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Best Water Softeners in 2021

Premium Pick
SoftPro Elite Plus Grain water softener

SoftPro Elite Plus 64,000 Grain water softener

 This softener provides superior performance with high flow rates making it best choice for home.

Value Pick
ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softener

ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softener

An excellent system for overall filtration of water. It detoxifies most other tastes, and odors.

Best Pick
Tier1 Eco Series Softener

Tier1 Eco Series Softener

It is an effective water softening system that provides clean water without any scale buildup.

Published 8:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 8:37pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

ProductKey FeaturesPrice
Eddy Electronic Water DescalerApart from scale, bacteria and rust are also washed away.$
Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water SoftenerContains safety float feature that avoids overfilling by mistake to prevent water mess.$$
Whirlpool WHES40E 40,000 Grain WaterFeatures a high-flow valve ideal for larger households with 5-6 people.$$
Tier1 Eco Series SoftenerAverts the build-up of scale by reducing the hardness and pH of water.$$
Aquasana Whole House Water Filter SystemHas rhino filters that reduce 97% chlorine and odor from the water.$$
Abundant Flow Water WS-48k complete softenerCan remove water hardness to 48,000 grains per tank during regeneration cycles.$$$
SoftPro Elite Plus Grain water softenerSaves up to 75% and 64% on salt usage and wastewater respectively for regeneration.$$$
Pelican Series PS48 Water Softener5-micron pre-filter system with a carbon filter that protects home appliances.$$$
SpringWell Futuresoft Salt-Free Water SoftenerUses the 4-stage design for maximum removal of contaminants.$$$
ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softenerThis filtration unit uses the new improved 10% cross-linked resin for water softening.$$$

Best Water Softeners

A water softener addresses one of the biggest water problems that most of the people identify as hard water. Hard-water primarily consists of minerals like calcium, iron, and magnesium that cause all kinds of trouble in your home. Moreover, harsh water clogs plumbing, the scale is created on taps and showerheads, stains in sinks and tubs. It also causes patches on utensils and a great threat to your dishwasher and laundry.

Hence, what you need is water softer, it is an appliance that uses the ion exchange mechanism to remove that hardness causing minerals. In short, it contains a resin column and as the hard water flows through it, the hard minerals are removed from the water coming from the supply.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler

So if you are fed up with scale buildup on showers, sinks, and faucets, then you want Eddy electronic water descaler. What’s unique about this device is that it doesn’t feature cartridge or tanks, additionally, it is an electric unit with coils that produces electromagnetic waves. The magnetic field created interacts with the incoming water and changes the crystal form of scale to linear structure. This, therefore, causes the scale to lose its sticking ability and deposit formation, the hard water is emulated to stop scale buildup and the minerals remain in the water. 

Apart from scale, bacteria and rust are also washed away giving a clean piping system. It requires no salt addition unlike traditional water softeners in the market which are unsafe for your health. Installation is super-easy and simple with no need for plumbing and pipes detachment. 

Key features:
  • Scale and rust protection
  • Lifetime repair and replace warranty
  • No filters and salt additio
  • All healthy minerals remain in the water
  • Easy to install and maintain
Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener

The Fleck 5600SXT comes with a large LCD having an internal backup capacitor of 48 hours. This softener system also features digital meter and is made in the USA. The LCD of the meter not only alternates between the time of the day, volume remaining and regeneration but also features touch screen controls. After all, the unit requires 120 volts for smooth operation.

This water softener is designed to prevent scum and scale.  It also uses AFWFilters using high capacity and high-efficiency resin to soften the water at an affordable price. Moreover, for hassle-free installation and connection, it comes with a bypass valve made of fiber-reinforced polymer and 1’’ connection that prevents shutting off the main water supply.

The components include a black brine tank that measures 14″x34″ with the safety float feature that avoids overfilling by mistake to prevent water mess and contains 250 lbs of regeneration salt. Fleck 5600SXT has a capacity of 48,000 grain offering a flow rate of 12 GPM and 3 GPM of water consumption. It is also capable of double backwash. Moreover, you get a warranty of 5 and 10 years on the control head and tank respectively.  The system uses 120 volts and weighs 20.8 pounds only.

