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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches? Cockroaches are the most common pest in the world. They can carry bacteria and germs that may cause skin infections or diseases. Roaches can be attracted to your home for different reasons but mainly they come for food and water. They are also attracted to dirt and waste product in the house.

Once roaches have entered your house, they can grow in numbers quickly. There are many over-the-counter chemicals available in the market to kill roaches but these chemicals may have a bad impact on the health of your family. Use below natural home remedy to get rid of roaches in House / Apartment without an exterminator.

Before killing roaches you should know about their species and size which will make the killing process easy. There are mainly three types of roaches’ American, German, and Oriental roaches. The size of a cockroach can be between .5 to 3 inches. German roaches entered your house because of the water.


What Attracts Cockroaches in Your House?

  • Not cleaning the house properly or poor domestic hygiene.
  • Keeping your food open
  • Excessive water
  • Not using pest control measurements
  • Cockroaches are very resilient pests.
  • A cockroach can attract other cockroaches.
Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches House Apartment

10 Proven Home Remedies to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are a very common pest problem. There are many over-the-counter chemicals available to get rid of roaches but they can have bad effects on your health. So try home remedies for the removal of cockroaches from the house.

1. Borax

Borax is one of the most suitable ways to rid of roaches. It dehydrates the roaches and kills them by weakening their digestive system. This home remedy is not safe for kids and pets. So you can avoid this remedy if you have kids and pets.

  • You can apply the borax powder around gaps and holes in the house.
  • Alternatively, you can mix borax with sugar and some water to make a thick paste.
  • Cockroaches are attracted to sugar. They will eat this remedy and will die because of dehydration.
  • Repeat this remedy until you get rid of cockroaches completely.

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2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another very effective home remedy to kill roaches. It will not kill roaches instantly but it will surely remove roaches from the house within two weeks.

  • Make a paste of baking soda, sugar, and water.
  • Keep this mixture in cockroach accessible area in the house.
  • Repeat this remedy until all the roaches are gone.

3. Bay Leaves

This is the perfect natural way to protect your house from roaches because they just hate the bay leaves to smell. This natural roach repellent is not harmful to humans so you can place it anywhere you like.

  • Make a fine powder of a handful of bay leaves.
  • Now sprinkle the powder around the roach’s nest or roach’s accessible area.

4. Lemon Juice or Lemon Peel

Another simple natural remedy to keep roaches out of the house. Lemon has anti-pathogenic which helps to keep cockroaches away from the home.

  • Take fresh lemon juice and spray it around the corner of the house where you know a cockroach can reside.
  • Alternatively, you can keep the lemon peel in the cockroaches’ accessible area in the house.

5. Neem

Neem is also known as Indian lilac which is a wonderful cockroach-repellent home remedy. It is safe for humans and cheaper than other cockroach-repellent chemicals available on the market.

  • Take one-liter water and mix it with 2 tablespoons of neem oil.
  • Now with the help of a spray bottle sprinkle this mixture on the cockroach-affected area of the house.
  • You can use neem powder to sprinkle on the cockroaches’ affected area.

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6. Listerine

Listerine is well known for mouthwash but it can wash out cockroaches from your house as well. This remedy will take some time to get rid of a cockroach.

  • Mix Listerine with water and sprinkle around the corner of the bathroom or kitchen in your house or apartment.
  • Repeat this remedy until you get rid of cockroaches completely.

7. Moth Balls

Mothballs are a very good natural home remedy to keep cockroaches away from your apartment or house. It is not good for humans so keep it out of reach of your children.

  • Keep mothballs in a cupboard or near a cockroach nest or area which is easily accessible to a cockroach.

8. Kaffir Lime Essential Oil

Another wonderful natural cockroach repellent to Get Rid of American Cockroaches. This essential oil is very effective against American and German roaches.

  • Mix 10 drops of kaffir lime essential oil in 2 cups of water and keep it in a spray bottle.
  • Now sprinkle this mixture with the help of a spray bottle around roaches affected area of your house.

9. Garlic Clove

Garlic clove is a good natural roaches repellent that is very fast in getting to Get Rid of German Roaches. Roaches run away from cloves because of their odor.

  • Take a garlic clove and peel off the skin.
  • Keep the garlic clove in the affected or cockroach-accessible area.
  • Replace garlic clove in 2 days until you get rid of roaches.

10. Catnip Spray

Catnip contains a chemical that works as roach repellent. Prepare catnip tea and spray it on the affected area will help you get rid of cockroaches fast.

  • Take one ounce of catnip leaves and 2 cups of hot water.
  • Let catnip leaves steep in hot water for 5 minutes. Then strain the mixture and keep it in a spray bottle.
  • Now spray the mixture on the affected area or when you know cockroaches may be present.

Prevention Tips to Keep Cockroach Away

  • Clean your house daily by vacuuming and keep checking your furniture, walls, cabinets, cupboards, etc.
  • Remove all the wastage and clutter from the house.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and don’t leave food open or in the dustbin.
  • Try to wash all the washable areas in the house including the sink daily.
  • Fill all the holes or places that are dark and hard to reach and keep occupied with something else.
  • Keep your food in a closed container.
  • Use a covered dustbin.
  • Block if there is any leakage of water in the house.
  • Keep checking your book shelve or drawers.

Final Words

Cockroaches are a very common pest that entered the house in search of water and food. Roaches are attracted to dark places, moist places, food, water, etc. Cockroaches in the house can cause many diseases and skin infections. There are so many products available in the market for cockroach removal from the house. Which may have some side effects on your family.

Try the above home remedies to get rid of roaches from your house or apartment. If you have any other home remedy which we forget to mention write in the comment box below.

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