10 Essential Oil Brands Which Everyone Should Know About


 It might be difficult to choose a high-quality brand when it comes to essential oil brands because there can be a significant difference in quality and price. When looking for a high-quality essential oil, there are a few things to think about, including the components and supplies a business employs: You don’t want an essential oil that has synthetic chemicals, so be sure the only ingredients in the oil are the oil and possibly a carrier oil. The way the contents are listed on the bottle is also important to look at because you need to find the Latin name of the plant oil you’re buying. This will imply that the stuff you’re utilizing is a genuine article, free of artificial additives or fillers, and will guarantee that you acquire it beautifully.

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doTerra provides high-quality oils at a reasonable price, with ingredients sourced from around the world to ensure that everything that goes into each bottle is pure and reliable. The company ensures that the suppliers of the ingredients they use harvest them at the right time, so the properties are at their peak, for the perfect composition and efficiency. The gentle distillation process keeps the properties of the oils at their most potent too, so there’s no risk of the quality being diluted or less effective.
This is particularly key for oils that are used for health reasons or to treat ailments. This is a great brand if you’re looking to stock up on basics like peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oil as the price is more affordable, but you won’t be missing out on the potency of the oils.
Key features:
  • Wide range of pure oils and blends to suit different needs
  • Each batch is subjected to the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade protocol for consistent purity
  • Distilled using low-heat steam distillation or cold extraction

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Plant Therapy has a great line-up of oils, with over 100 single oils and almost 50 blends to choose from. It’s a great one-stop shop for essential oils at a reasonable price and there is an oil or blend to suit practically any need, from relaxation to skin-soothing and rejuvenating.
One of the benefits of Plant Therapy blends is that they offer starter kits so if you’re new to the world of essential oils, then they could be a great option that doesn’t require a lot of upfront expense but still provides good quality oils and protective amber bottles that will maintain the quality for longer, protecting the contents from oxidation and UV exposure.
Key features:
  • 10ml amber-colored glass bottles to protect the oils from degrading
  • Wide assortment of oils to choose from
  • Tested for purity by third-party companies

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Aesthetically pleasing, sleek, and stylish, Vitruvi essential oils have excellent branding but it’s not all down to looks – this brand also delivers great quality oils and accessories as well. Using steam distillation, the oils are of premium quality and have been carefully produced to extract the properties of each plant. The oils are stored in matte black dropper bottles to preserve the oils for as long as possible, minimizing exposure to sunlight.
The oils are also pure and undiluted, so you know you’re buying a potent single oil or blend that has all the qualities you’d expect from that particular plant. Vitruvi is a direct-to-consumer company that delivers the same premium quality as more expensive brands but without the markup, so you get the best of both worlds.
Key features:
  • Focus on simplicity and simple blends to tackle physical and mental ailments
  • Designed with beauty and function in mind
  • Premium oils are produced with steam distillation to preserve the quality

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Aetos’ essential oils are 100% pure and completely organic, with a steam-distilled extraction process that preserves as much of the healing qualities of the oils as possible. The oils are stored in blue dropper bottles for easy access and to minimize the oxidation process that can damage the integrity of the oils within. If you’re seeking pure oils, Aetos is a great option that delivers organic and non-GMO certified oils that are therapeutic grade so they’re an ideal addition to your everyday regime or home rituals. These essential oils are never diluted so you gain the maximum effect of each of the oils’ unique properties and benefits. Some are even great for use as an acne face wash.
Key features:
  • Organic and non-GMO certified oils
  • Sold in blue bottles to protect the oils from UV light and oxidation
  • Steam distilled to preserve the qualities of the oil

