How to Conceive a Baby Boy Fast?


How to Conceive a Baby Boy Fast? There are millions of couples in the world who want to have a baby boy and search for the position of sex, medicine, or natural remedy for help. According to science, there is no particular position that can help you to conceive a boy, but according to ancient theory, they might help.

There are proven medicine and natural remedies available but again not 100% guaranteed for a boy. Where medication can have a side effect on mother and child health but natural remedies are safer and produce no side effects.  In this article, you will learn how to get pregnant with a baby boy naturally.

In fact, it’s men’s sperm that is responsible for deciding the baby’s gender. Men have two types of chromosomes X and Y, where X stands for a girl and Y hold for a boy.

Testicles produce an equal number of X and Y chromosomes, so it depends on the luck that which one is going to fertilize. You can increase the chances of having a boy with the help of natural remedies, the timing of sex, the position of sex, and changing your diet.

How to Conceive a Baby Boy By Sex Positions?

There is no scientific proof that sex position can be responsible for deciding the gender of a baby. But many firmly believe that using some particular sex position on a regular basis can increase the chances of having a boy. Here we try to list the top sex positions to conceive a baby boy.

1. Doggy Style

Many doctors claim that deep penetration helps to decide the baby’s gender. So doggy style is one of the perfect positions for deep penetration. Doing this position on a regular basis can help to have a baby boy and also increase the chances to get pregnant fast with a boy.

2. Standing Up

Another sex position is known for deep penetration and is mostly used for having a baby boy. Many people believe boy chromosomes are more active in this position because they swim faster against gravity as compared to girl sperm.

3. Straddling

Straddling is another position that can help to get a baby boy. Deep penetration occurs in this position. In this sex position, you have to straddle your partner and ask him to either lay down or just sit. This sex position is suitable for people who find the doggy style and standing up difficult.

How to Conceive a Baby Boy Naturally?

There are many proven and successful natural methods to have a baby boy. Although the science is not sure about these methods, people have experienced the difference. Many women get pregnant with a baby boy fast by following these methods and natural remedies.

Low pH level

A low pH level of the vagina increases the chance of getting Pregnant With a baby boy. As boy sperms are faster than girl sperm and are weaker than girl sperm. An alkaline environment means a low pH level help in conceiving a baby boy.  The alkaline environment develops a fragile line around the cervix which helps the boy’s sperm to move fast and fertilize the egg quickly. You can consume lemon and watermelon to maintain the alkaline pH level in the body.

Woman Orgasm

Orgasm is very important in deciding the gender of the baby. Orgasm makes the vagina environment alkaline which helps male sperms to move faster and fertilize eggs soon. You should go for a good play and make love to orgasm which increases your chance of Conceiving a Baby Boy.

Drink Coffee

You must be surprised, but coffee helps you to choose the sex of your baby. Ask your partner to drink coffee half an hour before making love. Because coffee help to boost the male sperms and they move faster to fertilize the egg.

Perfect Time to Have Sex to Conceive a Baby Boy

Sex timing is the key to deciding the gender of a baby. When you have intercourse at the time of ovulation chances of having a baby boy increase to more than 90%. Many women don’t know when they have ovulation, so to see that you need to learn the ovulation chart.

Chance of getting pregnant with a baby boy increase when you have sex 12-24 hours before ovulation or closer to the ovulation. Male sperms swim faster than female sperm so at ovulation possible of male sperm reaching to egg is higher.

What is the perfect time to conceive a baby boy after periods? A woman will have ovulation about 14 days before her menstrual cycle starts. If you have a 28-day menstrual cycle, then the suitable time to conceive with a boy is having intercourse on the 10th or 15th day after a period. Because most women ovulate on the 10th to 15th day of their cycle.

Ayurvedic Medicine for Conceiving a Baby Boy

Ayurveda guru Baba Ramdev has developed an ayurvedic medicine that can help you to have a baby boy. This natural remedy is made of natural herbs found in the Himalayas. You can get this medicine from the Patanjali store which is known as Divya Putrajeevak Beej. Take this ayurvedic remedy with cow milk to get a positive result. The perfect time to take this remedy is before going to bed and after breakfast in the morning.

How to Conceive a Baby Boy?

Changing your dietary habits can increase your chance of having a baby boy. There are many foods that help to improve male sperm and also maintain the pH level of the vagina.

  • Consuming food which is high in fiber and protein helps to conceive a baby boy. You can eat mushrooms, barley, sweet corn, beans, etc.
  • Fish, red meat, and eggs also help to conceive a baby boy naturally.
  • Eating foods that are high in sodium also beneficial to have a boy. Consume raisins, nuts, prunes, almonds, and figs.
  • Fruits also have the advantage of getting pregnant with a boy fast. Eat more bananas, apples, blueberries, blackberries, etc.
  • A woman should avoid junk food and dairy products. Yogurt and cheese increase the chance of having a baby girl.
  • Don’t eat refrigerated food because it also reduces your chance of getting pregnant with a boy.
  • Men should avoid smoking and drinking.
  • A man should not take a hot bath, or drink too much coffee.
  • Bicycling reduces sperm count so a man should avoid bicycling for a long time.
  • Men should not wear tight clothes around the testicle.

Final Words

Many couples want to get a baby boy. Men are responsible for a baby’s gender because they contain X and Y chromosomes. You can increase the chance of having a baby boy by changing sex position, changes in diet, and sex timing which is key to deciding the baby’s gender. The above article will help you understand how you can conceive a baby boy. Please leave your feedback and suggestion in the comment box.


1. What is the perfect chance to have a boy?

Ans: Deep penetrative sex is preferable. This helps to deposit the semen and sperm closest to the woman’s cervix so they are given the best opportunity to get to the egg in the fallopian tube. Twelve hours before ovulation is thought to maximize the chances of conceiving a boy.

2. What makes a woman more likely to have a boy?

Ans: Speed: since sperm containing the Y chromosome are faster than those containing the X chromosome, if the egg is in the fallopian tube at the time of intercourse, there is a greater probability of a Y sperm reaching and fertilizing it, which means there is a greater probability of the baby being a boy.



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