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Suffering from PCOS is already bad, so additionally, hair loss due to this disease can be a bit too much for the patients, both emotionally and physically. As we all know, most people believe in home remedies rather than prescribed medicines; PCOS also has its specific sets of PCOS hair loss home remedies available to manage the hair loss problem.

If you do not have a clear idea of what PCOS is, let us tell you about that. PCOS is a condition that causes hormone imbalance in the female body, meaning that a woman with PCOS would produce a higher number of male hormones than the regular range. Baldness is a pretty common symptom of this condition, and it only contributes to other health hazards if left untreated for a long time, and that’s where the PCOS hair loss home remedies come in handy.

Now, any hair we lose typically grows back after some days or months. Yet, the amount of hair you lose due to PCOS will not grow back naturally. The extra androgens produced by PCOS cause hair thinning, especially on the front side of the scalp. But with the help of the PCOS hair loss home remedies, you can stimulate the growth of the new hair.

These PCOS hair loss home remedies are generally gentle and safe on the scalp and hair. However, we must consider that not every person is the same, as well their hair. So, these remedies may work differently for different people. Here’s a look at some of the most effective at-home treatments for PCOS hair loss.


6 Useful PCOS Hair Loss Home Remedies

Whether you are undergoing medical treatments for hair loss related to PCOS or not, you can try out a few PCOS hair loss home remedies to fasten up the new hair growth process. Here’s a list of some of the finest home remedies you should opt for to solve your PCOS hair loss problem.

1. Using cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is one of the most effective PCOS hair loss home remedies for growing new hair on the scalp. Not only that, but this spice changes the texture of the hair, essentially promoting the way your hair should look. Additionally, the aroma of cinnamon stays in the hair for a long time.

To use this product, first, take a bowl and pour some coconut oil or olive oil into it and then warm it up for a little bit, but do not let it boil. Then cool it down and add 3-5 drops of store-bought cinnamon oil or just 1 teaspoon of raw cinnamon and mix it well. This mixture is easy to apply evenly with the help of a brush.

2. Using amla

As you might have heard before, amla is great for hair strengthening and hair growth. No wonder it is undoubtedly one of the most reliable PCOS hair loss home remedies you can possibly8 find. Amla works on the hair as a detox product and helps to remove the hoarded DTH from the hair follicle receptors.

Once DTH is removed from the hair follicles, hair can grow normally. You can either buy readymade amla oil or slice it into small pieces and then, after them for 3-4 days, mix it with coconut oil. Massaging amla oil or amla mixed with coconut oil can prevent hair fall and strengthen the hair from the inside.

3. Using aloe vera

As aloe vera possesses various nutrients, such as minerals, vitamins, essential amino acids, etc., they have proven hair growth benefits. Most people consider it one of the most effective PCOS hair loss home remedies. You either use aloe vera gel or aloe vera juice to stimulate hair growth as both products are equally effective on hair loss.

Aloe vera gel has the same pH level as the hair and scalp, making it safer to use, unlike most commercial hair care products. It also has a higher moisture content that naturally conditions the hair making them stronger from the root. While consuming aloe vera juice provides nutrients to the body and provides hormonal balance, thus internally solving hair growth problems.

4. Massages to the scalp

Scalp massaging is one of those PCOS hair loss home remedies that basically cost you nothing. Although it cannot stop PCOS from damaging hair growth, it can aid in enhancing the hair growth process.

Massages improve blood circulation in the head as well as strengthen the hair roots. Statistics claim a 15 minutes head, and hair massage with organic oils such as jojoba, coconut or olive oil can visibly enhance hair growth while preventing frequent hair loss.

5. Consuming Biotin and Zinc supplements

You might have heard that health supplements cause hair fall problems, but not all of them. Zinc and Biotin are two professionally recommended supplements that have many beneficial properties regarding hair growth. Hence, they are used as PCOS hair loss home remedies you can buy from any stationery store.

6. Using Fenugreek seeds

In case you didn’t know, fenugreek seeds are one of the popular PCOS hair loss home remedies as these seeds contain iron and protein, which are essential for hair growth. That’s not all; they also contain flavonoids and saponins, which are components presumed to induce hair growth.

You can add crushed fenugreek seeds to the hair mask you use and apply it once a week. It will prevent hair thinning and strengthen the roots, thus reducing hair fall. Research on this product related to hair growth is still limited, yet some studies do claim that these seeds are capable of enhancing hair.


If you thought that your PCOS-related hair problems are here to stay, these PCOS hair loss home remedies might just prove you wrong. Regular usage of these remedies can actually solve your hair fall problems by 90% while improving your hair’s overall growth, texture, and shine. However, if you are hesitant to use these, consult with your doctor beforehand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which home remedy is most used by PCOS patients?

All PCOS hair loss home remedies we talked about in this article are pretty popular. However, most people use aloe vera gel, cinnamon oil or amla since our ancestors have used them all along to manage hair fall problems.

Q2. Why should we rely on home remedies for PCOS hair loss?

You can undergo medical treatments from your doctor if you wish so. But as prescribed drugs often cause hair fall, people are opting more for natural solutions. Though these PCOS hair loss home remedies cannot cure PCOS, they can put up a fight against hair fall, thus partially solving the hair loss problem.

Q3. What to do if I face side effects from these home remedies?

Almost all PCOS hair loss home remedies do not have side effects. But if that is what happened in your case, rush to your doctor for consultation and immediately stop using the remedy.

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