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For those looking to support an ethical company that focuses on environmental practices, Mountain Rose Herbs is the one to choose. They’ve won several awards for their eco-friendly business practices and avoid the use of GMO products. The range of oils they sell is also 100% pure and wild-crafted, so you can trust that the ingredients and materials are reliable and of great quality.
Mountain Rose Herbs is a sustainable brand that aims to reduce its carbon footprint while still delivering a great product, so it’s the best of both worlds. Because of the processes involved, some oils are a fairer price than others, so it depends on the type of oil you’re looking to buy and how affordable it will be.
Key features:
  • Certified brand including a non-GMO project certification
  • Wild-crafted oils that are 100% pure
  • Environmentally-friendly practices make this a green business

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DeWalt DWHT16063 Short Blade Wood Chisel 4-Piece SetEdens Garden is a brand known for its quality and the freshness of its oils, which are stored in a temperature-controlled room with minimal exposure to light to ensure that all of the healing and restorative properties are preserved before they reach customers.
Edens Garden is devoted to producing natural essential oils and blends that are safe and give customers access to the healing benefits of the oils themselves, so you can ensure great quality with every bottle you buy. If you’re new to oils, they also offer starter kits that provide you with the basics for your collection which you can build on as you develop more knowledge about the different uses for essential oils.
Key features:
  • Dedicated to producing natural and effective oils
  • Tested in batches to ensure consistent quality
  • Affordable oils that are still high-quality

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Young Living control every element of the process with each of their oils, from growing and cultivating the botanical seeds to harvesting and distilling them, so they know exactly what goes into every bottle they sell. You can rely on the potency and quality of Young Living oils and the standard is verified by the brand at every stage of the process for consistency between batches.
The oils are gently steam distilled to extract the botanical properties of the plants for the most effective essential oil product, as well as cold pressing and resin methods for certain oils. They’re most famous for their Thieves blend which can be used for a wide range of uses, from homemade cleaning products and essential oil diffusers to lozenges and even mouthwash, due to its antibacterial and cleansing qualities.
Key features:
  • Young Living Therapeutic Grade standard oils
  • Cultivated, harvested, and distilled in house
  • The steam extraction process preserves the qualities of the oils

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Aura Cacia is a cooperative company that allows their community to have input into their decisions and actions, and it put its consumers at the forefront of its company. All of their oils are free from additives and fillers, and they do also offer a range of organic oils as well. Each bottle of oil is stored in amber glass to protect it from oxidizing when exposed to UV light to maintain the integrity of the oils.
They offer a selection of single oils and essential oil blends to choose from, so whatever you need an oil for, whether it’s scenting your home or creating a homeopathic remedy, there is something to suit your needs.
Key features:
  • Stored in amber-colored glass bottles to preserve the oils
  • 100% pure with no added bases or fillers
  • A choice of standard or organic essential oils

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NOW Foods has an in-house laboratory and full-spectrum facility, so they create everything independently and only make use of third-party testing when it’s necessary, so they carefully control each stage of the essential oil production process. All of their lines is completely pure and natural, so there’s no worry about synthetic materials or fillers, and they put each product through Gas Chromatography testing and Infrared Spectrometry to ensure the highest standard every time. If you’re interested in health products check out our favourite tanning lotion.
Key features:
  • Vast natural product line with plenty of options to choose from
  • Created in-house with Gas Chromatography testing
  • Offer a selection of organic oils with an entire range of 100% natural

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Rocky Mountain Oils is one of the top essential oil brands on the market today and for good reason – they have a comprehensive line-up of products to choose from and provide full Gas Chromatography testing results on each of their products.
Although they are at the higher end of the price bracket, for the quality you receive, they’re an affordable brand that is very competitive compared to other premium brands. They offer great guidance on how to use different oils as well, whether you need a boost of energy, a soothing and calming oil to help with anxiety, or a restorative oil to use as part of a diffuser blend.
Key features:
  • USDA-certified organic oils
  • Incredibly high-quality oils
  • 100% pure oils with no additives and fillers

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Buyers Guide for Essential Oils
Essentials oils smell fabulous. They carry nutritive value, and aromatherapy benefits, and can also be used to freshen up a room. Apart from just the general uses, essential oils have been known to uplift the mood, and relax a stressed mind.

