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Moisturizing your oily skin while sleeping has a lot of advantages. It keeps you refreshed at night, and you wake up hale and hearty. Besides, the treatment from moisturizers will ensure that your skin is in proper condition and glows attractively to your delight.

However, maintaining moisturized skin all night may not be as straightforward as you think. You need to make use of a deeply penetrating formula that must be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Using sub-quality moisturizers can have far-reaching consequences beyond giving you a sleepless night. Therefore, it is necessary to use tested and trusted products for your skin.

If you intend to keep your oily skin moisturized while sleeping, below are deeply penetrating but yet non-comedogenic night moisturizers specifically designed to keep oily skin moisturized all night.

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If you are looking for a night moisturizer mainly made of natural ingredients to reduce skin imperfection without any hitch, then try the Garnier SkinActive 3-in-1 Face Moisturizer.

However, this night moisturizer solely depends on ingredients that have no affiliate with dyes, parabens, mineral oil, silicones, and sulfate to reduce skin imperfection while sleeping. It contains vegan-friendly ingredients such as green tea extract, which help to purify and unclog pores without causing any skin irritation.

Also, the ability of this non-greasy formula to moisturize while healing all night is of no match, thanks to aloe-juice which helps to nourish and hydrate the skin while sleeping. Also, this formula can reduce shine owing to excess oil without any hitch. So, no doubt, this formula is greatly perfect for your oily skin. For combination skin see our guide on primer for combination skin.

Key features:
  • Reduces shine due to excessive oil
  • Unclogs and purifies pores
  • Moisturizes skin with aloe-juice
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Do you think your day moisturizer is not enough to put an end to your skin unevenness? Then, why can’t you try the Eva natural vanilla bean night cream to bid farewell to skin unevenness while sleeping?

This night moisturizer is specifically designed to soothe all skin imperfection all night. It contains ingredients like CQ10 blended with vitamin E and B5 to induce collagen for effective skin perfection. Therefore, this formula will help you reduce fine line and also smoothen your skin. It also contains kojic acid, shiitake mushrooms, and coconut oil, which all work together to soften and brighten skin.

However, words cannot express the hydrating capacity of this night moisturizer. It is significantly rich in essential moisturizers like rosehip and rooibos, which help to keep your skin hydrated while sleeping. Thanks for the green tea extract! Therefore, you don’t need to think about that your clog pore because this formula will penetrate deeply to purify your pore. If you need help with freckle removal check out our guide on the freckle removal cream.

Key features:
  • Brightens and hydrates the skin
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and B5
  • Money-back guarantee
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To be honest, there is nothing as good as sleeping at night and wake up refreshed. And one of the ways to achieve this is to adopt a sound night moisturizer like the CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Night Face Moisturizer.

The CeraVe Facial Moisturizing Night Face Moisturizer promises round the clock moisturizing and also skin perfection. It is equipped with sound science and technology like MVE technology that ensures your skin gets the proper moisture it deserves. Also, this oil-free facial moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid, which attracts moisture to the skin without over-drying or causing any skin irritation.

However, this oil-free moisturizer contains all you need to have a skin free of imperfection. It contains essential ceramides and vitamins like niacin, which all work together to foster radiant skin while sleeping. More so, this lightweight formula is free of fragrance or any toxic chemicals that may be harmful to the skin, and it is recommended by dermatologists. If you need help with skin tightening and reducing wrinkles consider home laser for wrinkles.

Key features:
  • Very effective
  • Lightweight and gentle on the skin
  • Dermatologist recommended
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Without mincing words, the Aveeno Positively Radiant Intense Moisturizing Night Cream is excellent for skin perfection. Its ability to tone the skin, add to skin texture, and prevent skin dullness and blotchiness is a great asset.

This oil-free night moisturizer performs different functions besides moisturizing all night. If you are familiar with the benefits accruable to toning the skin, then you will not think twice before adding this non-greasy cream to your cosmetic regimen.

The Aveeno Positively Radiant Intense Moisturizing Night Cream is made from a formula that contains soy complex, a renowned skin toner that brightens the skin while you are sleeping. Also, it contains vitamin B3 that helps to prevent skin dullness, blotchiness, and brown spots. This formula is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Moreover, the product is recommended by dermatologists. Therefore, you can keep enjoying this all-night moisturizer without any worries or fears. For more useful health products see our guide on foot spas.

Key features:
  • Hydrates and brightens the skin
  • Non-greasy and oil-free
  • Dermatologist recommended
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If you are looking for a restorative yet moisturizing formula, then the Andalou Natural Argan Stem Cell Recovery Cream is made for you.

This Non-GMOs verified formula contains everything to restore and hydrate your skin while sleeping. In fact, its restorative and hydrating ability is of no match. It is formulated with organic but yet natural ingredients. And it contains no gluten or any harmful chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

Also, this cruelty-free formula contains not just ordinary aloe vera but an ultra-hydrating one that keeps the skin hydrated all night. It is worthy of note that the presence of some vital restorative ingredients like argan stem cell, willow bark make this cream an essential pore cleansing and purifying product. Also, it contains the right proportion of salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate dead cells and also tone the skin without over stripping the skin oil or causing any skin irritation. So, you will never rue adding this great night moisturizer to your cosmetic regimen.

