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As physical fitness becomes the norm in everyday human life, the importance of gymnastic mat cannot be displaced. If you have ever wondered what piece of material is placed on the floor to support gymnastic activity rather than having it on the bare floor, it is called a gymnastic mat. It is a special piece made to support, make comfortable and ensures the safety of a person when doing activities such as common exercise, aerobics, yoga, tumbling, and other floor exercises.

A typical gymnastic mat ranges between 1.5 to 28 inches thick and is usually covered by vinyl material, plastic or PU leather. The mat is made of foam that is different in density; from firm to soft. There are different kinds of gymnastic mats such as blocks, crash mats, inclined mats, springboard mats, landing mats, and folding panel mats. If you are a lover of the gym, you will need the list of well-researched best gymnastic mats below.

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The BalanceFrom mat is a 2-inches thick folding gymnastic mat that supports all floor exercises and general gymnastic activity. The product is designed by experts with a high-density EPE foam that supports all aerobics, yoga and martial art. It is finished to measure the standard market size of 6 x 2 x 2.

The mat is structured in a tri-fold panel with handles to ease storage and transportation. It features a durable lead-free, non-toxic, and puncture-free and tear-resistant surface. It is designed with a non-absorbent vinyl surface that protects the inner foam from sweat or any moisture.

Its moisture resistant technology makes washing and cleaning very easy. With its featured Velcro on all sides, you can easily join several mats to it. It offers great value for the money because you are guaranteed 2 years to use to your satisfaction. For more fitness guides check out spin bikes.

Key features:
  • 2-inch thick high-density EPE foam
  • 3-panel design with handle on each mat sides
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Moisture resistant technology
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The ProsourceFit Tri-Fold Folding Exercise Mat is a high-quality designed mat that is resistant to natural damage factors. It is an ideal mat for home and commercial purposes. You will enjoy the mat and remain comfortable because it is designed to support your joint during exercise. Its tri-fold panel design makes it very easy to transport and carry. You can easily store the mat in your closet and transport it in your car at any time. This mat supports both kids and adult gymnast and can be cleaned easily after use.

It has handles for portability. It is highly recommended for your stretching, tumbling, martial art, and floor exercise. The dense EPE foam is highly convenient and comfortable for all users. Its vinyl surface is durable, stretch-resistant and tear-resistant hence you will enjoy it for a very long time.

Key features:
  • Vinyl fabric
  • Carrying handles for portability
  • 3-panel foldable stretch design
  • Durable and easy to clean
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This product is a thick sturdy mat that is designed with innovative and distinct EPP foam and PU leather. It is a safe mat this is durable and comfortable for landing during any physical activity. It offers an excellent compression-resistant foam that accommodates both young and adult of any size or weight.

The PU leather of the LESMILE Waterproof Gymnastic Mat is non-toxic and non-skid material that is easy to fold and store. The PU foam has a waterproof surface that makes it very easy to clean and wipe. It is a multipurpose gymnastic mat that is perfect for all general exercise, aerobics, stretching, and yoga. When you spread the Lesmile mat, it measures 180 x 60 x 5 cm. It is durable and long-lasting but cannot be attached to other mats.

Key features:
  • Thick, sturdy and compression-resistant
  • Non-skid, waterproof and wipe-clean surface PU leather
  • Multifunctional non-toxic EPP foam
  • Easy fold with a sturdy handle
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If you want a gymnastic mat that will suit all kinds of floors, the sunny health gymnastic mat is the perfect one. It is a tri-fold 6ft mat that supports all your body parts and allows you to lie down comfortably. It is lightweight and incorporates two nylon handles that ease transportation. You can even carry on your camping trips if you intend to exercise there.

It features 2-inch comfortable padding that supports all kinds of physical floor exercises. It is multi-functional and can be used as a floor mat, futon mat, or even children play area. Like many others mat that requires that you carry them on your arm, it features a distinctive nyloned strap that is slip-resistant and ensures carriage on the go.

Key features:
  • Integrated nylon handle for carriage
  • 2’’ removable thick cover
  • Lightweight and portable
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The Polar Aurora Folding Gymnastics Mat is a four-panel folding mat that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor physical activity. It is one of our favorite choices because it is very long and wider than a normal-sized gymnastic mat in the market today. It has integrated sewn in handles which makes it very easy to carry and store. It features a strong non-absorbent PU leather which you can easily wipe and clean with a damp cloth.

