Best Safety Razors in 2020

Safety Razors for men have seen a remarkable boom in recent times. With never-ending selections, types, and varieties easily available in the market, it’s next to impossible to figure out what you might actually want. Most men today are aware of the different types of facial hair styles and mustache styles they want to experiment with. We suggest every grooming kit should always have a good quality safety razor.

We know almost all men love to experiment with their beards, mustaches, and hairstyles. But the one thing to always remember is your hygiene. Whether you’re planning to grow your beard out till it reaches your knees, or you want to keep yourself clean shaven, a well-groomed man always keeps a safety razor handy. Also consider when using acne face wash alongside shaving that both can dry out your skin, ensure you moisturise your face after.


What should you look at while buying a safety razor?

There are a few things one must consider while buying a safety razor. Let’s face it, you need to be comfortable bringing something extremely sharp close to your face! We asked a few men what they would consider before buying a safety razor, and these are their inputs:

  • Handle: Most men consider the handle to be one of the most important things while buying a safety razor. The balance, the pressure needed to hold the razor, grip and length of the handle are very important according to the size of your hand. The handle of your safety razor should sit comfortably in the crook of your palm for a relaxed, stress-free shave.
  • Weight: The next important thing is the weight, If the razor is too heavy, you could drop it and cut your facial skin by mistake. Similarly, if the razor is too light you might press harder and cause abrasion of the skin. In Short, you need to buy a safety razor that feels comfortable in your hand and on your skin so that you don’t nick your skin too many times.
  • Balance and Grip: Most men believe that if the balance of the razor is perfect, there are fewer accidents and mishaps while shaving. Likewise with the grip, if it holds tight when your hands are wet then the razor becomes easier to control for a cleaner, smoother shave.
  • Price: One of the things you should also consider when buying a safety razor is the price. Safety razors are available in a wide price variety – from USD $5 to USD $250. If you’re not a regular user, but would occasionally like to shave, then a medium ranged razor would be ideal for you. However, if you plan on shaving daily, the top of the range equipment that is more durable and gives you the best quality of shave is what you should opt for.
  • Adjustable/ Non-Adjustable: There are varied opinions whether or not the head of the safety razor should be adjustable. Some men prefer having the flexibility to adjust how aggressive they want the shave to be, while some believe it’s a distraction when shaving if the razor head itself is adjustable.

Let’s dive into some of the best available Safety Razors in the market today based on all discernible factors.

1. The Japanese Seki Edge Feather AS – D2
2. Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor
3. Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor
4. Above The Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor
5. Muhle R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor
6. Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor
7. Parker 98R Ultra Heavy Weight Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor
8. Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Double Edged Safety Razor


Stainless Steel Seki Edge Feather AS – D2 Double Edge Safety Razor


DesignLight shave – 3 piece
LengthLess than 4 inches
The Japanese Seki Edge Feather AS – D2 is one of the most comfortable safety razors in the market today. The price point is on the higher side, but completely worth its quality.

The fantastic double edge razor works wonders because of the small gap between the safety bar and the blade.

The Edge Feather is known for its precision, efficiency, and finesse and has the three-piece razor sets that Feather is so well known for. With one of the sharpest blades available, the Edge Feather was built for close precise shaving.

The blades are easily changeable, and fixing them is done with great ease. Once they’re fitted in, there is little to no room for movement of the blades, thus ensuring a safe shave. The length of the handle (less than 4 inches) is also comfortable for most men to shave with on a regular basis.


Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor


DesignStainless steel, chrome plated with blue
ShaveClose shave
Length5 inches
German engineered and handcrafted for perfection, the Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor was made for a non-aggressive shave with its modern design. Less expensive than the Seki Edge Feather, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference in price once you hold it.

The Jack Black Double Edge has a chrome-plated head and a gorgeous blue handle that is slightly thicker and longer than average. Since there is a narrow gap between the handle of the razor and the safety bar, you can shave without any accidents.

The Jack Black Double Edge is set at a traditional 30 degrees angle for a smooth, close regular shave. The superb glide ensures that you are able to shave with less skin irritation and minimal pressure.

It is suggested that you should always shave with the grain for the first time (in the direction of the hair growth) before you swipe reverse for a smoother shave. The Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor is ideal for this. For an electric alternative, check our our guide on the best head shavers.


Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor


DesignMetal, chrome finish
ShapeClose shave
Length4.3 inches
The Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor is the only razor on our list that has a completely adjustable head to give you the best possible shave. It comes with 6 settings to choose your shaving experience.

With a two-piece structure, the extremely versatile Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor should definitely be on every man’s ‘To Buy’ list.

Adequately priced at under USD $100, this razor comes in a mid-length handle to suit all male hand sizes. It is well balanced and has a comfortable grip. You can also turn the blade dial to increase or decrease the gap between the safety bar and the blade.

The head of this razor is slightly oversized with a clip that holds the blades in, so changing the blades could need some getting used to. The quality, engineering, and smoothness of the blade make this razor one of the must-haves in your grooming kit.


Above The Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor


DesignStainless Steel
Length3.2 inches
Above The Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor is ideal for men who love the feel of manually controlling the precision and effectiveness of their shave. American make, this stainless steel razor is an open comb model where the safety bar is shaped like a comb to expose more of the blade and provide a more aggressive shave.

Men who are used to manual shaves with open comb razors will find the Above The Tie Atlas S2 Slant an extremely comfortable experience due to its 0.61mm gap in the blade. It is known for its tightness and closeness while shaving.

The only drawback to this model is the length of the handle. At 3 to 3.25 inches, it could become slightly difficult for men with larger hands. However, if you are used to a safety razor with a slightly shorter handle, then you should opt for the Above The Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor.


Muhle R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor


DesignBrass, chrome plated
Length4 inches
Muhle is one of the most respected German manufacturers of men’s shaving equipment. The three piece Muhle R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor has earned the nickname of the ‘Beast’ for its aggressive shave. The design of the R41 Beast is sleek with a stunning chrome finish.

Though the Muhle R41 Open Comb is an aggressive safety razor, many men say that with the correct usage, this could be your number one go-to. The angle of this razor is predefined to give experienced shavers a fantastic shave.

The Muhle R41 Beast comes in 3 designs: the two-piece Twist, three-piece Grande, and the traditional three-piece. The Grande allows you to occasionally change the handle if you prefer a different grip. The Twist is the one that weighs the most and also has the longest handle. The traditional design is the lightest; making it the most popular choice. Check out our top picks for tanning lotions for other health product options.


Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor


DesignStainless Steel, chrome plated
ShaveClose, Smooth
Length4.25 inches
Joining our list of the best safety razors is the Australian brand The Chieftain by Vikings Blade. The Chieftain is made from superiorly durable Swedish stainless steel and also comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects.

This affordable safety razor is a favorite for its finish, packaging, and micro comb features that make it a very user-friendly safety razor. The advanced butterfly head increases blade-changing efficiency to 5 seconds.

The Chieftain prevents ingrown hair for a clean, smooth, and safe shave. The shaving head of this razor is slightly smaller than regular shaving heads. However, this works out to be an advantage since you are able to access difficult regions.

The packing of the Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor is fantastic and leaves quite an impression with a suede travel case (with mirror) and leatherette. It also comes with five pieces of platinum coated steel blades to get you started.


Parker 98R Ultra Heavy Weight Long Handle Double Edge Safety Razor


DesignBrass, nickel
ShaveClose, Smooth
Length4.35 inches
WeightUltra heavy
The Parker 98R is the heaviest safety razor on our list and at 4.30 ounces is not a razor to be taken lightly (no pun intended!). If you have large or heavy hands, then the Parker 98R should be your first option.

The Parker 98R has a genuine brass and nickel construction and is extremely easy to clean. It comes in three pieces that are quick to disassemble in order to keep your blades hygienic. The Parker 98R is extremely well balanced with a firm grip to enable a smoother, cleaner, and safer shave.

A fantastic aspect of this razor is the durability. Almost all Parker products are extremely durable and last a long time.

Another advantage to this razor is that in case a part of the razor wears out or is broken, you can replace only that part without having to invest in a brand new razor.


Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Double Edged Safety Razor


DesignChrome plated
ShaveClose, Smooth
Length3.7 inches
The Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Double Edged Safety Razor from Sheffield, England has made headlines world over. This chrome plated razor is said to be one of the best for sensitive skin. It provides a clean, close shave due to the fantastic precision of the razor blade head.

Like the Parker, this razor also comes in three parts that can be disassembled and bought individually without having to invest in an entirely new razor.