Key features:
  • Hydrates and restore skin from imperfection
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Suitable for oily and reactive skin
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Do you intend to keep that your oily skin free of blemishes while moisturizing? Not to worry! The Simplified Skin Retinol Moisturizer got your back. With this moisturizer, you can conveniently bid farewell to any stubborn blemishes and also count on all night moisturizing.

This moisturizer is an advanced solution that effectively reduces blemishes. Thanks to the retinol, all skin aging and dullness are gently kicked out while you sleep. Also, while this US-made formula reduces wrinkles and scar, it contains hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, green tea extract, shea butter, vitamin E, and B5 that actively work together to hydrate and calm the skin all night to keep you comfortable and cozy.

Additionally, this lightweight formula is purely made of natural with very few organic ingredients. And it contains no parabens, sulfate, gluten, fragrance, or any toxic chemicals that may be harmful to the skin.

Key features:
  • Gentle on the skin while moisturizing
  • Inhibits skin aging and scars
  • Non-greasy application
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No doubt, moisturizing the skin while sleeping is one of the effective way of kicking out skin imperfection with retinol. In fact, it is safe than using any skincare that contains harsh chemicals. However, InstaNatural retinol night face cream combines the power of retinol with other ingredients such as vitamin C to gently diminishes the appearance of blemishes while sleeping.

This is an extremely multifunctional formula. It can reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration without any hitch. You may be wondering how it can hydrate the skin! It contains a high proportion of hyaluronic acid that attracts moisture to the skin. Also, this cruelty-free moisturizer cares about your complexion. It contains safflower seed oil, which helps to brighten the skin and green tea extract, proven ingredient that reduce puffiness. More so, it contains no parabens, synthetic dyes, or any harmful ingredients that can cause skin irritation. Hence it is suitable for sensitive skin.

Key features:
  • Brighten and hydrate the skin
  • Reduce puffiness, wrinkles and fine lines
  • Curb discoloration and brightens the skin
  • Parabens and dye-free
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A non-greasy formula like the Mario Badescu Night Cream is enough to nourish and hydrate your skin all night. This night moisturizer is the panacea to skin unevenness. In fact, it takes skin perfection to the zenith by combining different sound and safe ingredients. Firstly, it depends on vitamin and mineral in bladderwrack to nourish and soften the skin while sleeping. Also, it contains collagen, which can help to restore your youthful-skin look without any hassles.

Additionally, this non-greasy formula is reliable when it comes to all night hydration. It incorporates all the necessary hydrating ingredients to ensure you wake up refreshed. Firstly, it contains elastin, which prevents skin moisture from escaping, thereby enhancing skin firmness and elasticity. It also contains sodium hyaluronate, which helps to retain and attract moisture to the skin. This night formula is oil-free. By adding this night moisturizer to your cosmetic regimen, you can boast of well-nourished and glowing skin among your peers.

Key features:
  • Hydrate and soften the skin
  • Enhance skin firmness and elasticity
  • Non-greasy application
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Waking up with hydrated and refreshed skin should be the utmost priority of all and sundry. And it is a good thing that the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Face Moisturizer can do that for you.

This formula is specifically designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while hydrating. It is comprised of ingredients that deeply penetrate the skin. For instance, vitamin B, E, and amino-peptides found in this lightly scented formula deeply penetrate the skin to reduce aging. Nevertheless, these ingredients are non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Also, the Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Face Moisturizer contains hyaluronic acid that keeps the skin moisture intact. Additionally, this moisturizer is non-greasy and devoid of parabens.

You should apply this lightly scented formula on your face and neck for effective night moisturizing.

Key features:
  • Hydrate and reduce skin aging
  • Lightly scented and non-greasy
  • Penetrate deeply into the skin for better results.
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Of a truth, night time is a time when the skin can properly present itself for a better restoration. And the kind of skincare you depend on for recovery can go a long way in determining how healthy and smooth your skin will be. Therefore, it is high time you use the Eve Hansen Vitamin C night cream for effective restoration and hydration.

This US-made night cream takes skin repair and moisturizing to the next level. It combines the power of vitamin C and other active ingredients, which include avocado oil, cocoa butter, green tea, organic aloe, organic Shea, and vitamin B5, to repair damaged skin.

Also, this cruelty-free formula contains no sulfate, parabens, sulfates, or any toxic chemicals that can be harmful to the skin. Therefore, you can count on this formula for skin resilience, firmness, and elasticity.

Key features:
  • Formulated with organic ingredients
  • Enhances skin firmness and elasticity
  • Effective and speedy reparative results

Closing Thoughts

People with oily skin always complain about getting the perfect and genuine moisturizers to match their skin requirements.  All thanks to the skincare industry today we have got some of the most phenomenal night moisturizers that can deal with your oily skin and nourish it.

Now while purchasing a moisturizer, one can’t just haphazardly pick the least expensive one. You need to do proper research on your skin only then can you buy the perfect night moisturizer for yourself. The moisturizer needs to have deep penetration in your oily skin to provide complete nourishment and make it look healthy and young.

Using a cheap moisturizer that is not of your skin type can have side effects and worsen your skin condition. And it is quite worth investing in a good brand and costly night moisturizer that can solve all your oily skin issues.

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