10 Best Toddler Travel Beds In 2019

DockATot Grand Dock

Stylish, comfortable and made with fabrics that maintain the ideal temperature for your little one, the DockATot Grand Dock is a great bed to have on hand for children aged nine months to three years, giving them their own space to sleep or play with padded sides for extra safety.

Regalo My Cot Deluxe Portable Toddler Bed

This durable bed is made from a steel frame and nylon cover that can be assembled in seconds and wiped down easily for convenient cleaning. This bed folds up to a fraction of its size and can even fit in a standard suitcase, so it’s perfect for traveling.

The Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed

This is one of the best inflatable beds you can buy, offering plenty of room for a comfortable night’s sleep and easy assembly. It inflates in just 30 seconds due to the powerful pump and has barriers around the edge, so your toddler won’t roll out of bed.

Buyers guide for Best Toddler Travel Bed

Booking a hotel room when you’re a couple is easy, but once you start travelling with kids, the sleeping arrangements become more complex and require extra planning. While your children are young, a toddler travel bed is often a cheaper option than paying for an additional bed in the room. There are various options to choose from when shopping for a travel bed for your child, from inflatable options to those which fold away, but each of them is designed to be portable, lightweight and easy to take with you on trips.

There are lots of benefits to buying a toddler bed, as it provides your child with a safe and familiar place to sleep and it provides you with more accommodation options when you’re travelling as you don’t have to restrict yourself to family rooms. When buying a toddler bed, it’s important to note the age range it’s suitable for and also how easy it is to put together and fold away, as you don’t want something that’s time consuming to assemble. The size and weight of the bed is also important, as if you’re flying for your trip, this will affect the amount of weight you’re able to take on board with you. This selection highlights ten of the best travel beds for toddlers on the market.

The Leacho BumpZZZ Travel Bed is a fantastic toddler bed that provides excellent comfort for your child. It is made from 100% polyester and polyurethane, so it’s designed to last, and it has a foam padded center for comfort. The outer bumpers are cushioned so they’re comfortable if your toddler rolls over, but they won’t roll out of the bed when they’re sleeping. The Leacho BumpZZZ can be folded up easily and is really light so it’s easy to carry with you, particularly thanks to the carry bag that’s included with the bed. There’s plenty of space for toddlers to get a comfortable night’s sleep without feeling restricted.


Key features:

  •      58 in x 39 in x 7 in when assembled; 20 in x 37 in x 14.5 in when in bag
  •      Foam pad and bumper padding can be removed for washing
  •      Lightweight and comes with a bag for convenience

Ideal for keeping kids secure and comfortable at bedtime, the Shrunks Toddler Travel Bed has signature rails to ensure your child stays safe during the night and standard-sized sheets and blankets for cribs can be tucked into the inner air mattress for additional comfort. It’s quiet and squeak-free thanks to the flock fabric on the top and has a powerful electric pump that makes assembly quick and easy in just thirty seconds – a must at bedtime when the kids are tired and restless. This bed will have toddlers feeling as though they’re in their own bed at home and is a great option for children transitioning from the crib to a bed too.


Key features:

  •      60 in x 37 in 9 in when inflated; 16 in x 7 in when rolled for storage
  •      Includes a powerful electric pump for quick assembly
  •      Has guard rails to stop children rolling off the bed

The portable inflatable bed from My First ReadyBed is designed for comfort, convenience and simplicity. It has a washable cover that can be removed easily and also comes with an integral carry bag so you can transport it and store it easily when it’s not in use. The ReadyBed is designed for children aged 18 months to three years so it provides plenty of use for your toddler, and it has a wraparound section at the top and sides for added comfort and safety. Whether you’re going on vacation as a family or simply need an extra bed so your child can spend the night at their grandparents’, this is a great option that is incredibly soft and comfortable. For other great products for your toddler see our favourite rocking horse.


Key features:

  •      Inflated bed measures 51 in x 24 in x 9 in when inflated, and 16 in x 11 in x 4 in when folded as a travel bag
  •      Comes with a pump for assembly
  •      Has a removable cover that can be washed

The KareCaddy Toddler Air Mattress is made from an incredibly soft material that provides the perfect amount of comfort for your toddler. The bed comes with a built-in pump that’s ready to use straight away and can be inflated in seconds, as well as having a handy deflate feature so you can pack it away quickly. The full-length bumper rails will provide peace of mind that your child will be sleeping safely throughout the night, as well as offering plenty of comfort as they’re made from the same material as the bed itself. The KareCaddy has a modern design that’s low to the ground for complete safety and security, and also comes with a convenient carry bag for easy portability. If you’ve got a long journey with your toddler consider a book for two year olds to keep them happy.


Key features:

  •    Measures 15.8 in x 14.5 in x 6.7 in
  •    Made from a soft flock material and vinyl for a squeak-free mattress
  •   Includes full-length bed rails for security and safety

The ideal mix of stability, safety and comfort, the Intex Kids Travel Bed Set is durable and convenient. It’s a great option to have on hand for sleepovers, camping trips, naps on the go and vacations. The bed is spacious and comfortable and comes with a pump for easy inflation. There’s a support structure within the bed itself that ensures your toddler won’t roll out if bed during the night, but there’s also the option to remove this if you prefer. The bed is really light, weighing just three pounds, so you can take it with you easily without it weighing you down. It fits standard crib size sheets so it’s easy to make up too, and the carry bag it comes with makes it a versatile and convenient product that doesn’t have added bulk.


