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Many people love to grow long nails, especially girls who are very attracted to fancy nail art and nail polishes. But do you know that if these long nails are not cleaned and shaped from time to time, dirt or food particles may enter these nails leading to fungal and bacterial infections?

Now to prevent such infections that take no time to spread in the areas around your nails, it is wise to trim your nails at frequent intervals and clean their surfaces to prevent any particles to reside within them.

With advancements in technology, the market has launched a variety of modern nail clippers that are multipurpose. They trim your nails, shape them, and can clean them. What’s more electric nail clippers are also launched that are portable and travel-friendly also. Read on to buy the handiest nail clipper for yourself.


Our Handpicked Collection Of 10 Amazing Nail Clippers

However, there are different kinds of nail clippers on the market today but if you are looking for betterment, then you can read on to check out our amazing nail clippers.

Of a truth, long nails may add aesthetics to the body structure but to be honest, long nails may create a haven for fungi, bacteria, and some other micro-organisms. However, you can get rid of dirty long nails with the Pfeilring 0233050090 Nail Clipper.

This nail clipper has proven so many times to be one of the options for cutting the nail effectively. It is made from ever-dynamic German state-of-the-art technologies. This makes it classy and unique compared to those fickle traditional nail cutters with no identity and origin.

The grooming ability of this nail clipper is of no match! This is because of its superimposed cutting mechanism which delivers one of precision cutting and also leaves the nails with a fantastic matte finish. Plus, its handle is long enough for comfier cutting and it’s boasting of delivering the result regardless of the nail type or strength. Get some nail polish to make your nails look nice and healthy and pair it with some nail polish remover.

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Key features:
  • Stainless steel material
  • Compact design
  • Sturdy and durable

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The Concord Executive Dual Nail and Toe Clipper is known for its ability to stand the test of time regardless of how often you use it. In fact, a lot of users have alluded to this distinct characteristic of this nail clipper.

Not only that this Japan-made nail clipper is durable, but it also promises to deliver a high precision cutting on either the fingernails or the toenails with a very sharp blade.

Furthermore, the Concord Executive Nail Clipper is constructed with heavy-duty samurai steel with a black polish surface to prevent emergency damage by corrosion. And the fact that it comes with a leather-made pouch makes it very easy to store.

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Key features:
  • Made of Samurai steel with black coating
  • Perfect for toe and fingernails
  • Easy to store

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The Qubtech Qub852 Nippty Toe Nail Clipper is yet another nail clipper available on the market today. So, if you intend to begin the journey of making your nail dirt and germ-free, you should consider this nail clipper! Why?

Firstly, it is made of stainless steel with a sharp ergonomic curved blade, which will easily pierce through any kind of nails to deliver fantastic precision cutting without any hitch. Secondly, the lever mechanism with a two-way spring system makes it very easy to deal with any unruly nails within the twinkling of an eye.

To prevent unrealistic injuries, this grooming tool comes with a plastic cover that prevents the blade from nicking the skin in error when not in use. Besides, the plastic cover also prevented this nail clipper blade from rust and some other damaging factors. It is also worth noting that this nail clipper features a handy nail file to enhance optimum precision and its handle is constructed with water-repelling satin material, this makes it very easy to wash thoroughly immediately after use.

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Key features:
  • Comes with a handy nail file
  • Two-way spring system
  • Comes with plastic cover

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No stubborn nail can withstand the efficacy of the Medi-UK Heavy Duty Black and Gold Nail Clipper. How?

Unlike other nail clippers, this Medi-UK brainchild is equipped with a highly textured handle to enhance easy grip during vigorous nail cutting. Also, its 6-inch length is not too long or short for you to conveniently deal with any unsightly toenails and the strong, sharp, curved blade makes it even more ideal for effective grooming.

Furthermore, this tool is conscientiously made with gold color baller and screw. With this, you can count on the Medi-UK Black and gold nail clipper for colorful and aesthetics grooming. Plus, its lightweight design makes it perfect for all and sundry particularly seniors and diabetics that need to improve the condition of their nails. And its stainless steel composition makes it more sturdy and durable than any traditional nail clippers available on the market today. So, if you love your nails don’t hesitate to get this nail clipper! For more beauty products, check out our guide on cosmetic cases.

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Key features:
  • Durable steel construction
  • Ideal for toenail
  • Suitable for seniors and diabetics

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There are different kinds of nail clippers on the market today but the kind of the Maltesar Extra Flat folded nail clipper is unique.

As the name implies, this tool is very thin and arrives with designs that make it very easy to fold whenever it is not in use. The most exciting thing about this tool is that it has proven time and time again as one of the amazing and ideal candidates for cutting any kind of nails either brittle or unruly.

Furthermore, the Maltesar Folded Nail Clipper is made of stainless steel with a highly polished surface which prevents emergency damage as a result of corrosion. Plus, its compact size makes it very suitable for travel but the ease of losing it may be a cog in the wheel if you need to groom your nails on the go.

