Why you can trust our reviews


With new emerging trends, educated shoppers, and the boom in online marketing, buying behavior has shifted from retail to e-commerce sites. Shoppers now prefer to buy luxury items, daily staples, stationery, white goods, heavy machinery, medicines, foodstuff, and even sanitary items online. Cyber comfort has taken a whole new meaning with the shifting change of consumers. With this shift, is an awareness of product reviews and general buying consensus.

Most shoppers want great value for their money. Earlier, it was easier to decide the quality and durability of products through testers and holding them in your hands. Even with white goods and furniture, demos and trials were offered. However, since the marketplace has become a virtual and online space, it is difficult to rely on other senses such as smell, touch, and sound. The only sense that is active while doing online shopping is the sense of vision. At such times, it is essential to read reviews about products that contain detailed information, user guides, pros and cons, and methods of research.


Why are product reviews important?

Product reviews read online help in building trust, giving information, and reaching out to loyal customers. They are also integral to product marketing and awareness. Most savvy shoppers will not purchase products without reading the reviews first. These reviews and comparisons with other products help in the decision process while buying expensive and inexpensive goods.

Reviews help potential and returning customers to understand the products better. Any questions regarding quality, make, manufacturing, warranty, guarantees, shelf life, usability, durability, and so on are answered through product reviews.


Why you can trust our reviews:

All our reviews are based on the need of the hour. Trial and error and testing are conducted for each product that we review. Most of the products on our reviews have been personally tried and tested by our team of enthusiasts. Once verified, we clarify any doubts and underlying queries with the manufacturers and make an informed choice about the pros and cons of our reviews.

While many manufacturers do not respond to each of our queries, we make the most of it by adding a line or two in the cons section of each review. We also take the time to show that we care by considering the reasons our readers would read our reviews and tailor the content to be as specific as possible. We try to address personal and private situations where it may be difficult for readers to access information and hope to provide accurate data for their perusal.


Why approach us to make product comparison reviews?

Our mission is to provide reviews based on consumer and providers’ feedback so that informed purchase decisions can be made. Most product providers want insight into consumers reactions, feedback, and design shortcomings to help them improve existing flaws in durability, quality, and performance. Manufacturers committed to improving existing goods and services and those wishing to introduce newer versions and models also benefit significantly from our product comparisons.

In addition to the comparisons, our reviews are unbiased, and we do not rely on offers and sales provided by manufacturers. We also do not indulge in anonymous feedback and reviews and provide information on how to contact us in case of a discrepancy. With some good old-fashioned verification tricks, we procure the products, root out conflicts in manufacturers labels, product information, and viability of the product, and assess the outcomes in-house with a team of enthusiastic people.

We also check for negative and positive customer feedback before publishing our reviews and take into consideration countless statements, sales, inquiry boards, product setups, and sales gimmicks. None of our studies or remarks would be without corroboration with existing reviews and feedback already present in the market.


How does this help you?

People today are more cognizant about the potential harm that can be caused by using products that are unsuitable. Products like tanning lotions, mattresses, mattress protectors, memory foam pillows, electronic toothbrushes, and so on may cause more harm than good if not selected with care. We try to increase awareness among our readers so that they can avoid compromising on their health and safety. There are plenty of sites that feature fake reviews and can be misleading.

With us, this is never a worry since we test and try our products before use. We do not incentivize advertisement-driven media sites and take accountability for our product reviews. While everything is not excellent with every product, our readers enjoy the positives with a pinch of salt in the form of pros and cons.