This beautiful multicolor mat is made with a long-lasting foam and it is certified and highly recommended. It has passed through the CPSIA requirements and tested free of lead, formaldehyde, and phthalate. With the attached Velcro straps, you can connect more gymnastic mats to make tumbling run very easy. You can easily use the Polar Aurora Folding Gymnastics Mat for yoga, martial art, physical activity, and stretching.

Key features:
  • Sweat-resistant and waterproof PU leather
  • Tear-resistant reinforced carrying handle
  • High-density and resilient EPE foam
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The KOOLWOOM gymnastic mat is safe, compact and comfortable. It has a multi-layer folding design with an integrated folding handle that is portable and stress-free to carry about. It features a toxic-free and water-resistant PU leather that is very easy to clean.

It is longer, thicker, soft and support movement at any degree on the mat. It comes with an inner EPE padded cotton that is very easy to use. The mat is relatively flat and has no air phenomenon. It is suitable for the use of all persons including baby and it supports all exercise and physical activities like martial arts, yoga, dancing, and even wrestling. You can also get a treadmill or a rowing machine to increase your stamina.

Key features:
  • Multilayer folding design with two handles
  • Toxic-free and water-resistant PU leather
  • Inner EPE padded cotton
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This is a special innovative professional gymnastic mat that can be used at the gymnasium and home. It is ideal for use because of its featured environmentally friendly, healthy, toxic-free and top quality EPE foam. It comes with a superior PU leather cover that is very thick and non-absorbent. It is waterproof and not easy to distort.

It has reinforced edge stitching that makes it durable and crack-resistant. It is multifunctional and can be used as a play mat and exercise mat. It has hook and loop Velcro on all sides that allow you to join more mat to it and accommodate more people. It is suitable for children and adults and available for yoga learners and beginners. Its commercial-grade construction makes it sturdy. It is widely used and applied by professionals because it is highly durable and comfortable.

Key features:
  • Anti-tear and puncture-resistant PU leather
  • Hook and loop for joining another mat
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable and reinforced edge stitching
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If you want a wide gymnastics mat, the MAT EXPERT 4’x10’x2 Gymnastics Mat is your best pick. It is a 4 x 10 folding mat that is designed in 4-panel to ease storage and transportation. It is made of a superior quality PU leather cover with highly dense EPE foam filler that supports all physical activity. The folding panel has attached handles that ease carriage to any destination. It is lightweight, durable and compact. You can place the PU cover on any lawn, wood floor or tile without recording any damage.

Cleaning and washing are very easy because it features a zippered cover that can be removed easily. You can also join other mats with its featured four side hook and loop fastener. With the softly designed resilient foam, fitness is attainable for everyone because the mat safely comforts your knee, elbow, wrist, and back.

Key features:
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Abrasion-resistant PU easy to clean leather
  • Four-fold panel design with handle
  • High-density and resilient EPE foam filler
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Giantex Thick Gymnastics Mat is a multifunctional and cost-effective mat that supports all your physical exercise. It is large to accommodate you and has a hook and loop for you to connect another mat to accommodate more people. It has a comforting and soft EPE foam. The EPE foam is resilient and makes a good landing for beginners to learn their moves.

It is covered with a waterproof and puncture-resistant PU leather that is easy to clean and maintain. It features a space-saving folding design with handles for portability and ease of movement. You are guaranteed value for your money because it is versatile and multipurpose. It is structured to fit any sport ranging from a martial art to yoga to floor exercise and performing gymnastics.

Key features:
  • High-density EPE foam and PU leather
  • Space-saving folding design with handle for carrying
  • Multipurpose and versatile
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Gymmatsdirect mat is one of our favorite and highly recommended mats because it is made of superior quality and thick EPE foam that is safe and environmentally friendly. You have the option to pick either the 2inch thick mat or 4-inch-thick mat. You will enjoy the non-absorbent PU leather shell that encloses the foam because it is durable and soft.

The foam has a special function of reliving pressure point, hence ensuring the highest form of comfort you can seek. It is very portable as it features 2 handle that allows you to carry it. It has a cross-linked polyethylene foam that is safe for all ages including baby and kids. With the all side Velcro you don’t have to worry about connecting additional mat, you can easily make an end to end connection to accommodate more people.

Key features:
  • High density cross-linked polyethylene foam
  • Non-absorbent PU shell cover
  • Solid EPE foam

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