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In the meantime, following the birth of the kittens, most kittens get an eye infection. If you have kittens for the first time and have the vaguest idea about eye infections in kittens, let your worries go. Kitten eye infections are pretty standard, as we just mentioned, and in this article, we will let you know about some effective home remedies for congestion in kittens.

The eye infection in the eyes of the kitten is called conjunctivitis or congestion. Some people also refer to this condition as ‘pink eye,’ which is caused by a variety of reasons such as viruses, bacteria, corneal irritation, fungi, algae, eye tumours, allergies etc. As kittens are delicate, treating this condition as soon as possible is advisable. The kitten eye infection home remedies can be more than handy in these cases.

Newborn kittens should be treated with extra if they get any eye infections. In that case, you should start by trying out suitable newborn kitten eye infection home remedies before any vet appointment.

If you are desperate to find effective kitten eye infection home remedies, you have already found the right place. In this guide, we will take through a detailed description of various home remedies for combating eye infections in kittens.


7 Useful Home Remedies For Eye Infections In Kittens

There are several home remedies for treating conjunctivitis in kittens. We have found some of the most effective home remedies that battle eye infections in kittens in one way or other. You can apply a chosen kitten eye infection home remedy that perfectly suits your kitten. The following home remedies are all effective on kitten congestion.

1. Using the warm compress

Warm compress is considerably one of the most popular home remedies for congestion in kittens. For applying this method, you first have to take a soft towel, a clean cloth, a gauze pad and some other clothes soaked in warm water. Then press the damp cloth onto your cat’s eye and hold it for 5 minutes.

If your kitten is moving a bit too much, continue this process again and again instead of just holding on. After a few minutes, you can remove the compress.  Then discard the cloth. Until the infection completely goes away, continue repeating this process every hour.

2. Wiping the eye

Discharging wastes through the eye is a common symptom of eye infections in kittens. Wiping the eye with a clean cloth is considered an effective newborn kitten eye infection home remedy. The process is similar to a warm compress; instead of compressing, you need to wipe the kitten’s eyes with care.

Fragrance-free clean and soft cloth is ideal for eye wiping. You can also use store-bought baby wipes for this process, as often kittens have sensitive skin. Repeat this process for few times a day until the infection goes away, and don’t forget to discard the cloth after usage.

3. Using herbal supplements

This one is a popular newborn kitten eye infection home remedy. Many people consider herbal supplements for kitten eye infections a rare find. Herbal supplements aid and relieve the pain and redness of eye infections in kittens.

There are many supplements you can go forward with. The most popular and effective supplements are Sanicula, Euphrasia, Aconite, Chamomile, Eyebright and Calendula. Due to their herbal nature, these supplements cause no harm to the stomach, and the body as kittens often possess a delicate stomach.

4. Proper eyewash

Conjunctivitis can also occur if a foreign object gets stuck in a kitten’s eye. Eyewash is the go-to newborn kitten eye infection home remedy in this situation. Eyewash is the process of washing eyes with saline water. Though it is generally done by vets and at the pet store, you can also do it at your own house.

However, the human-grade solution is not appropriate for kittens. You need to obtain a feline-grade saline solution from the pet store for proper eye washing. It is one of the active home remedies for congestion in kittens and effectively removes the object from the eye after a few applications.

5. Using milk treatment

One of the quickly done home remedies for congestion in kittens is milk treatment. If he gets an eye infection, you need to add one or two drops of raw milk to your kitten’s eye. You can continue this process two times a day for a few days, and hopefully, the infection will go away. Just ensure that your kitten’s eye is clean before dropping the milk.

6. Using green tea

A few cups of brewing green can be one of the effective kitten eye infection home remedies. You need to brew green tea as you usually do for this process. Then grab a clean and sanitized eyedropper and get a tiny amount of green tea in your dropper. Add a few drops to the kitten’s eye with proper caution, and then wipe the eye carefully. Repeating this method a few times a day can relieve your kitten’s eye while eventually curing the infection.

7. Using apple cider vinegar

This one may sound odd to you, but many vat owners have claimed that it is a very effective newborn kitten eye infection home remedy. To apply this method, you need a clean cotton ball to dab inside with apple cider vinegar and then carefully massage their neck for a few minutes. It is supposed to clean their eyes after a few times of applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I treat my kitten’s eye infection at home?

Of course, you can. We have talked about a few remedies in this article, choose one kitten eye infection home remedy, and you are good to go.

Q2. Do these home remedies work on newborn kittens?

These home remedies work perfectly fine no matter your kitten’s age. Look for one newborn kitten’s eye infection home remedy that meets the need of your kitten the most.

Q3. Do these home remedies for kitten conjunctivitis cost too much?

Generally, they are not costly. You only need a few required things to apply these home remedies for congestion in kittens, but they don’t cost much, and these remedies are pretty cheap when compared to the vet visit.

Q4. Which home remedy is the most effective for eye infections in kittens?

You can go for any home remedy that suits you and your pet. However, if you are eager to get some suggestions, warm compress and eye wiping are the two most used home remedies for congestion in kittens.

Q5. Which home remedy is capable of preventing the eye infection from occurring again?

Kittens are infamous for getting eye infections quickly. Unfortunately, no kitten eye infection home remedies can prevent the infection from ever happening. But taking good care of them and regularly washing their eyes can prevent it to an extent.


Home remedies for congestion in kittens are considered saviours to cat parents. Though they almost always work if applied accurately, rush to the vet and seek medical attention if the infection does not go away even after a week. The same goes for allergies and adverse effects from the remedies. Take good care of your feline companions as you go along.

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