Best Budget Power Racks in 2020

Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack

The Titan T-2 is great for compact rooms and offers the flexibility for a wide variety of exercises, from squats and military presses to bench presses. It has 21 levels of adjustment and supports up to 700 pounds of weight.

F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack

A versatile power rack with a durable finish, reinforced overhead workout bar for pull-ups and chin-ups, and a 29-level adjustable barbell rack that provides great flexibility in terms of the exercises you can perform on it.

Goplus Heavy Duty Power Rack

An all in one workout station with 51” solid steel construction and four safety support bars for barbell training. This power rack can support up to 450lbs of weight and is a great option if you want to incorporate pull-ups into your weight training.

Buyers guide for Best Budget Power Rack

Whether you’re trying to save cash as a college student or you’re just getting into lifting and don’t want to invest too much money straight away, there are various budget-friendly power rack options on the market to suit your needs. Power racks are a great addition to any home gym and there are models to suit all different price points, but one of the key factors to pay attention to when choosing a budget option is the difference between the materials used, the stability of the power rack and if there are any accessories or extras included. The three main components of an effective and high-quality power rack are weight capacity, steel gauge and the spacing of the adjustment holes.

All power racks have a weight limit but there are two aspects to this – the amount of weight can sit on the rack safely and how much can be dropped onto the rack. So, what you’re really paying for here is the level of safety you have if you need to drop the weight quickly. The more expensive the power rack, the thicker the steel it’s made from tends to be, which is measured by gauge. What you want to look for is a lower number, as the higher the gauge, the thinner the steel will be. Finally, the spacing of the holes determines where you can place the safety bars and how high or low they will be, so the closer the holes are to one another, the more customization options you have to suit your preferences.

The F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack is a versatile piece of equipment that would make for a great addition to any home gym set-up. The barbell rack height can be adjusted to 29 levels for complete personalization while the reinforced overhead bar is great for bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups. This is a brilliant power rack for a range of different exercises, from squats and dips to using weights for dead lifts and curls. Plus, the lower price point doesn’t mean this is a cheap piece of equipment in terms of quality – it has a three-step powder-coated finish that will ensure it stands the test of time without rusting or corroding. If you are looking for the best olympic barbell to go with your power rack see our top picks.


Key features:
  • 29 adjustable levels for the barbell height
  • Three-step powder-coated finish for long-lasting quality
  • Reinforced overhead bar for bodyweight training

The FUEL Performance Deluxe Power Cage comes with the option to purchase just the rack or to include the back pad and seating for extra comfort and exercise options. This power rack offers brilliant training options, with Olympic plate and bar storage for weight exercises and adjustable levels to suit your preference. The steel construction and powder-coated finish ensure that this rack will last for many years and there are safety features to make sure you perform each exercise as safely as possible. This is a great power rack for beginners who don’t want to invest too much up front while still having the option to practice different exercises as you develop your workout routine. We’ve also got our favourite sit up benches for use with your power rack.


Key features:
  • Steel cage construction with oversized tubing and a powder-coated finish
  • Olympic plate and bar storage
  • Option of purchasing it with a six-position back page and three-position seat

Goplus’ Heavy Duty Power Rack has four safety support bars for safe and adjustable barbell training, as well as a strong steel frame that will withstand plenty of body weight for performing pull-ups and other bodyweight exercises. It has a powder-coated finish for minimizing rust and corrosion, as well as solid pull-up bars that are made from 51” solid steel and will hold up to 450 pounds of weight. The Goplus power rack has two lift-offs and plate loading for a full range of shoulder motion as well as a lower row pulley for seated rows and curls. Despite the range of options it provides though, this power rack is surprisingly compact so it won’t take up too much space in your home or garage leaving enough space for a rowing machine or manual treadmill.


Key features:
  • Adjustable positioning with four safety support bars
  • Heavy-duty construction with a scratch-proof frame
  • Strong and durable pull-up bars

A versatile power rack, the CAP Barbell system is strong and durable, with reinforced steel and double gusseted uprights for extra strength. The overhead station is made from tubular steel and is great as a resistance training tool for bodyweight exercises like pull-ups and chin-ups. This stand can hold up to 300 pounds of weight and each of the seams are welded for peace of mind when you’re working out. The CAP system is a great all-inclusive option that can be used for both weights and bodyweight resistance exercises in one convenient space. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of this power rack – it offers a great range of exercise options that will enhance your fitness regime and assist different movements.


