10 Best Plastic Free Electric Kettles in 2019

Ascot Electric Kettle

The Ascot Kettle has a unique and modern design, with great features like an automatic shut-off to stop it boiling dry and a washable filter that keeps your water tasting pure with no impurities.

Precise Heat Electric Water Kettle

With a 90-second boil time, the Precise Heat Kettle has a 1.5 liter capacity, boil-dry protection and a concealed heating element. The mirror finish makes this a stylish addition to your kitchen space too.

Secura The Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Water Kettle

Bold and colorful, the Secura kettle has a double-wall construction, stainless-steel interior and a 1.7 liter capacity that boils quickly for convenience. This kettle is available in a range of colors too, to suit your décor.

Bellemain 5645 Stainless Steel Whistling Tea KettleRetro-inspired whistling kettle made from durable and dishwasher-safe alloy$$
Ascot Electric KettleUnique design with a washable filter for clean-tasting water$$$
Asani Double Wall Safe Touch Electric KettlePrecision temperature controlled-kettle with LED controls and glass walls$$$
Precise Heat Electric Water KettleMade from heavy-gauge steel with a quick 90-second boil time$
Molla Contento 1.7L Stainless Steel Cordless Electric Water KettleSophisticated kettle with LED lights and 1.7L capacity$
https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M65WXXA/?tag=httpwwwcivili-21Colorful kettle with a double-wall construction for quicker boiling$$
1790 Electric KettleDurable and stylish kettle with a glass body and 1.8L capacity$
AICOK Electric Kettle Temp Electric Tea KettleContemporary kettle with temperature controls and a keep warm feature$$
BLACK+DECKER 1.7L Stainless Steel Electric Cordless KettleSleek design with a 360-degree swivel base and a clear water window$$
Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp 1.7-Liter Stainless Steel Cordless Electric KettleProgrammable kettle with a host of unique features and pre-set options$$$


Buyers guide for Best Plastic Free Electric Kettle

With environmental concerns becoming increasingly important, the worries of toxic chemicals leaching into our water from the products we use have also become more prevalent. This is particularly the case with products that heat plastic, such as kettles which can cause the plastic to break down over time and allow small plastic particles to enter the water we drink. The safest way to avoid ingesting these types of chemicals is to choose materials that are plastic-free, such as stainless steel or glass, that can be heated over and over again without the material breaking down. This is especially important with kettles, as they are used on a regular basis and get extremely hot inside, so the plastic can quickly deteriorate. For those looking to go plastic-free or take a healthier route when choosing items for the kitchen, these are the best plastic-free electric kettles on the market that are made from alternative materials. With all the convenience of a standard electric kettle but with safer materials, these kettles deliver the best of both worlds and look stylish in your kitchen too.

With a mirror-finish and retro look, the Bellemain 5645 Whistling Tea Kettle is made from surgical-grade alloy and is dishwasher-safe. The material is tough and won’t discolor, rust or corrode over time, so it’s built to last. The design of this kettle is truly different from others on the market, so it’s sure to be a talking point with visitors to your home. It has a spout lever and a cool-to-the-touch handle that ensures you stay safe when you’re pouring the kettle. It can also be used on virtually any surface, from induction hobs and ceramic stovetops to halogen and gas. The Bellemain boils quickly due to the wide 9-inch base and iron-layered bottom, with a retro whistling sound that’s a delightful alternative to the standard kettle.


Key features:

  • Dishwasher-safe and incredibly durable
  • Elegant design that has a retro touch
  • Cool-to-the-touch handle for safety during pouring

A stylish kettle with a clean, modern look, the Ascot Electric Kettle is made from stainless-steel and is ideal for anyone looking for a plastic-free alternative. It has hassle-free pouring and a 360-degree swivel base for easy use. The Ascot kettle has an automatic shut-off feature that means it won’t boil dry and has dry boil protection so it will last a long time and is safer than stovetop kettles. There’s a washable filter that can be removed easily for pure-tasting waster that also keeps your kettle clean from impurities. This kettle has a sophisticated but simple design that really makes a feature of an otherwise standard appliance. For other kitchen appliances see our favourite sandwich maker.


Key features:

  • Unique design with a washable filter that keeps the water pure
  • Made from food-grade stainless-steel
  • Fast and efficient heating with a 1500W concealed heating element

The Asani Double Wall Safe Touch Electric Kettle is made from FDA-approved glass and stainless-steel for a stunning appearance that really makes a feature of your kitchen counter. There’s a filter in the spout to ensure no impurities make it into your food and drinks, as well as precision LED controls that let you heat water up to 212F – you can make adjustments between 1 or 10 degrees. It also has a keep-warm feature that lets you maintain the temperature for up to 12 hours. The kettle heats water extremely fast and has boil-dry protection in case the water happens to run dry. The cordless kettle has anti-shatter protection and a 1.7L capacity, as well as blue illuminated lights that make an otherwise ordinary task a spectacle.


