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How to increase memory Power? This cutthroat competition of modern times leads us to a life which is full of stress which is why we sometimes forget petty things and further increase our problems searching for things. We usually use 5 to 8% of our brain if it was possible to activate more than that most of our problems could have been solved automatically and achieved success.


How to Increase Memory Power?

Everyone could be affected by this disease of forgetfulness; old, young, or children. In this article, you will come to know how the memory of children can be increased for studying. Homely remedies and ayurvedic homely remedies improve the power of memory.

Reasons for the weakness of the mind or causes of memory loss

Improvement and weakness of memory depend on the power of the mind. We do lots of such things which reduce our brainpower gradually and make it weak. We should leave all these bad habits otherwise these will keep on harming our brains.

  • Not sleeping well.
  • Not taking proper breakfast.
  • Overeating.
  • Taking less water.
  • Multi-tasking or involved in multi-tasks.
  • Taking stress

18 Effective Natural Remedies To Increase Memory Power

How to Increase improve Memory Power

Our memory has become so much weak in this busy lifestyle that We usually do not remember people we met a few days ago, what we ate sometimes even the names of people. Some people try to recover the power of memory by taking multivitamins.

Let us know some home remedies to sharpen our memory and increase the power of memory.

  1. Almonds – Take 5 to 7 almonds, soak them in water overnight, peel them off and make a paste. Mix this paste in a glass of lukewarm milk and two spoons of honey and take it regularly. Do not take anything after taking this milk. You can make a paste of almonds with white butter and rock sugar. Regular intake of this mixture can sharpen your brain more than a computer.
  2. Walnuts – The construction of our brain matches the design of a walnut. If you want that your memory should be very sharp then take 20-gram walnuts with 10-gram raisins. You can take it on alternative dates in the summer.
  3. Black pepper – 5 to 7 black peppers mixed in white butter and rock sugar can cure the weakness of your mind. It also increases the concentration of work.
  4. Spinach – Spinach contains vitamins A, K, E, C, B2, B6, folic acid, Zink, manganese and calcium. These things keep our brains active.  Spinach contains omega-3 fatty acid which is the most important nutrition for our brain. Spinach contains all the important nutrients important for the development of the mind and improvement of our concentration and memory power so it is very important to take spinach regularly to keep our brain healthy. People suffering from kidney stones or any other disease of the kidney should not take spinach.
  5. Dark chocolate – Dark chocolate boosts up the memory and working capability of the mind so it’s good to eat chocolate. It should not be taken in excess because it increases weight too.
  6. Massage of refined butter (ghee) – massage of cow ghee is the perfect remedy to increase the power of memory. It will not only cure weakness but sharpens the mind also.
  7. Sesame seeds – Taking sesame seeds with jaggery is also good for memory power. To increase memory power sesame seeds are good to eat.
  8. Gooseberry Murrabba – Taking Gooseberry murabba daily empty stomach is very beneficial for the mind and heart. If loss of memory is in excess then take 1 spoonful of gooseberry juice with 2 spoons of honey.
  9. Split black lentil – Soak split black lentil overnight and grate it to make a paste. Now add this paste to the milk with rock sugar and take eat daily. This is very good for the brain.
  10. Mint tea – If you have a problem forgetting everything and cannot remember anything, then take mint tea early in the morning empty stomach. Mint tea is very good for the improvement of long-term memory.

How To Sharpen mind with Ayurveda Remedies?

  1. Liquorices – liquorice should be taken daily by the students or those who are preparing for competitive exams. It increases memory power and sharpens the mind while studying.
  2. Flax seeds oil – flax seeds oil is perfect for increasing memory power and concentration. If it is taken regularly then there will be no mental disease. Students and mental workers should consume this oil daily.
  3. Oil of green gourd – oil of green gourd helps to increase memory power. Gourd oil provides strength to the brain and keeps it cool. If the headache persists, hair fall occurs or hair is turning grey then this oil is going to help you. Massage your skull twice a week for good results.
  4. Tinospora cordifolia – Grind gooseberry, giloy and jamasi in equal proportion and make powder. Take 2 gm of this powder daily in the morning with water.
  5. Wheat Grass Juice – This juice is very effective and beneficial for memory power. Regular consumption of this juice increases memory power and cures forgetfulness.
  6. Rose petal jam – Rose petal jam should be taken twice a day to increase memory power. Students should take it daily it helps to remember the learned lesson.
  7. Cinnamon – 10 gm of cinnamon powder with honey every day before sleep is very beneficial for health. Nothing should be taken after eating this. This is a sure-shot remedy for many ailments and increases memory power too.
  8. Black Plum – black plum has fluoxetine which helps in remembering old things. It has the power to increase memory power.

How to Improve Children’s (Student) Memory?

The development of children depends on the initiatives of parents taken in their childhood because their first school and the first nursery is their home. Let us discuss tips to increase the memory power of children through home remedies.

  • Curd – curd has amino acid which controls stress and keeps the mind at peace. To keep stress away from children curd should be added to the meals.
  • Milk – memory power increases if milk is taken with honey. To keep children’s minds sharp and active milk should be given daily.
  • Mind game – mental exercises are very necessary to improve mind power. Nowadays lots of puzzle games and mind-boggling games are available in the market, bring these games for your children and play with them.
  • Bacopa Monnieri (Brahmi Powder) – This is very good to increase the memory power of children for studying. It not only increases memory at the time of the exam but keeps their mind cool also. Give your children half a teaspoon of Brahmi with honey in lukewarm water it will be very effective.

According to research if a pregnant woman eats fish thrice or more the child possesses a sharp mind so it’s beneficial to give fish to a pregnant woman. Fish prevents autism and increases the rate of development of the children.

Memory Improvement Tips for Students (Kids)

  • Let children sleep for one hour at noon.
  • Play missing numbers with children. Count numbers with the children and play tricks by skipping a few numbers. Children will fill the gaps.
  • Answer children’s questions.
  • Spend quality time with children and play games with them.
  • Share thoughts with children at the dinner table.

Some more tips to sharpen the mind

  • Chew well shallow fried melon seeds. These are good for memory power improvement.
  • Two tablespoonfuls of honey in lukewarm water are very good for memory power.
  • A pudding of gourd boosts up memory.
  • One glass of carrot juice is good for the purpose.
  • Sesame seed and jaggery dish is a boon for memory power.
  • Iron and phosphorus-rich fruits like grapes, oranges, and figs are good to increase memory power.
  • Non-veggies can take fish and veggies can take one spoon of flax seeds powder to boost up memory.
  • Mango juice is very good to boost memory. Add two spoonfuls of honey to it and it will result miraculously.


Everyone wants to remember all their important things and boost up memory. Students, employees, businessmen, or any other person can be successful if their memory is good. If you are hard-working and your memory is good then the chances of your success are very high. If you are facing the problem of forgetfulness try to cure it.

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