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Protection from the sun has become excessively crucial in recent times. Gone are the days when you could soak up the sunrays without worrying about skin damage. With global warming and steadily rising temperatures, the sun’s rays have become excessively harmful since they have UVA and UVB rays that can cause a host of problems for the skin.

Sun damage can be seen in a variety of ways. Some of the most common ones are skin aging, wrinkling, fine lines, age spots, redness, irritation, and skin rashes. One of the most severe complications due to sun exposure is skin cancer.  Just because overexposure to the sun can cause issues, you do not need to avoid the sun and the beautiful outdoors wholly.

There are plenty of ways that you can protect yourself from the sun.

Wear sunscreen daily:

Sun exposure happens every day due to a variety of reasons. No one can be completely protected from the sun’s rays unless you stay indoors at all times. Daily activities like traveling for work, getting from one place to the next, walking on the street, or even driving, can cause exposure to the sun. If you plan to be out in the sun for more than ten to fifteen minutes at any point during the day, it is necessary to keep your skin protected especially when using an outdoor tanning lotion. Use a cream or body lotion with SPF 30 or higher at least twenty minutes before you leave the house or shade. Ensure you purchase a sunscreen that is broad spectrum and waterproof.

With summer around the corner, lots of people would be heading to the beach or gardens to get a great tan. If you plan to use an outdoor sun tanning lotion or oil, ensure you wear a protective layer of sunscreen before you apply the tanning lotion. Always select a tanning lotion or oil that is the most suitable to your skin to ensure you get an even tan of the shade you want. Another crucial thing to remember is to check the expiry dates of all products that you use on your skin.


Lots of people only protect their skin with sunscreen but forget to protect their eyes. The skin around the eyes is excessively sensitive and needs extra care and protection. Use a thick layer of sunscreen around your eyes to protect it from aging and harmful UV rays. Invest in a pair of sunglasses with wide lenses to protect your sensitive eyes and the skin around it from exposure. Opt for sunglasses that give you maximum protection from the sun to keep your eyes healthy and bright!

Stay indoors:

The sun does the worst damage between 10 am to 3 pm. If you must step outside during these hours, carry a sun umbrella to protect yourself from the sun, wear sunglasses, and apply a layer of sunscreen to protect your skin again the harmful UV rays. Many people schedule their travel either before 10 am or after 3 pm. Even a slight change in your daily schedule will help protect you from sun damage in the long term. The other option is to use an umbrella or even if you have one a camping tarp to shade yourself and your skin.

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Save your skin with clothing:

Use your clothes to help you against the sun. Going backless, with short sleeves, and shorts won’t protect you from exposure. The summer heat and sun can be relentless, and you might be tempted to wear lesser clothes. Exposing your skin to excessive heat can cause severe dehydration and might also cause you to faint or throw up. Long-sleeved shirts and tops, long pants, and full-length skirts will help you cope better in the summer rather than beach wear.

Choose clothing that is light, airy, and loose. Fabric like breathable cotton will be advantageous in the scorching heat and help you keep fresh. Many companies make clothing that protects against harmful UV rays. These clothes have a label with UPF (UV Protection Factor) on them. Higher the UPF, better the protection. The sun can dry our your skin too, use moisturiser to stop your skin from flaking. Also the sun closes your pores and can allow sebum build up, try using an acne face wash after being in the sun to clear out your pores.

Don’t forget your lips:

Many people tend to neglect their mouths in the sun. Just because you sweat does not mean that your lips are protected against sun damage. Lips can also get painfully sunburnt and can crack, chap, and bleed if not treated with care. Apart from the lips, the skin surrounding the lips also get sunburnt very severely and results in premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and lip lines that can make the skin discolored with patchy spots. Use a lip balm with SPF or a moisturizer every hour and sunscreen around the lips and jawline to protect your lips and face.

Closing Thoughts

While sun rays are beneficial in the form of vitamin D but due to global warming, the sun rays have lost all their quality and are considered to be hazardous to your skin. The high-intensity ultraviolet rays can when exposed to your skin can lead to permanent damage to your skin cells.

But with proper shielding from the sun, you can protect your face and body from the ill effects of the sun’s rays. During the summer season make it a ritual to apply sunscreen all over your face especially under your eyes and around your lips as the skin over there is very sensitive and easily be subjected to wrinkles, lines, and patches. Wear full sleeves cotton clothes to make you feel comfortable and prevent tanning of your skin.

It is your responsibility to protect your skin from sun damage by taking the necessary precautions as mentioned in our article. 


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