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It is said that there is no greater feeling than being a mother. Many women wait countless years and try very hard to conceive and produce healthy children. After becoming a mother, several critical issues need to be looked after. Some of them are vaccinations for the baby, maintaining the health of the mother and the baby, and expressing breast milk. While this may seem like a natural process, expressing milk takes time and practice. It might also be painful for a few women.

To this end, expressing milk through the medium of a breast pump is ideal since the baby can benefit from natural milk even when the mother is not around or unavailable. Electric breast pumps can make life very conducive for working mothers, young mothers, or others with other children and families to look after. It is best to wait a minimum of five to six weeks before feeding your infant through a bottle, but some women prefer this option from week three.


How to Select the Best Breast Pump?

Electric breast pumps are easier to use than manual ones; the effort required is also quite less in comparison. Once the cup is adjusted to your comfortable breast size, the pre-set pace does the work for you and helps in expressing breast milk. This helps you conserve energy and saves you from manually setting a pace to express milk.

Some electric breasts pumps come with double pumping features that allow milk to be expressed from both breasts simultaneously. You can also have a tailored suction up that mimics the sucking motion of infants.

Electric pumps have adjustable suction levels according to comfort. It would help if you looked for a breast pump that offers you adjustable vacuum to express at your own pace, and that is easy to clean.

The electric breast pumps in this list have been collated via research and reviews collected from lactating women with infants ranging in ages from 1 week to 6 months. The products range in quality and price going from lowest to highest. Comparisons have been made with pros and cons for ease of selection process.

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The first on our list, the electric double breast pump from KidsTime is an inexpensive option for working mothers. The materials used do not contain harmful chemicals and are BPA free. This breast pump comes with two cold heat pads and two nipples. Using the breast pump with the cold heat pads provided can help reduce the discomfort, pain, and distending during the breastfeeding period. This variant from KidsTime comes with 18 different suction adjustments to select the sucking strength as per your comfort.

The storage bottle has a capacity of 150ml at a single time. With a low decibel motor sound of only 40 – 50 DB, the KidsTime electric breast pump is almost noise-free. Lightweight and easy to transport, the double suction design helps express milk from both breasts while the heat pads gently massage the breasts to stimulate generous milk flow. This variant also charges on USB points for ease of use.

Key features:
  • Can be charged via USB
  • Low noise helps in keeping infants quiet
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The Vakey electric breast pump is a comfortable low budget suction pump. A single pump, instead of double, this is great for traveling and expressing milk in crowded places. Safe and hygienic with 100% BPA free medical grade materials, this electric breast pump also has an inner valve that prevents the backflow of expressed milk. This innovative valve protects the fluid from external infection and keeps it fresh for longer.

A notable feature of this electric breast pump from Vakey is that the bottle can be completely disassembled and cleaned. There is also a unique exhaust film that helps isolate the air from the emulsion. This film helps prevent bacteria multiplication and maintains the health and shelf life of the expressed milk. This electric breast pump from Vakey also comes with nine suction settings for ease of pumping.

Key features:
  • Medical-grade material
  • One-way milk flow design
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The Bellababy double breast pump from BabyBuddha is slightly more expensive than the KidsTime and Vakey pumps. This pump, however, assures a pain-free experience every time. A closed system pain-free suction power pump is said to gently massage the breast to express milk and ease the discomfort naturally. The Bellababy is a hospital grade breast pump and is meant for daily use. Excellent for moms who pump milk several times a day, the Bellababy from BabyBuddha also comes with a built-in battery for outdoor use.

It has four modes for suction and nine levels to ensure that the milk is expressed peacefully and comfortably. Like the Vakey, this design of electric breast pumps also has an anti-backflow mechanism to keep the liquid free of infections and increase the shelf life. USB rechargeable, the double electric breast pump has a fast recharge setting. Efficiently operated via a LED display, the Bellababy is an excellent option for working mothers.

Key features:
  • LED display for easy operation
  • Adjustable suction levels
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The double electronic breast pump from GL Gland Electronics has bilateral lactation. This feature allows moms to express milk from both breasts simultaneously and produce more milk in lesser time. The double breast pump is USB rechargeable that assists in charging over USB cords or on computers. This model from GL Gland Electronics 36 levels of breast milk suction and breast massage for ease of use.

