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Shaving is a morning right for most men. Like all rituals, shaving also mandates the right accompaniments. Shaving gels, shaving creams, and aftershaves may come and go, but a reliable razor may become a lifelong companion.

The razor you prefer can change based on your skin and hair type, which is why we’ve reviewed a wide selection to bring you 8 of the finest razors for a clean shave.

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The Japanese Seki Edge Feather AS – D2 is one of the most comfortable safety razors in the market today. The price point is on the higher side, but completely worth its quality.

The fantastic double edge razor works wonders because of the small gap between the safety bar and the blade.

The Edge Feather is known for its precision, efficiency, and finesse and has the three-piece razor sets that feather is so well known for. With one of the sharpest blades available, the Edge Feather was built for close, precise shaving.

The blades are easily changeable, and fixing them is done with great ease. Once they’re fitted in, there is little to no room for movement of the blades, thus ensuring a safe shave. The length of the handle (less than 4 inches) is also comfortable for most men to shave with on a regular basis.

Key features:
  • Three-piece detachable razor set
  • Easily changeable blades
  • Handle length less than 4 inches
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German-engineered and handcrafted for perfection, the Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor was made for a non-aggressive shave with its modern design. Less expensive than the Seki Edge Feather, you wouldn’t really be able to tell the difference in price once you hold it.

The Jack Black Double Edge has a chrome-plated head and a gorgeous blue handle that is slightly thicker and longer than average. Since there is a narrow gap between the handle of the razor and the safety bar, you can shave without any accidents.

The Jack Black Double Edge is set at a traditional 30 degrees angle for a smooth, close regular shave. The superb glide ensures that you are able to shave with less skin irritation and minimal pressure.

It is suggested that you should always shave with the grain for the first time (in the direction of the hair growth) before you swipe reverse for a smoother shave. The Jack Black Double Edge Safety Razor is ideal for this.

Key features:
  • Handle length 5 inches for large hands
  • 30-degree angle set
  • A narrow gap between handle and safety bar
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The Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor is the only razor on our list that has a completely adjustable head to give you the best possible shave. It comes with 6 settings to choose your shaving experience.

With a two-piece structure, the extremely versatile Merkur Futur Adjustable Safety Razor should definitely be on every man’s ‘To Buy’ list.

Adequately priced at under USD $100, this razor comes in a mid-length handle to suit all male hand sizes. It is well-balanced and has a comfortable grip. You can also turn the blade dial to increase or decrease the gap between the safety bar and the blade.

The head of this razor is slightly oversized with a clip that holds the blades in, so changing the blades could need some getting used to. The quality, engineering, and smoothness of the blade make this razor one of the must-haves in your grooming kit.

Key features:
  • Two-piece safety razor
  • Oversized head with blade clips
  • Suitably priced
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Above The Tie Atlas S2, Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor is ideal for men who love the feel of manually controlling the precision and effectiveness of their shave. American make, this stainless steel razor is an open comb model where the safety bar is shaped like a comb to expose more of the blade and provide a more aggressive shave.

Men who are used to manual shaves with open comb razors will find the Above The Tie Atlas S2 Slant an extremely comfortable experience due to its 0.61 mm gap in the blade. It is known for its tightness and closeness while shaving.

The only drawback to this model is the length of the handle. At 3 to 3.25 inches, it could become slightly difficult for men with larger hands. However, if you are used to a safety razor with a slightly shorter handle, then you should opt for the Above The Tie Atlas S2 Open Comb Slant Bar Safety Razor.

Key features:
  • Handle length 3.2 inches
  • Ergonomic grip
  • 0.61 mm gap in the blade
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Muhle is one of the most respected German manufacturers of men’s shaving equipment. The three-piece Muhle R41 Open Tooth Comb Double Edge Safety Razor has earned the nickname of the ‘Beast’ for its aggressive shave. The design of the R41 Beast is sleek with a stunning chrome finish.

Though the Muhle R41 Open Comb is an aggressive safety razor, many men say that with the correct usage, this could be your number one go-to. The angle of this razor is predefined to give experienced shavers a fantastic shave.

The Muhle R41 Beast comes in 3 designs: the two-piece Twist, three-piece Grande, and the traditional three-piece. The Grande allows you to occasionally change the handle if you prefer a different grip. The Twist is the one that weighs the most and also has the longest handle. The traditional design is the lightest; making it the most popular choice. Check out our top picks for tanning lotions for other health product options.

Key features:
  • Stunning chrome finish
  • Aggressive shave
  • Lightweight and easy to use
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Joining our list of the best safety razors is the Australian brand The Chieftain by Vikings Blade. The Chieftain is made from superiorly durable Swedish stainless steel and also comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects.

This affordable safety razor is a favorite for its finish, packaging, and micro comb features that make it a very user-friendly safety razor. The advanced butterfly head increases blade-changing efficiency to 5 seconds.

The Chieftain prevents ingrown hair for a clean, smooth, and safe shave. The shaving head of this razor is slightly smaller than regular shaving heads. However, this works out to be an advantage since you are able to access difficult regions.

The packing of the Vikings Blade The Chieftain Safety Razor is fantastic and leaves quite an impression with a suede travel case (with mirror) and leatherette. It also comes with five pieces of platinum-coated steel blades to get you started.

Key features:
  • Micro-comb blade
  • Advanced butterfly head
  • Medium-weight
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The Parker 98R is the heaviest safety razor on our list and at 4.30 ounces is not a razor to be taken lightly (no pun intended!). If you have large or heavy hands, then the Parker 98R should be your first option.

The Parker 98R has a genuine brass and nickel construction and is extremely easy to clean. It comes in three pieces that are quick to disassemble in order to keep your blades hygienic. The Parker 98R is extremely well-balanced with a firm grip to enable a smoother, cleaner, and safer shave.

An astounding aspect of this razor is its durability. Almost all Parker products are extremely durable and last a long time.

Another advantage to this razor is that in case a part of the razor wears out or is broken, you can replace only that part without having to invest in a brand-new razor.

Key features:
  • 4.30-ounce weight
  • Extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Easily replaceable parts
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The Edwin Jagger DE89LBL Double Edged Safety Razor from Sheffield, England has made headlines the world over. This chrome-plated razor is said to be one of the best for sensitive skin. It provides a clean, close shave due to the stunning precision of the razor blade head.

Like the Parker, this razor also comes in three parts that can be disassembled and bought individually without having to invest in an entirely new razor.

Brass with chrome exteriors, the body of the DE89LBL is extremely well-balanced to give you a close shave and helps in reducing ingrown hairs and accidental cuts to the skin. It has a good weight to it but still isn’t as heavy as other razors.

The Edwin Jagger DE89LBL also comes with five extra Derby safety blades.

The only drawback to this razor could be that the handle is slightly shorter than regular razors. In all other aspects, this razor is absolutely perfect!

Key features:
  • Extremely budget-friendly
  • Brass body with chrome exterior
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Closing Thoughts

The advantages of using a safety razor are innumerable, it makes me start to wonder why so many men are still subjecting their faces to the sting and irritation that comes with using disposable or cartridge razors. Sure, they make shaving quick and easy, but the grade of the shave they provide doesn’t even come close to that of the double edge razor.

No matter how many blades they put in a cartridge, they still can’t contend with a sharp double-edge safety razor blade.

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