Updated: 24 Nov 2019

How to build a kegerator

A kegerator is a type of refrigerator which is specially designed to store and dispense beer or drink kegs. A kegerator helps to maintain the pressure of the barrels properly by using carbon dioxide. Kegerators are the refrigerators that allow one or more kegs of chilled beer on tap. 

Homebrewed or commercially procured expensive barrels of beer can easily be stored and served with the help of a kegerator. Buying a kegerator may be a costly task, but building up one at home is quite easy and cost-effective. 

Kegerators are easy to build and operate, and you do not require a degree in Engineering. Anyone can make a kegerator at home by following some easy steps. 

Do you want to build up your kegerator at your home? Are you unaware of the ways to build a kegerator? If the answers to the above questions are yes, then you are at the right place and reading the right content. 


Read on to help build a kegerator in the comfort of your home. Our steps are easy to follow and are cost-effective. 


Ways to build kegerator at home


  1. Essential functions and components of a kegerator:

Before you start building a kegerator, you must learn and understand the necessary elements of the kegerator and its particular features. This will help you understand the importance of each component, and you will easily be able to fix each of them efficiently. A kegerator is a keg of beer which is generally kept inside a refrigerator. A small tank of carbon dioxide is taken to supply the gas pressure. A kegerator also needs vinyl gas tubing that goes from the gas cylinder, and a regulator inside the port of the peg.


  1.   Obtain the necessary components

Once you are aware of all the elements of the kegerator and their essential functions, the next step is to gather these components to build your kegerator. You will need the following items to make a kegerator:

  •     A refrigerator
  •     Faucet shank
  •     Wingnut with washer and tailpiece
  •     Beverage and gas line connectors
  •     Carbon dioxide cylinder
  •     Carbon dioxide regulator
  •     Vinyl tubing
How to build a kegerator
  1.   Read the instructions about the components carefully

Now that you have all the elements to build a kegerator, you must read all the instructions to avoid any accidents.

  1.   Mark the place or draw a circle inside the refrigerator where you want to drill a hole or want to place the shank and wish to assemble the faucet.
  2.   Clean and sanitize all the components of your kegerator such as beer faucet, shank, beer line, etc. to avoid any diseases and intake of harmful germs.
  3.   Assemble the beer faucet and shank through the refrigerator and secure units.
  4.   Now that the components are correctly attached, the next step is to connect the gas line to the regulator outlet and the keg gas line connector or coupler gas inlet as well. Make sure that the gas line is about three feet or more in length.
  5.   Once you have attached the carbon dioxide cylinder, verify that the barrel is filled entirely and whether or not it is attached to the gas regulator correctly. Connect each of the components properly and effectively for better working of the kegerator.
  6.   Connect the beer line and gas line to the keg and make sure all the connections are secure and the beer tap handle is in the closed position.
  7. Once you are done with all the connections and have attached the components correctly, check your kegerator by dispensing some beer from the faucet. You should identify any areas of leakages.
  8. Now that you are done with your kegerator, you must check the working periodically to avoid any sudden leakage of the beer or gas. Also, check the pressure exerted by the gas cylinder.


Beneficial tips

Following are some extra tips that will help you maintain your kegerator:

  •     Never clean the vinyl line.
  •     Use stainless steel for beer faucets and shanks as it is non-reactive and long-lasting.
  •     Kegged beer should already be carbonated.
  •     Gas lines should be made up of vinyl.
  •     Always clean and sanitize the beer lines.


Building a kegerator at home is not very tough. Once you have all the necessary information to make a kegerator, you can sit back and relax with a beer on tap from the comfort of your home.

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