While selecting an excellent essential oil for your home or office, it is imperative to find one that suits your senses, doesn’t cause irritation and allergies, and will make you feel better about having purchased it. Essential oils are said to change the vibe of the room. Thanks to their all-around effect, they can be used to create beautiful experiences at home.

Let us look at a few things you should consider before you purchase essential oils.

Reputed Essential Oil Brand

There are many bogus companies available online that are selling fragrant oils and passing them off as essential oils. Aromatherapy retailers and wholesalers always give adequate information about the product and how it is obtained. They also provide a detailed account of everything that is contained inside the bottle. Reputed companies also spend money on their branding and packaging, since for them, quality is more important than quantity.

Research the Brands

It is not always possible to know every manufacturer or a particular product. You may come across new ones that seem to be excellent. Many online shopping portals have review boards that give a detailed and genuine account of each product. Research these companies and their reviews carefully before investing in something as precious as essential oils.

Conduct your research so that you can inspect the quality documentation of the product before purchase. If you need additional information, you can always check online and see which other products the company has in its kitty. Taking a little precaution will go a long way.

essential oil brands

Inspect the Essential Oil Brand Ingredients

Companies that are well-reputed and provide original essential oils always display all the elements that have gone into the making, on the back label. Ether the bottle will have all the ingredients, or the packing definitely will. This method of checking will help you determine which companies are transparent and conduct quality checks against those who don’t.

Essential oils should be purchased in their purest form. Many people like rubbing the oils directly onto the skin, and for this reason, knowing the right ingredients is crucial. Information about the oils will help you avoid skin inflammation and allergies.

Brand Budget

Some essential oils are incredibly costly. While the manufacturing of these products may be far superior to cold-pressed essential oils, you should decide your budget beforehand. Expensive oils are longer lasting and more fragrant and pure, but the mid to low-range ones are that bad either. Excellent for oil diffusers, the low-cost oils also have unique benefits attached to them.

Essential Oil Brand Catchwords

Unfortunately, many companies use buzzwords or phrases to reel potential customers to buy their products. This is an age-old marketing gimmick that you should be wary of. Words like ‘therapeutic,’ ‘eco-friendly,’ ‘organically produced,’ and so on may be true in some cases, but not all. You need to check if these words and phrases are based on scientific analysis or marketing.

Aromacologists and botanists around the world stand firm in requesting people to check the products before purchasing them. Essential oils do not have universal oil grading systems like food-grade oils. Instead, they must be judged piecemeal. Companies set their own seals and standards of quality check and control to give customers a better product. Reputable companies offer information about the tests done by them.

essential oil brands 2

Essential Oil Use

Before making your selection, you should understand your need and requirement for the essential oil. Aromatherapy grade oil always has a carrier oil added to it for aromatherapy purposes and is not 100% pure essential oil. This classification does not make it wrong, it just gives an understanding of the usage of the product. Essential oils that have to be applied to the skin may or may not be 100% pure since pure oil may cause allergic reactions in some people. Therapeutic oils must be free of chemicals and should keep the original compounds of the ingredients intact.

Research the company, brand, budget, use, and origins of the essential oil before selecting to get a good product. Take account the list of ingredients and the methods of making the oils into consideration. Please do not buy oil only because the picture online looks good. With so many brands and products available in the open market, it is crucial to obtain the correct one for your needs and requirements.

Closing Thoughts

Applying essential oils to the skin, inhaling them, or ingesting them are the three main ways they enter the body. There are numerous varieties of application strategies for each of these. For instance, you can apply essential oils topically using the described compresses, sprays, baths, and massage techniques. Just smelling an essential oil can improve your mood and make you feel happy. They might even assist some people in reducing the symptoms of several diseases. Consult a specialist in integrative medicine for further details on how to incorporate them into a healthy lifestyle.


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