Key features:
  • Steel construction with 12 and 14 steel gauge thicknesses
  • Three-step powder-coated finish for additional durability
  • Reinforced stability with double gusseted uprights

The Titan T-2 Series Short Power Rack is great for compact spaces in homes with ceilings as low as 6 feet high. It has a wide, walk-in design that provides plenty of space for side to side movements so you have a wide range of options for exercises you can perform with this power rack. From squats and bench presses to curls, dips and military presses, there are countless options removing the need for a dip station. The Titan T-2 comes with J-hooks and can be adjusted to 21 different levels for customization too, so it can be adjusted to fit people of different heights and for performing various exercises.


Key features:
  • Supports up to 700 pounds of weight
  • Offers up to 21 positions for different height and exercise options
  • Compact design that will fit in rooms as low as six foot high

The Rep Power Rack has dual pull-up bars and supports a weight capacity of 400 pounds on the bar, as well as an impressive 1000-pound capacity on the bar hooks. The benefit of this power rack is that it has a wide inside depth which provides you with plenty of workout room for different exercises. From pulldowns and pull-ups to squats and strength training exercises, this power rack provides you with the space to perform them all and more. It also has the option for fitting additional attachments as well, such as dip bars and lat attachments, for extra versatility if you want to expand the system at a later date, without the need to buy a whole new piece of equipment.


Key features:
  • 1000-pound weight capacity on the bar hooks
  • 400-pound capacity for pull-up bar
  • Extra bar holders on the front of the rack

The Popsport Power Rack has a durable solid steel construction and has a weight capacity of up to 1000 pounds for all your weight training and body resistance exercises. The multi-position chin-up bar has powder-coated hand grips for a secure hold and it also comes with eight adjustable band pegs to enable you to do strength band training as well as presses and squats. This is a great power rack for working out safely and effectively, whatever you choose to include in your workout, from dips and lat pull downs to leg curls and bench presses. It’s durable and sturdy design will ensure you can carry out varied workout routines without any worry of injury or damage to the system.


Key features:
  • Made from high-quality solid steel
  • Has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds
  • Multi-position chin-up bar with powder-coated hand grips

The VEVOR 85” Power Rack System has four plate storage pegs to accommodate two-inch Olympic plates and offers plenty of storage room for users. The foam-covered utility bar can be used for accessories or curls, while the two steel squat safety bars allow you to work out efficiently and safely. The VEVOR power rack has 17 variable positions for your bar supports as well as a low pulley station so you can perform seated or upright rows. This power rack has a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds for the pull-up bars or 250 pounds if you’re using it for lat pulls. While the power rack doesn’t come with weights included, it does come with a lat pulldown bar and a lower row straight bar for mixing up your workouts. It would make a great addition to a punching bag in your home gym.


Key features:
  • 17 position options for bar supports
  • Lat pull down station with a plate loading carriage
  • Four steel chrome adjustable weight bar supports

The ideal workout system for your home gym, the Body Champ Power Rack System is great for strength or HIIT training and has 12 position settings as well as floor anchors for optional mounting. The safety features give you peace of mind while you’re working out and enable you to work out efficiently without injuring yourself. There’s an integrated pull-up bar as well as two weight plate storage posts and adjustable bar catches. A useful feature of this power rack is the built-in transport wheels and easy lift lever that make transporting and storing this system really easy and convenient.


Key features:
  • 12 position settings with built-in floor anchors
  • Additional safety with a no-pinch catch design
  • Two adjustable bar catches and weight plate storage posts

The Rep Short PR-1050 Power Rack stands at 72 inches high, so it’s great for smaller rooms in your home or your garage where you’re looking to set up or expand your home gym. The 26-inch depth and 44-inch width gives you plenty of room for working out and performing different exercises, while the dual pull-up bars offer the option for bodyweight and resistance exercises. It doesn’t take up too much room leaving space for other equipment like a leg press machine. The power rack has a maximum weight capacity of 700 pounds so it’s a versatile piece of equipment that will work for people of all different shapes and sizes who want to improve their fitness and get in shape.


Key features:
  • Dual pull-up bars with a 2-inch fat grip
  • Matte black powder coating for durability
  • 700-pound capacity on the bar hooks and a 400-pound weight capacity on pull-up bars