Key features:

  • Measures 66 in x 42 in x 10 in when assembled

  • Comes with a pump

  • Has a frame that will provide extra stability and safety

A high-end bed that provides excellent comfort and convenience, the DockATot Grand Dock is versatile in that it can be used to help your child transition from a crib to a bed, can be taken on trips for comfortable sleeping and can be used to keep your child close by while you’re working or playing, giving them their own space. This bed is made with OEKO-TEX certified fabrics that maintain and regulate temperature for the best environment for your child, and it comes with a cover that can be replaced with others in the range if you want a certain color or pattern. This is a travel-friendly bed that has its own transport bag for easy portability and is very lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down when you’re traveling. The DockATot is perfect for children aged nine months to three years, so it’s ideal for your growing little ones. See our top breast pumps so you can save the trouble of stopping to breast feed on your journey.


Key features:

  • Measures 39 x 24 x 9 inches
  • Has padded sides that prevent your child rolling out of bed
  • Excellent portability with a compact design

With the Regalo My Cot Deluxe, there’s no set-up requires so you can have it ready to use in seconds for a quick and convenient system. It has an all-steel frame that is both strong but also lightweight, holding up to 75 pounds. It also includes a fitted sleeping bag with a removable pillow that fits snugly over the frame for a comfortable night’s sleep for your little one. This cot folds up to just a fraction of its size which is perfect for traveling, whether you’re taking a long-haul flight, going camping or just spending the night at a relative’s. The cover is made from a heavy-duty nylon that’s waterproof so it can be wiped down easily if any messes occur and is designed to last years of use.


Key features:

  • Measures 48 in x 24.5 in x 9 in
  • Suitable for children aged two to five years old
  • Can be assembled or dissembled in seconds for easy storage and travel

The Reste Baby Travel Bed delivers a secure and comfy place for your child to sleep on the go, whether they’re taking a nap or you’re spending the night in a hotel on a family trip. It has a padded mattress pad that can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning and also features mesh side panels and pockets for storing your child’s essentials or toys. The design is lightweight and compact, with a simple foldable design that can be put in the included drawstring bag for hassle-free storage. Plus, because it’s designed to be used on a sold, flat surface, there’s no weight limit to worry about so you can ensure your child will have a safe and secure night’s sleep.The S1000DB from Edifier has a high-end, premium feel that makes them look just as great as they sound. They’re ideal for use in gaming set-ups for PCs or gaming consoles, as well as putting at the side of your TV unit for excellent sound quality when you’re watching films. The speakers use advanced aptX-enabled Bluetooth which doesn’t only enhance the quality of the audio but also improves latency issues when watching films or playing games. The S1000DB speakers have a 5.5-inch subwoofer that delivers 120W of RMS quality sound, thanks to the Digital Sound Processing. There’s also the option to connect your PC, TV or other devices via RCA, AUX, optical or coaxial connections. You can also customize the settings for the perfect tuning of bass, treble and volume to suit your preferences. If its time to upgrade your bed too consider a mattress topper instead.


Key features:

  • Dimensions are 29.5 in x 17 in x 8.5 in when unfolded

  • Has a compact and foldable design with a drawstring travel bag
  • Detachable mattress pad can be washed in the washing machine

The hiccapop Inflatable Travel Bed has security and safety in mind, with a design that includes safety bumpers to prevent your child falling out when they’re sleeping. This bed is as much as 25% longer and wider than most toddler beds, giving ample space for your child to stretch out and get comfy. The hiccapop comes with a pump and inflates in less than 30 seconds so you don’t have to spend ages putting it together, plus it fits standard-size crib sheets and blankets for ease of use. The velvet flocked mattress is smooth and soft, and the inlay-enforced vinyl is up to 40% thicker than competitors for durability. Whether you need a travel bed for a camping trip, a night at grandma’s or a vacation, this is a great option that’s versatile and easy to use.


Key features:

  • Dimensions are 62 in x 38 in x 11 in
  • Has an extra-large travel bag and electric pump included
  • Inflates in under 30 seconds and fits standard crib sheets

With a neat and stylish design, the Kidco PeaPod is a convenient travel bed that is great for taking on trips, thanks to being so lightweight. It has a lightweight mesh around it that allows for plenty of airflow while your child is sleeping and the Micro-Lite sleeping pad is securely fitted to the bottom of the PeaPod with snappers that can be removed quickly for cleaning or packing away. It’s also ideal for outdoor use if you’re camping or at the beach as it delivers UV protection and anchor straps. It fits neatly into luggage, so you don’t have to worry about checking it in separately when you’re taking a flight too.


Key features:

  • 16.5 in x 16.5 in x 3 in
  • Designed for children aged 1 to 3 years
  • Lightweight design that weighs just 2.45 pounds