Updated: 09 May 2020

Is A Kegerator Worth It?

Picking up cans and bottles of beer after a party or when you feel like drinking can be tiresome. You can, instead, opt for a kegerator to brew your own beer at home. Here are some of the reasons for purchasing a kegerator.

Money-saving: People who like different types of beer, and those who drink it frequently can purchase a kegerator. This will help them save money, as they do not have to travel to the bar and order a drink or step out to buy some. People need to purchase the items that are used in making beer and can use the kegerator to make the beverage. The kegerator can be a bit expensive but saves money spent on buying branded beer.

Environment-friendly: Beer cans and bottles are not environmentally friendly. These items are either thrown in the ocean or some other place and increase trash. Bottles and cans need to be recycled to preserve the environment. There are many resources used to make these bottles and cans. In the case of a kegerator, people can use it continually to make beer and drink from reusable beer mugs or alcohol glasses. This makes the kegerator environment-friendly.

Save space in the refrigerator: Beer tastes best when cold. To keep it chilled, it is essential to store it in refrigerators or under the ice. This leads to limited space for other food items in the fridge. A kegerator is a better option as people can make beer and drink as and when needed. There is no need to store alcohol in the refrigerator. People also do not have to bear the cost of a separate beer fridge.

Great taste: The taste of the beer is entirely up to your desire. Beer that is made at home is unique to your individual flavor palate. People have the option of making different types of beers so they can enjoy diverse tastes at a low price. Unlike taps and coolers, kegs keep the beer stored at the perfect temperature to protect the flavor at all times. Kegerators use CO2 to keep the temperature at optimum levels. 

Style: Style is another factor in purchasing a kegerator. Nothing speaks more about class than having your own brewery at home. The kegerator is a style statement and can also be used as a great conversation starter for parties and gatherings. Gone are the days of rusty and dirty looking kegerators. With the advancements in technology, these machines are available in different patterns and colors and can add to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Most modern kegerators are elegant with classy designs and styles and also come in smudge-free outer materials and stainless steel finish.

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Types of Kegerators

There are many types of kegerators available in the market, and people can purchase them as per their needs. If there are few people and friends and relatives visit occasionally, a small one will suffice. Homebrews are often stored at 19 liters or 5-gallon containers. Once you decide on the type of beer you prefer brewing, you should purchase a good quality coupler from the local liquor store. 

Mini Kegerator: People who have budget constraints should opt for mini kegerators. Mini kegerators are available at low prices, and they do not take much space inside the house. Mini kegerators dispense 5 gallons of beer at a time. You can place them on the countertop or travel with them. Since they are compact and lightweight, the transport of mini kegerators is quite simple. The only drawback is that the beer selection is minimal.

Freestanding Kegerators: The benefit of purchasing a freestanding kegerator is that it can be kept anywhere. The bottom of these kegerators consists of casters, which help in transporting them from one place to another. Freestanding kegerators need approximately 2-3 inches space between the back and the wall to allow for correct ventilation and functionality. 

This kegerator is a bit costly in comparison to the mini version, but people consider it to be one of the best types of kegerators. Some of these kegerators come with essential functions, while others come with multiple taps, digital display options, and many other functionalities.

Built-in Kegerators: Built-in kegerators can be installed on countertops in the same way that a dishwasher is installed. The installation is very complicated, and you should hire a professional to install the kegerator. Both indoor and outdoor models of built-in kegerators are available.

Outdoor Kegerator: There are situations that there is less space inside the house, and people have to keep the kegerator outside, like in a garage or on the patio. In such cases, you need to buy an outdoor kegerator, keeping in mind that it should withstand the changes in weather. The temperature may change as per the seasons, and the kegerator should remain in operation. These kegerators are available as freestanding and built-in units. They also have the added capability of keeping the beer cold for a long time during summers. The cost of this kegerator is more than the indoor ones but with the ability to withstand external temperature fluctuations.

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Commercial Kegerators: These kegerators can be found in bars and restaurants. These kegerators are large in size and are quite costly. The kegerator uses extra space to store the kegs. It also comes with inbuilt refrigeration to prolong the life of the beer. These kegerators can be used indoor and outdoor and come with several features.

DIY Kegerators: People also have the option of building a kegerator at home. If you have an old freezer or fridge, you can easily convert it into a kegerator. It is effortless to make a kegerator at home. The critical component in DIY kegerators is the conversion kit, along with elbow grease and a few other tools. Building a kegerator from scratch will save money in the long term. All conversion kits come with installation instructions.

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