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How does a vagina smell? Men have some weird misconceptions about how a vagina is supposed to smell. They think the vagina should smell good. Is that supposed to smelt like a flower, strawberry, or perfume? Unfortunately, the vagina does not smell like any of these, and neither it is supposed to smell good. Still, with vaginal odour home remedies, you can fix the unusual vaginal smell. There are plenty of home remedies for vaginal odour.

The vagina is the most intimate part of the female body that remains covered almost all the time. Plus, it secrets a dense fluid with a high pH. So the vagina can not smell like anything but raw meat, similar to men’s penis. But an unusual smell is not typical, and it might be a symptom of vaginal infection. Follow home remedies for vaginal odour.


How to identify the unusual vaginal odour?

Before we dive deeper, let’s understand how to differentiate between typical vaginal smell and unusual vaginal odour. The reason behind the vaginal smell is the fluid it secretes. The dense vaginal fluid has a higher pH level than blood, which means it is supposed to smell and taste like a base or a natural soap. That is the normal smell of a healthy vagina. If you smell any odour you are not familiar with, use this guide for home remedies for vaginal odour.

The smell of your vagina is not supposed to be constant. It changes over the menstrual cycle, sweating, and sexual activity. Also, periods bring an utterly different odour, but that doesn’t stay after finishing periods. If the odour remains after your period or you smell any unpleasant and unusual vaginal odour, it might be a sign that your vagina is growing infected. Try these home remedies for vaginal odour first.

Some common reasons for abnormal vaginal odour

  • Poor hygiene is the main cause behind having an unusual vaginal smell and several vaginal infections. Use home remedies for vaginal odour.
  • Bacterial or fungal infection is another reason. Bacteria and fungus grow easily inside the vagina since it provides them with all the necessities.
  • Trichomoniasis is a bacterial infection that is transmitted sexually.
  • Using a tampon or sanitary napkin for a long time. Follow the vaginal odour home remedy to start a hygienic practice.

Bacterial or fungal infections generally produce a chemical or stinky smell. Using a tampon or sanitary napkin for a long time creates a rotten smell. Whatever the causes are, the complete guide of home remedies for vaginal odour will surely help you to get rid of this embarrassing odour.

7 Amazing Home Remedies For Vaginal Odour

In today’s world, most women are ignorant of their intimate hygiene. We spend a handsome amount of money and time making our faces and body look pretty, but we are least concerned about our private parts since they remain covered. And that is why the intimate areas need care the most. Make time for yourself and your entire body.

7 Safe home remedies for vaginal odour are noted below.

1. Take a shower and wash the intimate parts regularly

Taking Shower Regularly

Not maintaining intimate hygiene is the main cause of an unpleasant vaginal odour. Wash the vagina separately and gently while taking a shower. It is vital to wash it at least once a day. Try to wash it every time after peeing. Vaginal dour home remedies can not solve the issue if you do not maintain intimate hygiene properly.

2. Do not use soap

No Soap

Some of you might be thinking, using soap for washing would be great! Do not do that. Soaps and body gels contain chemical ingredients which are not suitable for the most sensitive part of your body. Applying a gel or other inappropriate products can make it worse and might lead to bacterial growth. To wash your vaginal area, all you need is lukewarm water; that’s it!

3. Do not spray perfume on intimate areas

No Perfumes

To get rid of vaginal odour, some choose the easiest way, which is wrong. Using perfume on sensitive parts like the vagina is never recommended. Firstly, it can not remove the odour from the outside. Secondly, it will cause inflammation inside the vagina, which is not a very good feeling. Right! So do not go for the easy; opt for the right one! Follow these safe home remedies for vaginal odour.

4. Do not reuse dirty underwear

Cotton Underwear

No matter how busy or tired you are, never wear underwear twice without washing it. It is the most common unhygienic torture you can do to your vagina. The vaginal discharge stays on your underwear until you wash it with detergent, and uncountable bacteria and fungus attract to that. So wearing dirty underwear means inviting them to attack your body.

Use cotton underwear; it would be gentle with your intimate parts. Follow the home remedies for vaginal odour properly; it would vanish within a week.

5. Choose a loose-fitting dress for the bottom

Loose Fitting Jeans

Are you sure that you are not neglecting your genital hygiene for fashion? Wearing tight pants makes your vagina sweat and attracts bacteria and fungus for the entire day. Choose comfy and loose-fitting bottom wear to make a place for the vagina.

Also, it is very important what you are wearing to bed. Underwear with lace and thongs might surely look hot, but they are not gentle with your vagina. If possible, avoid wearing underwear at the time of sleep. Let your vagina rest comfortably. It is one of the most popular and safe home remedies for vaginal odour.

6. Switch to a menstrual cup or tampon


The unpleasant vaginal odour often comes from menstrual mishaps. Sanitary napkins additionally produce a noticeable stinky smell. One of the vaginal odour home remedies is to switch to a menstrual cup or tampons to handle the period without being smelly. But make sure to change them frequently.

7. Wash it right after sex

After having unprotected sex, always wash the vagina right away. The presence of semen irritates the vagina. A post-sex cuddle can wait for a minute. First, you need to carefully pee and wash your respective intimate parts.

This is also applicable to masturbation. It does not matter if you had an orgasm or not; wash the vagina once you are done. Following these basic vaginal odour home remedies can save you from having an unpleasant vaginal odour.

Closing Thoughts

An unusual vaginal odour is something that should be health seriously. Keeping in mind the seriousness of this situation we have listed the above-mentioned home remedies for unusual vaginal odour which are having no side effects on your sensitive parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. My boyfriend complains that my vagina doesn’t smell good. Should I be concerned about it?

Ans: Dear, the vagina is not supposed to smell good. If you’re maintaining regular hygiene, there is no need to worry. Follow the vaginal odour home remedies, in case you have a doubt.

2. The vaginal discharge smells stinky what should I do?

Ans:  It might be too poor intimate hygiene. Use these home remedies for vaginal odour.

3. Even after finishing the period, the bad smell is not going. Is that an infection?

Ans: It’s possible that the smell is not because of periods. Wash that part with lukewarm water at least twice a day for a week. If the odour remains, consult a doctor.

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