The double breast pump can easily be switched to a single breast pump with the help of the T-cock tubing. This variant from GL Gland Electronics also comes with four unique modes – auto mode, stimulate mode, massage mode, and expression mode. This portable electric breast pump also comes with two milk bottles, two body pumps, and five tubing connectors.

Key features:
  • USB rechargeable
  • Includes 4 modes for ultimate comfort
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The Signature Pro by Lansinoh is one of the more popular models available in the market today. Lansinoh is known for their superior quality and safety standards. Mothers looking for budget-friendly options to deliver a great experience should consider the Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump. The perfect combination of breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, the Signature Pro has three different types of pumping patterns and eight variable suction levels for the comfort of breast milk expression. The lower price point and the anti-backflow mechanism have made the Signature Pro an excellent option.

The closed system with LCD backlit display makes the Lansinoh excellent for night-time pumping. The low sound and steady pressure help decrease the time taken to express milk. Another notable feature is the automatic switch off mode. If it is left unattended for more than 60 minutes, the power override will cause it to shut down.

Key features:
  • Three different pumping patterns
  • Automatic power off safety feature
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The NUK Expressive Double Electric Breast Pump allows moms to select the select the speed and suction manually without overriding presets. Comfort and milk output can also be controlled with a few buttons. There is a unique one-touch memory button for preferred settings that can be reprogrammed as the needs change. Few of the parts may be cleaned in a dishwasher and help you save on cleaning time in the long run. This design from NUK also includes soft breast cushions to stimulate milk flow and decrease discomfort during the process of lactation.

The pump weighs only one pound and can be easily carried around making it a hot favorite for trips and holidays. This pump has 32 settings to help achieve maximum milk flow and efficiency to decrease the time taken. The digital display and push buttons help make the electric breast pump user-friendly for expressing milk several times a day.

Key features:
  • 32 settings allow adjustments in suction speed and strength
  • Double pumping offers reduced time to express milk
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The Spectra Baby USA S2 Plus model is a fantastic example of a breast pump design done right. Made with hospital grade materials and meant for daily usage, the S2 Plus from Spectra Baby USA is a powerful pump that helps make life easier for moms. The S2 is a closed system and prevent backflow ensuring the decontamination and longevity of the expressed milk. This increases hygiene of the liquid and provides the continued safety of the mom and baby.

The suction of the S2 is adjustable in expression and let-down mode. The sound level is almost nil making this an ideal electric breast pump at night. The display also contains a muted night light for ease of use in low light conditions. The pump also includes a timer and can be adjusted according to need and comfort.

Key features:
  • Closed system prevents backflow
  • Hospital grade material ensures hygiene
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The Medela Pump in Style is an excellent option for moms who wish to express milk on the go. Fantastic to travel with, the Pump in Style is meant for mothers wanting to express milk several times a day. The 2-phase extension technology from Medela helps mother’s express milk from both breasts in lesser time. Simultaneous lactation increases advanced flow and helps reduce the time taken to express milk. This variant from Medela comes with a discreet tote bag and a portable battery pack that can be recharged on the go.

There is a single knob adjustment for vacuum and speed with a one-touch button. The let-down feature and the two personal fit breast shields also allow flexibility to pump milk according to comfort and ease of use. This variant also comes with removable cooler bags that help preserve the freshness and regulate the temperature of stored breast milk for longer durations.

Key features:
  • Battery pack allows ease of pumping anywhere
  • Removable cooler bags for temperature control
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This high-tech pump is one of the best electric breast pumps on our list. With easy tracking facilities, this pump is ideal for tech-savvy moms. This double breast pump connects to the MyMedela App and can be regulated from the smartphone or tablet. The Sonata is a double breast pump offering an automatic hospital-like performance with every use. The engineering specifications on the Medela Sonata were explicitly made for the ease of use of mothers to maximize milk expression during double lactation.

The MyMedela App seamlessly connects to the Sonata pump for personalized tracking and access to breastfeeding content and a wealth of material for moms. The Medela Sonata is known for its low decibel pumping sounds and is excellent for night time pumping. It also comes with a touchscreen display, illumination control, and one-touch letdown button.

Key features:
  • Connects to the MyMedela App via Bluetooth
  • Suction adjusts to the body

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