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One common symptom of PCOS or polycystic ovary syndrome is the excessive growth of facial and body hair, scientifically referred to as Hirsutism. Now, no one can deny the fact that excessive facial hair can be more annoying, more than body hair. Fortunately, it is a diagnosable disease and has various treatment options and various home remedies for PCOS facial hair.

Many people are eager to manage it on their own at home, without really going for treatment that could pose side effects. So, in our article, we are about to discuss some of the most effective home remedies for PCOS facial hair that are easily appliable at home.

Before knowing the home remedies for PCOS facial hair, you must briefly know about PCOS. Hirsutism caused by PCOS is very common in people and often requires medical treatment. PCOS causes ovaries to produce a hormone named androgen in excessive amounts, which is the most common cause of excessive facial hair.

Unfortunately, 10% of women develop excessive facial hair after being diagnosed with Hirsutism. If it is left untreated for quite some time, it can cause underlying health problems which would not be noticeable until it reaches severity. If you fear harming your facial beauty, opt for home remedies for PCOS facial hair.


8 Useful Home Remedies For PCOS Facial Hair

No wonder dealing with excess facial hair due to PCOS is a painful battle. Thanks to the 20th-century thought process, many women are starting to accept themselves with excess hair, rejecting society’s inhumane beauty standards. But if you are still thinking about taming your PCOS facial hair, here are some tips.

1. Shaving the facial hair

Shaving is the easiest and cheapest option when it comes to hair removal, and it is no different for PCOS facial hair. Apart from the cost, this is one of the ideal home remedies for PCOS facial hair removal for women who do not want to go with painful treatment options such as waxing or laser.

However, this is no permanent solution as you have to shave every day and even twice a day to avoid any possible regrowth of the hair. This will be very hectic in our busy day-to-day life. Besides that, some people can experience side effects such as itchiness, redness, rashes and allergies after shaving too often.

2. Waxing the facial hair

Though waxing is much more painful than shaving, it plucks the hair from the root. So, hair takes longer to grow back compared to shaving. It varies from person to person, but waxing keeps the facial hair from growing back for about 15 days.

For understandable reasons, waxing is one of the most popular home remedies for PCOS facial hair removal. Usually, people get it from a parlour, but for people dealing with PCOS, waxing at home is the perfect way to save some money as this process will be repetitive. Just make sure that you do it with proper caution to avoid any side effects on the skin.

3. Using Depilatory creams

There are specially produced creams for facial hair removal that are called Depilatory creams. They possess some chemicals that remove facial hair by dissolving the hair shafts. This is one of the most effective home remedies for PCOS facial hair removal, which leaves no stubble on the skin.

Be sure to do a patch test of your skin before fully applying the cream to your face, as it can cause huge rashes or allergies to the skin due to the effect of existing chemicals in these creams. If the patch test shows no side effects, these creams will keep away your facial hair for a long time.

4. Using eflornithine creams

The most effective home remedies for PCOS facial hair removal list include eflornithine creams. They are not depilatory creams but have some similarities. These creams slow the process of hair growth, so hair does not grow back for a long time.

However, the only downside of this cream is that you have to use one other hair removal technique before applying this cream, as these creams only help slow hair growth but do not participate in the actual hair removal process.

5. Drinking spearmint tea

It is one of the most natural home remedies for PCOS facial hair management. It has significant anti-androgenic properties, which can help in managing Hirsutism upon continual usage. This also has therapeutic properties which can help soothe the skin. However, limited research on the effect of spearmint tea on PCOS is not well-documented.

6. Increasing Zinc intake

Zinc battles PCOS symptoms to a great extent, so increasing the daily intake of Zinc can be one of the most natural home remedies for PCOS facial hair. Zinc blocks the enzyme involved in the metabolism of the ovary, stopping the production of hormones responsible for excessive hair growth. Just ensure not to overdose on it to avoid developing any zinc-related health hazards.

7. Consuming folic acid

The consumption of folic acid is considered one of the most effective home remedies for PCOS facial hair. Folic acid is known to regulate the increased levels of homocysteine, which elevates the symptoms of PCOS. Using folic acid for an extended period can slowly reduce facial hair growth as well as benefit the texture of the skin.

Since an overdose of this product cause side effects to the body, consultation with a doctor before folic acid consumption would be highly advisable.

8. Consumption of Cinnamon

Cinnamon is known to promote the insulin and lipid profile in these patients dealing with the issue of PCOS. So, it is one of the most natural home remedies for PCOS facial hair management. Not only does cinnamon internally improve PCOS symptoms, but it also soothes the stomach. As cinnamon is easily available in every kitchen, you don’t have to rush for a high-priced drug to deal with your everyday facial hair problems due to PCOS.


Once one has PCOS, it does not go away. But there are ways for managing the symptoms, just as we described some of the most effective home remedies for PCOS facial hair. Whether you are undergoing medical treatment or not, these remedies help you tame your excess facial hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which home remedy is the cheapest for removing excess facial hair caused by PCOS?

The cheaper home remedies for PCOS facial hair involve shaving. But since it is not permanent, the consumption of spearmint tea is also relatively cheap.

Q2. Do the home remedies for PCOS facial hair management pose any threat to the body?

Generally, they don’t. However, shaving and waxing can cause rashes and allergies in some people, but it is not a significant issue.

Q3. Can I rely on home remedies for PCOS facial hair removal and not see a doctor?

Home remedies for PCOS facial hair are totally reliable and very effective. But you should undergo medical treatment to get rid of the underlying cause.

Q4. Will age be a factor in applying home remedies for facial hair caused by PCOS?

Age is not a deciding factor in applying home remedies for PCOS facial hair management. No matter what age she belongs to, any woman can benefit the same from these remedies.

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