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How to make yourself sneeze when you can’t? Whenever you feel itching and an irritant in your nose, sneezing is the perfect way to get rid of that. But sometime you can’t sneeze on demand. This is a frustrating and disturbing problem that can affect your work or whatever you are doing. Many of you are familiar with this but not aware of the thing that you can actually make yourself sneeze without anything or on-demand.


What Is A Sneeze And How To Make Yourself Sneeze?

Before we move forward and tell you how you can make yourself sneeze. It is important to understand what is a sneeze or how to sneeze. Everyone sneeze more or less and it happens due to allergens, viruses, cold, dust, other irritants, and some kind of trauma.

You must know that sneezing is more of a physiological phenomenon. Sneezing depends on brain signals. When an irritant enters your nasal passage, it causes you irritation but without any signal from the brain, you cannot sneeze.

But you can trick your brain with simple methods and make yourself sneeze. These methods depend on individual sensitivity. So some methods will work for some people on some for others.

What Makes You Sneeze?

There are many things that can make you sneeze which include.

  • Cold and Flu
  • If you are sensitive to dust
  • Allergens
  • Virus
  • Trauma

How to Make Yourself Sneeze Naturally

Sneezing can be a very complex process because it involves the nose, respiratory system, and brain. Until the nervous don’t give any signal to the brain to sneeze then you won’t sneeze.

But there are ways by which you can trick your brain and produce signals to the brain for sneezing. Follow below natural and safe ways to sneeze.

  1. Feather

This is one of the simplest and most effective methods to Make Yourself Sneeze Instantly. When we were kids, we used a crack joke by ticking feathers in our friend’s/siblings’ noses while he is sleeping. But this method can work well if you want to sneeze.

Take a feather and tickle your nose with it. You will feel irritated and itching then your nervous system will give the signal to the brain. Then the brain will again for the signal to your nose and you will have a sneeze to clear your nasal passage.

  1. Spices

Most of us go through this while cooking or just being nearby when someone is cooking and we start sneezing. Because some spices like ground black pepper, cumin, coriander, or red chili pepper can trigger sneezing.

Take a bottle of spices and inhale their smell to sneeze.  If grinding them makes you sneeze you can grind them but make sure you inhale smell only not any pepper flakes.

  1. Tissue Paper

Another easy way to sneeze is by tickling your nose with tissue paper. You can use this method if you don’t find any feathers. Take a clean tissue paper and put its corner inside your nose. Keep tickling until you get sneeze.

  1. Look Towards Bright Light

You may be surprised to know but looking at the bright light can actually make you sneeze. Many people ask this question can the sun make you sneeze?

This method workaround for 20-30% of people. So if you are not getting sneeze by looking at bright don’t force yourself to try other methods.

You just need to get out in bright light and look towards the sun directly or indirectly. But make sure you don’t hurt your eyes by using this method.

  1. Tweeze Your Eyebrows

Another simple method to sneeze fast.  This method is effective for many people but not for all. It will make you sneeze instantly because it will stimulate the nasal nervous system.

Take tweezers and pluck your single-eyebrow hair or you can try for a few hairs because it might now work the first time.

  1. Pluck Your Nose Hair

If you want to sneeze on demand then pluck a nose hair. This is the most effective to get a sneeze but this can be painful. Plucking nose hair can produce little itching and tickling which gives the signal to the nervous system and brain for a sneeze.

  1. Massage Your Nose

This method will help you make yourself sneeze without anything. It’s very simple just rub your nose bridge in a downward direction which stimulates the trigeminal nerve. Continue rubbing or massaging your nose until you get sneeze.

  1. Expose Yourself to Cold Air

This formula can make you sneeze repeatedly. You just need to go out somewhere cold or expose yourself to cold air and take some deep breaths. Try air conditioner air or open the freezer and inhale the cold air.

  1. Drink a Carbonated Drink

You might have sneezed while drinking coke or other carbonated drink. So you can do the same if you want to make yourself sneeze quickly. Carbon dioxide in fizzy or carbonated drinks activates the receptors present in the tongue and triggers a cough sometimes.

  1. Use Tongue

It may sound weird to you but it works just fine. Rubbing the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth can make you sneeze. It stimulates the trigeminal nerve which sends a signal to the brain and makes you sneeze naturally.

  1. Eat Dark Chocolate

You will be surprised to know that a few people start sneezing when they eat dark chocolate. So if you want to sneeze try this method. Eating rich cocoa chocolate triggers sneezing in around 25% of people.

Why is sneezing important? When you inhale some dust particles or other irritants which cause you to itch inside your nose constantly, irritate and disturb you while you are working or attending some meetings. So too throughout the irritant sneezing becomes important.

Final Words

Sometimes sneezing happens due to an irritant or you have to sneeze. It depends on the brain signal and nervous system but you can trick your brain with simple methods on how to make yourself sneeze. Use the above methods and comment below if you need more help or have any suggestions.

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