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How To Do Dips

Ainsley Hunter Tricep dips or ‘just dips’ as they are popularly called, are exercises to tone and contour the muscles in the arms. Dips are body weight, compound exercises. They assist in not only toning but also building mass to get stronger and healthier...

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Are Ankle Weights Safe?

Ainsley Hunter Ankle and foot weights are considered convenient for workouts and training, but many times, if not used correctly, they may cause injuries and accidents. Besides wanting to look and get into shape, most men and women actively search for any advantage...

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Increasing Workout Intensity

Ainsley Hunter Exercising in a set routine can become tedious, time-consuming, and boring. Getting bored, being on a plateau for too long or doing repetitive exercises can be extremely demotivating. Switching up the workouts, changing regular routines, working out...

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