Key features:
  • 20 GPM of continuous flow rate
  • Regeneration adjustable cycles including upward and downward flow
  • LCD
  • The turbine meter is compact
Whirlpool WHES40E 40,000 Grain Water

The whirlpool WHES40e is the best solution for any home that faces problems by hard water whether the source is well water or municipal supply. This 40,000-grain high-capacity unit is ideal for larger households with 5-6 people as it features a high-flow valve to deliver maximum water flow even when multiple water-using appliances like showers and taps are in use. Get all the benefits of soft water such as long-lasting clothing color, clean appliances, etc.

It uses less salt than other water softeners as its patented 6th sense technology that learns the water usage pattern to use the minimum amount of salt necessary. This high-end water softener can be installed yourself and professional installation is also available. It also comes with a 5-year warranty. Per gallon, it removes 125 grains of water hardness.  Moreover, to remove iron from water, it uses another loop of backwash eliminating 10ppm of ferrous. If you struggle with moisture in your home too, consider getting a dehumidifier.

Key features:
  • Best for large households
  • High capacity of 40,000 grain
  • High flow valve
Tier1 Eco Series Softener

This water softener system is designed keeping in mind that it should be easy to operate and hence it features (TAC) Template Assisted crystallization; an environment-friendly and safe technology to deal with hard water full of contaminants. Additionally, this softener system is highly efficient requiring only 5 seconds of contact time. Also, there is no costly replacement salt, brine tank or backwash waste for the control valve to work with. Therefore, it works simply by connecting the Tier1 system with your home and let the softener do its work.

Moreover, it comprises of 8 by 44 inches resin tank that has scale inhibiting media blend, a 10 by 4.5 inches sediment filter, KDF and carbon filtration, UV disinfection and salt-free softening. The Tier1 system prevents the build-up of scale by reducing the hardness and pH of water. Furthermore, it is very space-saving by using only 3 sq. ft. of floor space. Its installation is very quick and easy and hence it is a perfect choice for condominiums and small houses.

Key features:
  • Scale damaged on pipes, fixtures, appliances is reduced
  • The up-flow design does not require any electricity or control valve.
  • The design eradicates the cycle of wasteful backwash
  • No chemical or salt regenerator required
  • Effortless installation
Aquasana Whole House Water Filter System

Healthy living starts with healthy water and the Aquasana water filter system will help you get clean water. This high-performance water system provides long-lasting water filtration for clean water throughout your entire home for up to 6 years with a capacity of 600000 gallons. This allows 97% chlorine reduction, taste, and odor from the water with the help of rhino filters.

It has a flow rate of 7 GPM and weighs only 4.2 pounds. This water filtration system features unique up-flow with a dual-tank design that prevents clogging while increasing the contact time of water with contaminant grabbing media and maximizes filtration. Each system comes with pre-filter to keep sentiments from entering your unit and carbon activated filter.

Use clean water that is free from rust, contaminants, impurities, soluble metals and solvents. By reducing all these things from water, you will experience softer skin and hair, improves the taste of your food and drinks. It instantly converts tap water into clean, healthy, and pure water. The pro install kit makes replacing filters easy and durable components. The salt-free water conditioner protects the pipes and appliances from harmful scale buildup. For further protection, it also features powerful UV filtration that eliminated viruses and bacteria. The easy to replace tanks last for about 6 to 10 years depending on the model purchased. Perfect for keeping your plastic free electric kettle limescale free and reducing energy usage.

Key features:
  • Reduces lead, iron, mercury, and VOCs
  • NSF certified
  • 600000 gallons of filtration capacity
  • Dual-tank design
  • Easy installation
Abundant Flow Water WS-48k complete softener

If you want to treat all the water that comes to your home, Abundant Flow water is the answer. No matter how many bathrooms you have, the dual tank system never runs out of soft clean water even during peak usage hours. It features two large resin tanks with a total capacity of 3 ft³ offering 96 000 grain. An advantage is the combination of Fleck 9100sxt which lets you control the water softener system.

The device also features a digital metered head with backlit LCD and touch-controls. All the ions causing water to hard are removed, thanks to the resin filters. Moreover, it also reduces scale buildup. This effective system also helps in iron removal to give you the best quality soft water using the ion-exchange method.

