Best Crossfit Shoes in 2020

Under Armour Commit TR X NM Sneaker

The Commit TR X from Under Armour have a lightweight mesh upper for better breathability and a cushioned midsole for responsiveness. Additionally, the sock liner molds to the shape of the wearers foot for a customized fit, while the extremely grippy outer sole delivers excellent stability.

Adidas Performance 3.1 Cross Trainer

These adidas Performance 3.1 Cross Trainers have a midfoot strap to keep them secure while you’re exercising and a midsole wedge that offers great stability. They have a comfortable design and a synthetic leather upper that delivers ankle support so you can work out safely without putting stress on your ankle joints.

Nike Metcon 3 Training Shoes

Stylish and durable, the Metcon 3 trainers have protective wraps for rope climbs and grooves in the front of the shoe for flexibility. These trainers have a sticky rubber section for added traction and have mesh sections for breathability to keep your feet cool and dry while you’re exercising.

Buyers guide for Best Crossfit Shoes

CrossFit workouts are praised for their efficiency and versatility. A single session can include a range of movements and activities, from lifting and gymnastic movements to agility. In order to carry out these movements, the right footwear is key – wearing the wrong kind can lead to injury and discomfort during workouts. Many running shoes have a “drop” which refers to the raised heel that puts the back of your foot at a higher level than your toes. Ideally, you should look for a pair of sneakers that have a drop of four millimetres or less. The more cushioned the heel, the more comfortable your foot will be during a run, but if you’re lifting weights then you want your heels to be more squarely on the ground, so this is no good. A pair of CrossFit specific shoes will keep this drop to a minimum which will prevent wearers from pitching forward when lifting.

The sole of the shoe is also important as you need a model that is flexible but also firm enough to provide support when squatting or deadlifting, for a smoother and more even transfer of energy. If you have shoes with a softer sole, you’ll be unstable when performing these moves which can lead to an uneven distribution of weight on your joints. Additionally, the shoes should be durable enough to cope with different exercises and materials such as rope climbs which can be abrasive and tear up standard gym shoes too easily. These are ten of the best types of CrossFit shoes on the market that deliver all of these features to enhance your workouts.

Nike’s Metcon range is popular for CrossFit workouts and this particular model is even more flexible and lightweight than previous designs. The Metcon 3 trainers have molded grooves in the front section of the trainer for additional flexibility and a lower profile heel that will lower the drag of wall exercises and push-ups. The sticky rubber in the forefront of the shoe increases traction, while the rope wrap on the outside protects the shoes from abrasion from rope climbs. This is the perfect trainer for a varied workout, adapting to different exercises with ease and allowing for easy movement and transitions from one exercise to another. Whether you’re doing cardio, going for a run or lifting weights, these sneakers will adapt perfectly to each movement for continuous support. Find a crossfit gym bag to store your trainers when you’re done, some even have pockets to separate them from your clothes.


Key features:
  • Firm rubber sole and heel counter for increased stability
  • Low profile heel to minimize drag during exercises
  • Flexible forefoot with molded flex grooves

The Adidas Performance 3.1 Cross Trainer are great for weight lifting, with a lightweight leather upper that delivers great ankle support and an open forefoot structure that gives your toes plenty of room to move. The extra-wide design with its wide midfoot strap makes them secure, so you can deadlift or move swiftly without any worry of them becoming loose. They also have a high-density die-cut wedge midsole that helps to provide excellent stability while you’re working out. The air mesh collar and tongue have been designed for better breathability to keep your feet as cool and dry as possible, no matter how hard you’re exercising. They’re also offer great support for use on the manual treadmill or rowing machine.


Key features:
  • Made from synthetic leather for durability
  • Open forefoot structure that makes the trainers more comfortable
  • Air mesh collar provides breathability

Reebok’s CrossFit Nano 7.0 Trainers have a cushioned and flexible sole that makes them really comfortable to wear and incredibly responsive. They have a rubber sole that delivers great traction and durability, while the aeroweave upper material is breathable so it’s great for high-intensity workouts. They have a great look that’s stylish and comes in a range of colors. No matter what exercise you’re performing, from lifts to squats, these trainers are supportive yet adaptable. The heel counter delivers that locked-in feel so you can work out comfortable and safely, safe in the knowledge that your joints and form is supported.


Key features:
  • Removable insole for additional comfort
  • The rubber sole delivers traction and grip
  • Nanoweave design provides great breathability and comfort

The Asics Conviction X Cross Trainers are made from durable materials that are designed to last through any amount of wear and tear. The RhynoSkin synthetic leather is tear-resistant and will withstand tough workouts while the perforated sock liner allows for plenty of moisture absorbance and breathability. These trainers have been crafted for high-impact exercising and plenty of stability during lifts and weight training. The Conviction X trainers are the perfect balance of soft uppers with solid soles for comfort and strength.  They also have an integrated lace garage that keeps laces tucked away for safety so you’re less likely to trip when running or jumping. They can also be used in weightlifting on equipment such as the olympic barbell or the power rack.