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Key features:
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Highly polished surface
  • Thin and foldable design

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No doubt, this wonderful invention from Candure deserves its place in this article. Talk of aesthetics; it is decorated with a design that is as beautiful as palm trees against an ocean breeze. Talk of efficacy, the Candure Cc2109 Double Action Nail Clipper beat any conventional nail cutter with its very rigid, sharp curved blade and cantilever action. With this, you can rest assured that no matter how strong or thick your nails are, this nail clipper got your back.

“The curved blade with cantilever action did help in getting into edges of my nails”. Said a user!

Furthermore, this 6-inch long nail clipper is approved by CE as one of the safest finger and toenails clippers. Also, it has the ISO’s mark and it’s doesn’t feel slippery during intensive nail cutting. So, save the world from infection by getting the Candure Cc2109!

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Key features:
  • Non-slip design
  • Cantilever action
  • CE and ISO’S approved

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Long and unsightly nails can be harmful to the health, but a well-groom nail will provide no breeding space for micro-organism. However, one of the ways to groom the pin is by using very sound and clinical nail clippers like the Suwada Black Nail Clipper.

This tool is borne and breathes from aesthetic state-of-the-art; this gives it identity and notability among renowned podiatrist and manicurist today. And with its curved blade and length, you can count on effective and efficient grooming without any hitch.

Like other lever-type clippers in this article, this Japan-made tool is equipped with a non-slip design, making it very easy to hold during intensive nail cutting. Plus, it is made with carbon stainless steel with a black color coating to prevent corrosion and thus making it more durable than equals. It weighs 0.5 kg and its promise to save you from frequent Spa visits with its very simple design.

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Key features:
  • Effective curved blade design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy to use

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The Nailove NL8108 Electric Fingernail Clipper is yet another nail clipper available on the market today. This nail clipper is powered by a rechargeable battery with about 1 hour run time and with its ceramic grinding heads, it promises to leave the nails with a matte finish without any hassles.

While other nail clippers primarily focus on nail cutting, the Nailove NL8108 boasts of trimming and grinding nails from both easy and hard-to-reach areas. On the other hand, it is Lightweight and portable enough for you to present to anyone you think their nails deserve to be cut.

Plus, this nail clipper comes with good accessories like a small brush that you can use to eliminate residues resulted from trimmed nails. And it promises to deliver the result with very quiet operation. The most interesting thing about nail clippers is the CE certificate which makes it safe to use than any traditional nail cutter available on the market today.

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Key features:
  • Very quiet operation
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Fast and efficient operation

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Are you looking for a more captivating and interesting nail clipper besides your nipper or a lever? If yes! Try this wonderful invention from Kershaw.

With its diminutive appearance, there is no doubt about the efficacy of this grooming tool. And unlike many nail clippers available on the market today, the Kershaw PQ1002 Leaf Type Nail Clipper incorporates the leaf mechanism to deliver the precision cutting without any hassles.

In addition, this tool is made predominantly of stainless steel that is strong enough to withstand any pressure pose by unruly nails. Plus, it is compact and arrives with a very thin design and leather made pouch. This makes it suitable as a travel companion.

“Excellent travel companion. Work really well for fingernails not as effective for toenails. I love the size and quality build. It is a keeper”. Said a user!

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Key features:
  • Very thin design
  • Excellent travel companion
  • Perfect for fingernails

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51tuKI9wd9L. SX569
If you are looking for one of the nail clippers on the market today, then you should consider the GERmanikure P123 Heavy Duty Nail Clipper. This grooming tool is made with advanced state-of-the-art technologies, starting from the highly effective barrel spring technology to the locking mechanism which makes nail cutting more interesting and enjoyable than before.

The most fascinating thing about this the GERmanikure P123 Nail Clipper is it’s carbon stainless composition which makes it ideal for cutting unruly and extremely brittle nails without breakage. Furthermore, this nail cutter does not draw a gulf between the strong and feeble. This implies that you don’t need to be the strongest man before you can be able to squeeze the spring and get rid of every stubborn nail.

Unlike many conventional nail cutters, this nipper comes with a less slip design that makes it very easy to hold during vigorous grooming. It also comes with a leather-made pouch for easy storage and the fact that you can sterilize it with any of your favorite sterilizing methods is a plus.

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Key features:
  • Non-slip handle
  • Perfect for toenails
  • Sterilizable

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Closing Thoughts

The nail clippers usually have stainless steel bodies to get an easy grip on them while trimming the finger and toenails and preventing any cuts. Nail clippers are very light and portable be it, the conventional ones or electric nail clippers. A good quality and branded nail clipper may cost you a little higher but with the multipurpose functions, it offers one should definitely go for those as they are durable for many years as well.

Also, there are advanced nail clippers with light bodies and curved designs which are flexible to trim the hard nails of diabetic patients and old people without causing any cuts and give a smooth finish to the nail surfaces.

After glancing over the features of the 10 modern nail clippers perfect for your nails, you would definitely not regret buying the suitable nail clipper for yourself.

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