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Being a new mom, taking care of oneself often takes a back seat while you look after your baby. Out of many problems that come with maternity, hair loss can be a major one. This article focuses on some of the most beneficial home remedies for postpartum hair loss to help you deal with your hair instantly while you look after your baby.

Fortunately, home remedies for postpartum hair loss can benefit other ailments in a person enjoying maternity. It is always advised not to panic if you see clumps of hair coming out from your scalp, as postpartum hair loss is quite a common phenomenon. Also, stress is known to intensify hair loss rapidly- so take a chill pill and try out some home remedies for it instead.

Hormonal imbalances are the main reason for improper hair growth after childbirth, and this results in abnormal hair loss that is worrying you. Home remedies for postpartum hair loss stop abnormal hair loss and help restore your natural hormonal balance, which is especially important after childbirth.

This article focuses on some common home remedies for postpartum hair loss and their properties and also answers some generic questions that might automatically arise in your mind. So, let’s dive in without further ado.


6 Incredible Home Remedies For Postpartum Hair Loss

The following home remedies are sure to regain your hair and your lost confidence. Let us take a look at them one at a time.

1. A properly balanced diet

Maintaining a balanced, nutritious diet is a critical factor for overall health and well-being. Postpartum women, in particular, greatly benefit from a balanced diet as they help in restoring the hormonal imbalances occurring due to pregnancies which helps in preventing hair loss and promoting regrowth of lost hair.

Foods considered home remedies for postpartum hair loss should be rich in vitamins and minerals, and prime examples include bananas and apples. These foods help restore hormonal balances and revive nourishment that is drained during breastfeeding. Also, remember to drink plenty of water along with these foods to stay hydrated throughout the day.

2. Nutritional supplements

Nutrition is an essential aspect of a healthy body. And proper nutrition becomes all the more critical if you have gone through the tiring process of having a baby. Suppose you are not getting enough nutrition from your diet and have postpartum issues such as hair loss. In this situation, you should opt for additional supplements that could provide you with enough nutrition for your body while working as home remedies for postpartum hair loss.

The ideal nutrient supplements should include zinc, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A, etc. But it is advisable to take a suggestion from a licensed doctor before you start consuming any form of supplements to prevent adverse reactions.

3. Stress-relieving activities

As mentioned earlier, stress is a significant factor in postpartum hair loss. Considered the primary reason for hair loss, stress is the reason for 80% of a human’s ailments ranging from hair loss to major gastrointestinal problems. Stress-relieving activities like focusing on hobbies can act as major home remedies for postpartum hair loss.

Practicing meditation, breathing exercises, concentration, and indulging in different activities can be significant stress relievers that can be beneficial in managing your hair loss problems and help in the regrowth of hair you have lost after childbirth.

4. A change in hairstyle

Postpartum haircuts, although considered clichés, can act as home remedies for postpartum hair loss. After pregnancy, going for a haircut can help you safeguard your hair from hair loss before your baby is due.

On the other hand, going for a haircut after childbirth can help you make a style statement while hiding signs of postpartum hair loss at the same time. So, forgetting about clichés and changing your style statement after childbirth can be a great way to cope with postpartum hair loss.

4. Altering your haircare routine

Special shampoos designed for postpartum hair care routines are widely available. These shampoos are loaded with biotin and silica and a deep-moisture conditioner, which promotes hair regrowth while preventing further postpartum hair loss.

Such shampoos can act as major home remedies for postpartum hair loss provided you brush your hair gently while it’s wet, or you can wait until all of your hair has dried. Also, be careful not to use your hairdryer in a hot setting or use any hair rollers or straightening irons.

5. Try natural styles for some months

It would help if you kept your tresses simple without indulging in activities like coloring and applying gels and waxes for styling. Instead, peppermint oils and flaxseed oils can act as home remedies for postpartum hair loss as they help moisturize your hair while preventing hair loss.

Almond oil and castor oil can promote the regrowth of lost postpartum hair. Consumption of fatty fish can also help restore the levels of fatty acids in your body post-childbirth.

6. Patience can be an essential remedy

Always remember the universal saying that good things come at a price. While it’s true you are losing clumps of your beautiful tresses; you are blessed with the arrival of your newborn, which is an ethereal joy.

Patience can be a part of the critical home remedies for postpartum hair loss, as you need to understand that while you are in a lot of distress from the loss of your beautiful tresses, this condition will not last long. You will have your flowing tresses of hair back again within a short period.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What oils should I use to prevent postpartum hair loss?

You can use peppermint oil and flaxseed oil to prevent hair loss after childbirth, as they work as effective home remedies for postpartum hair loss.

2. Do these home remedies for postpartum hair loss work?

There is no telling how a remedy will work on specifically your body. But, most of these remedies are a natural way to go and have proven effective on most people so you can follow them.

3. Will changing the diet can affect my postpartum hair loss?

Diet affects your body’s recovery, and hence a balanced diet can be one of the most effective home remedies for postpartum hair loss. Also, diet helps one get over other postpartum ailments.

4. Is it advisable to visit a doctor for hair loss problems?

It is not advisable for you to visit a doctor for postpartum hair loss problems as they may administer antibiotics in high doses, which can cause breastfeeding or other postnatal complications. Hence, you should have patience and rely on home remedies for postpartum hair loss.

5. How effective are skincare therapies for postpartum hair loss?

Skincare therapies can be the most suitable way to stop postpartum hair loss as they use natural ways to deal with it, unlike doctors. However, if you are a bit low on budget, home remedies for postpartum hair loss work pretty well.

Final Words

We understand postpartum hair loss is quite a painful condition for new mothers. However, you should keep in mind that childbirth is a long and complicated process, and it takes some time to get back on track once it’s over. Until your luscious tresses grow back, you can use these home remedies for postpartum hair loss to boost hair and confidence regrowth.

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