Key features:

  • FDA-approved glass with a stainless-steel bottom
  • Unique filter encased in the spout to keep the water tasting great
  • Precision temperature control with LED controls

In just 90 seconds, the Precise Heat Electric Kettle provides you with 8 ounces of boiling water for your drinks and meals. Made from high-quality heavy gauge stainless-steel, this kettle has a stylish design and a 1.5 liter capacity. The phenolic handle and mirror finish make this a great addition to any home and the kettle has a removable base with power cord storage too. There’s also a boil-dry protective feature so you don’t have to worry about the kettle becoming damaged if you happen to forget that the water has run dry.


Key features:

  • 90 second boil time
  • Made from heavy-gauge stainless-steel
  • Phenolic handle and a removable base with power cord storage

The Molla Contento Electric Kettle has a cordless design and a sleek look with a generous 1.7L capacity. It has a large water level display that lets you see easily how much is in there, as well as a fast boiling time. It automatically switches off when it’s boiled but it also has a boil-dry sensor that protects the appliance from becoming damaged by dry boiling. The stainless-steel body is the ideal material for water kettles, keeping your water tasting great and free from BPA. This is a durable appliance that will last you many years of use, with a soft-brushed finish that ensures it will look great in any home. For other unique kitchen items check out kegerators.


Key features:

  • Durable stainless-steel design
  • LED illuminated light when heating
  • Advanced controls with multi-sensor boil-dry protection

The Secura Original Stainless Steel Double Wall Electric Kettle has a contemporary look with a generous 1.7 liter capacity. It boils water quickly, even when completely full, and because of the double-wall construction, it keeps the water hot for longer too while also conserving energy. Your water won’t come into contact with any plastic components due to the steel materials and lid, as well as a stainless-steel spout. It has a cool-touch exterior to keep you safe when the water is hot, as well as an illuminated switch for easy use. The wide top makes filling this kettle really easy and convenient, as the smudge-proof coating on the outside means it will continue to look great for ages. This kettle comes in a choice of six colors, from bright orange to neutral black or white, so you have options to suit your kitchen décor too.


Key features:

  • Colorful outer body with stainless-steel interior
  • 1.7L capacity with a double-wall construction
  • Boils water in minutes, even in larger capacities

The 1790 Kettle holds a full 1.8L of water and boils quickly, so you don’t have to worry about long wait times. It’s made from Borosilicate glass that increases the lifespan of the kettle and ensures it’s as durable as possible, with stainless-steel features that are rust and corrosion-proof. This kettle has an automatic shut-off feature as well as boil-dry protection that means it won’t switch on if there’s no water in it to protect the appliance. With this appliance, you don’t have to worry about any chemicals making their way into your water – this is BPA-free and ensures clean-tasting water every time. The glass tank makes boiling water a spectacle too, allowing you to watch the water come to a rolling boil while you’re cooking or making drinks.


Key features:

  • Boil-dry protection with a rapid boil function
  • BPA-free with no plastic contact with the water
  • Full 1.8L capacity

The AICOK Electric Kettle makes use of modern technology, with six different temperature controls discreetly concealed on the handle so you can brew the perfect cup of tea or coffee that suits your preferences. There’s a keep warm feature that allows you to maintain your desired temperature for up to two hours without having to use more energy boiling the kettle again. The AICOK kettle is fast-boiling so you don’t have to wait for ages for the kettle to boil and has a stainless-steel inner tank, so no plastic components come into contact with your water when you’re cooking or making beverages. The large spout makes pouring really easy and minimizes the risk of spillages when you’re using your milk frother, making drinks or pouring water for cooking.


Key features:

  • Six temperature settings available on the handle
  • Keep warm feature allows you to hold the water at a desired temperature for two hours
  • 1500W element that heats water quickly

With rapid boil technology and a powerful heating element, the BLACK + DECKER 1.7L Cordless Kettle saves you time in the kitchen and has automatic shut-off for those times when you’re busy doing other things. A useful feature is the boil-dry protection that turns the kettle off when there’s no water left so you don’t have to worry about it becoming unsafe or damaging the appliance. There’s a removable filter that sits behind the pour spot so you can keep limescale and impurities out of your water and clean the filter easily. The water window makes it easy for you to see how much water is left in the kettle and means you can boil the perfect amount for what you need. This kettle comes in a choice of three different colors that means you can match it to your décor too.


Key features:

  • Modern design that has a 360-degree swivel base
  • Boil-dry protection for peace of mind
  • Clear view of the water level

The Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Kettle has a host of great features for ensuring the perfect brew every time. It has six pre-set heat settings for the right temperature for different beverages, as well as sleek blue LED indicator lights and a backlit water window. It has a washable scale filter for great tasting water at all times, as well as a cordless design for convenience. The Cuisinart kettle is equipped with 1500 watts of power for quick heating and can bring up to 3 liters of water to a boil in minutes. It has a drip-free spout for clean pouring and has an auto-shut off feature for safety. The stay-cool handle ensures you stay safe at all times, even when the water is boiling, while the sleep mode switches the kettle off if it’s not in use for longer than five minutes – your last selections will stay in the memory though so you can just switch it back on and get back to what you were doing. For other cool kitchen equipment see our favourite whipped cream dispensers.


Key features:

  • Six pre-sets for steeping tea at the perfect temperature
  • LED indicator lights
  • 30-minute keep warm feature and a 2-minute memory function