Key features:
  • Made from a tear-resistant synthetic leather for durability
  • Perforated sock liner for improved breathability
  • 10mm heel height and 6mm forefoot height

The Nike Prime Iron DF Cross Trainer shoes allow an easy transition from weights to cardio activities, with Flywire cables to ensure complete comfort while you’re jumping or running. These trainers are incredibly flexible and offer great traction so you can be as productive as possible during your workouts. The breathable material maximizes the ventilation, so you don’t have to worry about them becoming uncomfortable when your feet get hot, while the outsole tread is designed for greater traction. These sneakers come in a wide range of color options too, to suit your preferred style.


Key features:
  • Multidirectional pattern on the outer sole for increased traction
  • Flywire cables deliver dynamic support
  • Mesh materials for breathability and comfort

The Commit TR X shoes from Under Armour are designed for comfort and to keep you cool when you’re exercising, with premium breathability to improve and enhance your performance, no matter what exercise you’re taking part in. These trainers have strategically placed rubber tractions for better grip and a cushioned midsole for the perfect balance of support and responsive comfort. Stability and support are the primary concerns for a lot of CrossFitters and these trainers have been designed with those concerns in mind. Under Armour is known for delivering great quality products that make for great performance and the Commit TR X are no exception – these shoes have a cushioned sock liner for a customized fit and a leather saddle that helps provide stability.


Key features:
  • Cushioned for better impact and energy transfer
  • TPU heel supports every movement
  • Rubber soles for greater grip and stability

Don’t let the budget-friendly price fool you – the Aleader Men’s Cross Trainer Shoes offer great results that are guaranteed to surprise you. These trainers have a doube mesh upper and a breathable lining that makes them really comfortable even after an intense workout, while the cushioned insole helps absorb impact when you’re jumping up and down, lifting weights or using the leg press machine. The water drain outsole provides great traction, even in adverse weather conditions, while the Solyte midsole has been crafted to deliver unbeatable bounce and durability. One of the key things trainers often lack is the materials to create a healthy environment for your feet, but these trainers include a sock liner that is both cushioning and cooler.


Key features:
  • Available in a wide choice of colors to suit your style
  • Double mesh upper with a breathable lining
  • Cushioned insole and a rubber sole for comfort and grip

The Alphabounce Cr Running Shoe from Adidas are great for providing plenty of bounce while you’re working out. The suede upper provides excellent durability and a sleek look, while the bounce cushioning is great for delivering comfort during your exercise sessions. The attached tongue offers better security so the shoes won’t slip off when you’re running or lifting weights, and the grippy outer sole will keep you stable even in wet conditions or during outdoor workouts. If you’re looking for a pair of sneakers that are better suited to the HIIT parts of your workout than the weights side of things, these are a great option that are ideal for running, jumping or moving laterally.


Key features:
  • Flexible shoes with excellent cushioning for extra bounce
  • Suede upper provides comfort and durability
  • Gripped outer sole for stability when you’re working out in wet conditions

The Inov-8 F-Lite 195 V2 Cross Trainers deliver fantastic grip and flexibility, so they’re perfect for enhancing your speed and movement during speed training workouts. The sticky rubber outer sole and Rope-Tec reinforcements allow for better grip when you’re carrying out rope climbing exercises or cushion when using the roman chair, while the breathable materials keep your feet as cool and dry as possible. These sneakers are designed to provide the utmost comfort and support for your workouts, with an EVA foam midsole that keeps the trainers cushioned and comfortable, no matter how intense you’re exercising. The F-Lite 195 V2s come in a selection of colors too, so you can choose the pair that best suits your style.


Key features:
  • Shaft measures low top from arch
  • Great for speed training workouts, delivering plenty of bounce
  • Made from breathable materials with a one-piece design

Adidas’ Power Perfect III Cross Trainers are perfect if you’re more into the weight lifting aspect of your gym sessions, as they have been designed specifically to provide excellent support and stability for power lifting. The wedged sole is dense and firm, so you will stay sure-footed while you’re working out with as much stability as possible. The toe box is wider than in a typical running shoe, so you have plenty of room for comfort and for stabilizing yourself so you can stand as naturally as possible while still feeling like you have support. These trainers combine a retro look with modern innovation for the best of both worlds and a stylish look that’s classic.


Key features:
  • Shaft measures low top from arch
  • Made from synthetic, breathable materials
  • Velcro strap delivers more security and stability