The unit is easy to install but requires some space to store large two tanks that are 36 inches in height. With the flow rate of 12 GPM, it can remove water hardness to 48,000 grains per tank during regeneration cycles. It measures 10 x 10 x 54 inches and weighs 96 pounds. The large brine tank holds up to 300 lbs of regeneration process salt. This works great on preventing limescale build up in all home appliances like steam irons.

Key features:
  • Large grain capacity
  • Strong 20 GPM flow rate
  • Hardness-free water
  • No scale buildup
  • Easy installation
SoftPro Elite Plus Grain water softener

This high-efficiency system prevents hardness buildup on all of your fixtures and appliances. It features Mediaguard KDF 55 filters that remove lead, chlorine and other metals like copper and lead from water providing water with better taste. This filtration system also prevents the reproduction of bacteria.

The softening agent used is the 10% cross-linked resin that has more resistance from chlorine for long life. It is also more tolerable for iron and bromine. SoftPro Elite Plus saves up to 75% and 64% on salt usage and wastewater respectively for regeneration. For a maximum flow rate of 14 GPM with less pressure loss, it uses True 1” porting design with the grain capacity of 64,000.

The tank is protected from sunlight and temperatures by the black tank jacket made of neoprene that provides insulation. The up-flow regeneration with reverse flow regeneration preserves unused softening beads for future use. The flow brine calculates the precise amount of brine needed to regenerate. It also features a large touch-control LCD.

Key features:
  • Removes heavy metals and sulfur
  • Valve has a 10-year warranty
  • Lifetime warranty on tanks
  • Mediaguard KDF 55 to eliminate chlorine
Pelican Series PS48 Water Softener

This saltwater softener system is for 2 to 3 bathrooms with the highest capacity of 600,000 to I million gallons. A prominent feature of the Pelican whole house water softener is the additional 5-micron pre-filter system with a carbon filter that protects the home appliances and filter system from the built-up of sediments and its damages. It also protects appliances from dirt and debris giving you soft hair and skin. This Pelican water softener doesn’t require electricity and no wastage of water. Moreover, you can install this unit inside or outside your home. It comes with easy to program digital meter head.

Key features:
  • High-capacity grain size
  • 3 water softening phases
  • High flow rate
SpringWell Futuresoft Salt-Free Water Softener

SpringWell water softener uses kdf media and catalytic coconut shell carbon to eliminate harmful contaminants and metals that cause hard water problems. With the high flow rate of 17 GPM, this water softener offers the best quality water by removing 99% of chlorine and other contaminants that cause odor and bad taste. This NSF certified features a filtration system called proprietary ActivFlo that allows maximum interaction time between hard water and filtration media using the 4-stage design for maximum removal of contaminants. To clean and avoid scale buildup, this salt-free softener eradicates rust and scale from your appliances without using harsh chemicals. 

Key features:
  • Easy installation kit
  • Lifetime warranty
  • ActivFlo filtration method
  • Chlorine-free wate
ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softener

The next water softener on our list is the ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softener with a carbon filter. This is a great option for your home to get rid of hard water as this system is a combination of 2 units. The water you get from the main supply might look clean to you but there is a chance of high iron and calcium content in it. Iron present in water causes discoloration of clothes, floor tiles, sink, and other appliances while calcium provokes the buildup of scale. If you are looking for a product to prevent iron and calcium from flowing into the pipes, you need to bring ABCwaters 5600sxt Fleck softener to your home.

The volume of water processed by the resin filter is tracked by the unit and activates the process of regeneration when it reaches the grain capacity of 64,000. This large grain capacity easily provides water usage to about 7 members in one home. For longer life, the filtration unit uses the new improved 10% cross-linked resin for water softening. Moreover, the ABCwaters filter and soften the hard water with reverse osmosis. Other contaminants like lead, chlorine, and magnesium are also removed effectively. It also offers 12 GPM of flow rate. To save electricity, the carbon filter cuts off backwash need with no production of wastewaters.

Key features:
  • Removes iron from water
  • Comes with easy installation kit
  • Dual system: filter and softener
  • For 5 to 6 bathrooms

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