set a new standard.


Key features:
  • Increased control and stability with NAMD graphite for more flex
  • Isometric technology provides a 7% greater sweet spot
  • Lock Booster System enhanced grommet design for efficient energy transfer

A fast-swinging racquet that focuses on control and speed, the Prince Textreme Tour 100 is a Lucas Pouille-endorsed racquet that delivers unbeatable precision and control. At 11 ounces, you’ll be able to swing this through the air incredibly fast for powerful shots and the 18/20 string pattern allows for bigger hits at the ball. Despite the stability, there’s also a flexible element to this racquet that makes it really comfortable to use during matches, even for the most aggressive players. The Textreme material is what really makes this racquet stand out though – it combines a higher level of stability without the stiffness usually associated with it, instead resulting in a flex rating of 62.


Key features:
  • 18 x 20 string pattern and a fast-swinging, control-oriented frame
  • 100 square inch head with a thin beam
  • Textreme technology for increased power and speed
The key feature of the Babolat Pure Aero racquet, aside from its celebrity endorsement, is the racket’s ability to generate topspin so effectively. This racquet has a 16/19 string pattern and the increased spacing between the fifth and twelfth cross strings allows them to move more easily while still snapping back into position, helping to improve that all-important topspin. The stiffer frame and 100 square inch head size gives increased power and accuracy, while the shape and design of the racquet makes for a quicker swing. The combination of the power and topspin makes this a brilliantly performing racquet when it comes to the baseline, with a comfortable and easy-to-swing design that will keep your opponent working hard. If you’re considering a nice crossfit gym bag to carry all your tennis equipment in see our guide.


Key features:
  • Endorsed by tennis legend Rafael Nadal
  • Comfortable and high-quality control for all courts
  • Great for intermediate and advanced players

Designed for and tailored to women specifically, the Tecnifibre T-Rebound Tempo 270 Lite has a smaller grip size compared to a standard racquet but a 100 square inch head for a larger sweet spot. For players looking to develop their power and control, this is a great racquet that helps with both aspects of play without players having to exert additional effort. Tecnifibre have included Dual Shape Geometry into this design too, which reinforces the strength of the racket at set beam locations for greater stability. Players who want greater spin, maximum power and increased comfort will enjoy using the T-Rebound Tempo and all the manoeuvrability it includes.


Key features:
  • Improved frame design that has a shorter length for maximum acceleration
  • Greater spin and power that’s been designed specifically for women
  • At 10 ounces, it has a lighter weight that makes it easy to swing

This Volki V-Feel 8 285 is an eye-catching racket that has a comfortable frame and responsive feel. The V-Feel dampens excess vibrations and has a quick and powerful feel to it when playing that players will really appreciate when playing volleys. The VTex silicone polymer-based butt cap helps to reduce shock and resists shrinking and cracking in higher temperatures, while the thinner beam makes swings really effortless. One of the main benefits of this racquet is the slimmer profile it has compared to previous iterations, and the EVA technology helps to provide up to 35% more torsional strength and a 25% increase in shock absorption. If you’re looking for some new running shoes see our top picks for crossfit shoes.


Key features:
  • Innovative EVA technology provides 35% more resilience
  • 16 x 18 string pattern that generates more topspin
  • Mid-weight racket that is responsive and easy to manoeuvre

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