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How to meditate properly for beginners: Concentration and meditation are not different things. Meditation is another name for concentration especially concentration on god. Lack of concentration causes a disturbance in life and creates hocus- pocus. It puzzles us, We become disturbed as we can’t decide what to do. It could be avoided by learning the right way (techniques) to meditate.

Meditation brings peace and solace and we may concentrate better than before. It protects our physical and mental health. We will come to know how to meditate Properly in this article or what are the meditation tips and techniques, the guide for Beginners.


What is Meditation?

How to Meditate Properly Meditation Tips for Beginners

Focussing our brain, mind, and heart on one target without any interruption and aimless wandering is called meditation. First of all, find a perfect place to meditate it should be quiet and full of peace so that you can hear your inner voice.

Does a question arise of how we can hear that inner voice? It is very easy friends: if you can avoid hearing outside sounds automatically the inner voice will come to your ears. Hearing this sound is called meditation or concentrating on God.

We are surrounded by lots of sounds. There are sounds in our brains too. Different types of worries like pending work or some important task always hit us. Outside sounds can be stopped by closing the eyes and ears but sounds of the brain are very difficult to stop.

There is a method to do this by just concentrating on the sound of your heartbeat and on the sound of your breath. Besides these two sounds, there is one more sound too, it is like a vibration sound or the sound of a cricket.

This sound may not be clear in the beginning but it will be clear later on. After this very clear sound, other pleasant sounds like the sound of rain, the sound of the river will be audible to you. After some time you will feel relaxed and overwhelmed after concentration or meditation. This experience is exotic and extraordinary.

How to Meditate at Home: Easy techniques for Beginners

  1. Choose a peaceful and comfortable place for meditation. Sit in a comfortable position suitable to your body. you can sit in a cross-leg position or on a chair. You can meditate even while standing if you cannot sit for any reason.
  2. Now close your eyes and ears, to close your eyes use cotton or earplugs.
  3. Before meditation inhale deeply 8 to 10 times and exhale slowly every time. While releasing breath count reverse 10to 1. Do not count while inhaling breath, count only while exhaling.
  4. Now try to listen to your inner voice. Keep on trying if you are not able to hear any voice remember it takes time. Keep your calm and after some time you will hear the sound.
  5. Sounds from your own brain may distract you and thoughts will cause disturbances but do not worry at all and ignore all the sounds. Try to be calm and listen to the vibrating inner sound.
  6. In the beginning, your brain will distract you but keep your firm once you will recognize the inner sound all sounds will be inaudible.

Meditation Tips for Beginners

  • Some may feel meditation is boring but doing it for fun and relaxation will not only provide you enjoyment but also relaxation.
  • We interviewed many old and experienced people to know about the methods of meditation. Most of them told us to concentrate on the middle of our eyebrows at the center point but this is a very energy-taking procedure. You may feel a headache and tiredness after a little time.
  • There is no specified time for meditation it could be done at any time.
  • Keep your body healthy and pious inside and outside for better results of meditation .this is one of the methods of meditation. To keep your body fit and healthy do exercise and yoga. For inner health keep your thoughts pious and healthy by reading good books on meditation and praying to God.

There are many ways to meditate. One method has already been shared let’s discuss a few more methods.

  1. How to meditate – For concentration or meditation you can listen to meditation music, use headphones or speakers to listen to meditation music, and try to concentrate on the sound of the music.
  2. You can imagine a story for deep concentration for example just close your eyes and imagine that you are going to a place where there are lots of hills and mountains. There is greenery all over where ever you see the only greenery is visible. A river is flowing there in front of your eyes.

Closing Thoughts

Below we have summarized the essential benefits of meditation and how to meditate.

  • It helps us to relax and to prepare ourselves to face the problems of life again.
  • Anger, mental stress, and every type of tension can be avoided by doing meditation.
  • Daily practice of meditation can pacify your stress and increases your level of concentration.
  • If you do meditation regularly it will clear your thinking and sharpen your memory.
  • Meditation can increase willpower and help you to get rid of Addiction.

We hope this post will help beginners who want to do meditate properly with the right technique. If anybody wants to ask anything about meditation, please leave a comment below.

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