Brass with chrome exteriors, the body of the DE89LBL is extremely well balanced to give you a close shave and helps in reducing ingrown hairs and accidental cuts to the skin. It has a good weight to it but still isn’t as heavy as other razors.

The Edwin Jagger DE89LBL also comes with five extra Derby safety blades.

The only drawback to this razor could be that the handle is slightly shorter than regular razors. In all other aspects, this razor is absolutely perfect!

Whether you shave daily or occasionally, having a good razor should always be a priority. Anyone looking for a clean, close and smooth shave with a durable and high quality razor that doesn’t harm your facial skin would be in great hands with any of the razors discussed. Ensure you clean your razor regularly, that you don’t forget to soften your skin before your shave and finish off with a  good after-shave lotion with astringent properties.


Safety Razor Buying guide

Safety razors have been around for some time. However, with the increase in popularity and demand for use-and-throw shavers, the decline in safety razors was quite noticeable. While the safety razor has been at the back of men’s knowledge bank, it is the resurgence of the need for safety razors that has awakened the once sleeping giant. During World War I, the Gillette Safety Razor Company was responsible for supplying almost all the safety razors to the American Armed Forces; such was the widespread awareness.

With massive investments in the safety razor market, small and large companies are suddenly fighting for shelf space in the online and retail market areas. Advancement in technology, improvements in steel, and newer design improvements have resulted in far superior and ergonomic designs of the safety razor in comparison to the ones available 100 years ago.

With all the options currently available in the market, it might be confusing to select a good safety razor. Since your safety is the primary concern, let us help you make an informed choice.


Choosing the right safety razor blades:

The body and head of the razor are holding units for the most essential parts – the blades. The blades are what ultimately help you get the shape you want. Double edge razor blades are incredibly sharp and will help give you a close shave. Depending on the need for the closeness of the shave, you could select the best options between blades for the range of sharpness and aggressiveness that they offer.

Safety razor aggressiveness is not only dependent on the razor head but also the blades. You should select blades that can be controlled according to the amount of exposed edge, the angle of the blade, and design of the razor head. If you like an aggressive shave, then it would be a better idea to choose blades that are not too sharp. Otherwise, an aggressive shave mixed with a super sharp edge is bound to cause cuts and burns to your face.


Hair quality:

The coarseness or softness of your facial hair should be considered before buying a safety razor. Double edge razor blades come in a variety of ranges to help suit all sorts of facial hair growth. If you have a soft stubble, you might feel the razor blade you are currently using is a sharp one. However, if the same razor blade were to be used by a person with coarse stubble hair, they might feel the blade is too dull for their facial hair. Additionally, if you are tired of the incessant hair shaving laser hair removal devices will be a great choice for you.

Do not rely on the advice of others if they do not have similar characteristics to your facial hair and growth rate.


Price of Safety Razors:

Safety razors are more expensive than use-and-throw disposable plastic razor models. Some good quality safety razors are almost 6 times as expensive as the regular ones. The more expensive ones usually last longer than the cheaper ones and also come with added benefits for a cleaner and closer shave.

While you might have to spend a little extra on the expensive models, the cost is usually worth the quality of the shave. Besides which, the safety razor and its blades tend to last longer than regular ones. It is a good idea to invest in an excellent quality safety razor so that you do not have to keep spending money on lesser quality razors.


Safety Razor Technique:

Before buying any safety razor, it is critical for you to understand how to use a safety razor. We would suggest viewing some videos online, reading the material, and following the differences in handle sizes, weights, and grips of the razors before you make a choice. Techniques of holding the razor matter significantly since razor blades are very sharp and can cause cuts with great ease.

Double-edged razor blades require careful handling at a slant or degree, with some requiring a 45-degrees hold rather than a 30-degree hold. Safety razors also require shorter strokes than plastic disposable ones. You also do not need to press the blade into the skin for it to do a good job. Safety razors need to be handled with care and finesses, and not be used as disposable ones.


Safety Razor Pre-preparation:

Before starting your journey with a safety razor, prep your facial skin well. Wash your face clean with a cleanser and lubricate your skin to keep it hydrated. Dry and dehydrated skin can cause irritations and inflammations when used with safety razors. Also invest in a good after-shave lotion, to sanitize and keep your face clean of all impurities.