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In every woman’s life getting pregnant is one of the most critical decisions. Most of them have planned their baby and don’t want to get pregnant early stage of their career. So keeping track of your pregnancy and regular checking after intercourse is necessary. It makes it anxious for women whether they are pregnant with a new baby or not.

DIY pregnancy test stick is readily available, and you can buy it from any pharmacy shop. But sometimes you hesitate or be shy to buy it from the store. So, to avoid that there are many natural, accurate homemade pregnancy tests you can use at home.

Natural methods for pregnancy tests are straightforward, and you don’t have to buy DIY sticks after every intercourse. You can save your money and can avoid embarrassment.


What Are The Symptoms / Signs of Pregnancy?

It is considered that missing the menstrual cycle is a sign of pregnancy, but it is not true for every woman. Every woman has a different type of reproductive system, and the symptoms of pregnancy can be different too.

Missing a menstrual cycle can occur due to many reasons. So don’t get anxious if you miss your menstrual do a natural pregnancy test to confirm it. Other symptoms of pregnancy include-

How Early Can You Take A Pregnancy Test?

If you want the most accurate result, then you have to wait for at least two weeks after you had sex. After romantic intercourse with protection and you still missed your menstrual cycle. Then do a pregnancy test after a week.

Your HCG level in the body needs at least seven days of time to develop and detect pregnancy.

If you take the pregnancy test too early, there is a high chance that it could be wrong. So wait at least two weeks to get an accurate result. 

10 Safe Home Remedies for Homemade Pregnancy Test

There are many birth control methods, but they are not 100% accurate. As they say, it takes only one sperm to get a woman pregnant. But it is easy to find out whether you are pregnant or not. A woman aged between 26- 30 has a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant every month.

Pregnancy is detected by the level of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in women’s urine. A homemade pregnancy test also detects the presence of HCG in urine like the standard pregnancy test.

1. Toothpaste

A toothpaste pregnancy test is one of the most used homemade remedies. It can be done very easily at home to know whether you are pregnant or not. While doing a pregnancy test with toothpaste make sure you use high-quality white color toothpaste for an accurate result.

  • To do this pregnancy test, you need a plastic cup, plain high-quality white toothpaste, and two tablespoons of morning urine.
  • Now place a lump of toothpaste in the cup. You can directly pee or put two tablespoons of a urine sample in a cup and wait for 10 minutes.

Sign for Pregnancy using toothpaste.

  • Positive: Toothpaste color will turn blue or foaming.
  • Negative: No reaction.

2. Sugar

A sugar pregnancy test is very reliable and simple. Sugar is easily available in the kitchen. To determine whether you are pregnant or not do this test as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Because in the morning your urine will more concentrate and help you to give an accurate result. Make sure you should not use powdered sugar.

  • To do this test you need three tablespoons of white granulated sugar, 1/2 cup of a morning urine sample or you can pee in a cup containing sugar, and a plastic cup
  • Now you have put three tablespoons of sugar in a cup and place ½ cup of urine in it or pee directly. Wait for 10 minutes to get the result.

Sugar pregnancy test sign

  • Positive: Clumps of sugar.
  • Negative: The sugar dissolves.

3. Bleach

Another good homemade pregnancy test at home without the kit. Bleach reacts with HCG present in urine and gives you accurate confirmation of whether you are pregnant or not.

  • To do a pregnancy test with bleach, we need a plastic cup, morning urine, and two tablespoons of baking soda.
  • Place morning urine or pee directly in a cup containing baking soda and wait for 10 minutes.

Bleach pregnancy test sign

  • Positive: urine and baking soda solution will fizzle.
  • Negative: no reaction.

4. Soap

A soap pregnancy test at home is one of the most natural methods to know whether you are pregnant or not. It is very cheap and less time taking the test.

  • For the soap pregnancy test, you need a bowl, morning urine, and a small piece of soap.
  • Now you have to mix water in soap to make the foam and then add morning urine to it. Wait for 5 minutes to see the reaction.

Soap pregnancy test result.

  • Positive: if you are pregnant, the solution will make bubbles.
  • Negative: No reaction.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar is also a very reliable method to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

  • To perform this pregnancy test, you need white distilled vinegar, ½ cup of the morning urine, and a plastic cup.
  • Place vinegar in a cup and add morning urine. Now, wait for 10 minutes to get a result.

Vinegar pregnancy test result

  • Positive: If you are pregnant vinegar color will change.
  • Negative: No reaction.

6. Tylenol And Peroxide

These medicines will help you to know whether you are pregnant or not at home. You can get this medicine very easily at any store.

  • You need a plastic cup, two crushed Tylenol tablets, ½ cup of peroxide, and morning urine to perform this test.
  • Now put Tylenol and peroxide in a cup and mix morning urine. Let’s wait for 10 minutes for a reaction.

Pregnancy test result with Tylenol and Peroxide

  • Positive: if you are expecting this mixture will turn in blue or foaming.
  • Negative: No reaction at all.

7. Pine-Sol

Another excellent home remedy for a pregnancy test. Pine-sol is used to clean the house, but it also helps you to know whether you are pregnant or not.

  • Take a plastic cup, morning urine, and ½ cup of pine sol to perform this test.
  • Put pine sol in a cup and add morning urine. Now, wait for another 10 minutes to get a reaction.

Pregnancy test result after Pine-Sol

  • Positive: If you are with a baby this solution will turn into another color.
  • Negative: No reaction.

8. Dandelion

The dandelion test for pregnancy is very reliable. It is an easily available natural ingredient that can be found in your backyard.

  • To perform this homemade test, you will need a handful of dandelion, remove the stems and layout from the leaves on a sheet of plastic. Try not to put leaves in the direct sun.
  • Now directly pee on the leaves in the morning. Make sure that dandelion leaves are thoroughly soaked in the urine.
  • Now, wait for the dandelion leaves for 10 minutes.

Pregnancy Result after Dandelion Test

  • Positive: If you’re with a baby, the dandelion leaves will turn into reddish blisters.
  • Negative: No reaction.

9. Salt

Another accurate and efficient pregnancy test at home. Salt is easily available in your kitchen.

  • For this homemade remedy, you need a bowl, salt, and morning urine.
  • Now place salt in a bowl and add morning urine to it. Then you have to wait for the reaction to get a result.

The result after a pregnancy test with salt.

  • Positive: If you are expecting then the salt will turn into milk cheese and then blue.
  • Negative: No reaction.

10. Mustard Powder

Mustard is mainly used for cooking, but it can also help you to find out whether you are pregnant or not. This homemade pregnancy test is different than the above test. But it helps you to get the most accurate result.

  • You have to perform this test while having a bath. Add ¾ cup of mustard powder in the bathtub. Soak yourself in the hot tub for 20 minutes.
  • Now take a bath for 2-3 days to get a result.

Result of a pregnancy test with mustard powder.

  • Positive: If you are expecting, your menstrual cycle will not resume.
  • Negative: your menstrual cycle will resume.

Final Words

Pregnancy can be overwhelming and the reason for happiness for many women but not for all. There are many couples who don’t want to have a baby yet and wait for the right time to be parents while having intercourse. So doing a standard pregnancy test is expensive and can be the reason for embarrassment.

A homemade pregnancy test helps you to keep it secret. The above homemade pregnancy tests are the most accurate and easily done at home. Please leave your feedback and suggestion in the comment box.

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