10 Astounding Badminton Sets for Outdoor Summer Games!

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Summer is on its way and most people move their activities outdoors. One of the things you can do on a sunny summer afternoon is playing badminton either at the park, the beach or even in your backyard. It is enjoyed by both old and young.

However, finding the right badminton set can be tasking. Luckily, we have handpicked the most suitable badminton sets just for you. Read on to find out more!

Badminton is a fun, yet fast racket sport. Players send shuttles racing across to their opponents at incredible speeds with bursts of power with simple taps. It’s not only about hitting the shuttle with the face of the racket but also about speed and endurance during the game. Most professional players take care of their health and fitness by staying in top shape since there is a fair amount of running on the badminton court. Many players run and jog daily for 4 to 5 miles.

Stamina, agility, focus, and concentration are some of the things that players need when playing badminton. Many people start at a young age since it is a fun game that can be played in the backyard or the garden. Apart from this, it is also a social sport, allowing you to meet new people daily. Space saving, if you don’t plan on playing professionally, all you need is some level area, rackets, a shuttlecock, and a net.

To do this, you need a badminton set. These are available online and come in ranges for novices, intermediates, and professionals.

What to Look for While Purchasing a Badminton Set?

  • String tensions – One of the first things you notice, is how taut and tight the strings on the racket are. The ideal spring tension should be 1mm. Professionals vary their string tensions according to their style of playing.
  • Balance – Even distribution of weight on the racket is preferable for novices since professionals who play an intense game prefer head-heavy rackets. Evenly balanced rackets last longer and are great for learners.
  • Racket weight – Racket weight is printed in ‘U.’ The higher the ‘U,’ the lower the weight of the racket. 3U is lighter than 2U, and 4U is even lighter than 2U, and 3U. 4U rackets are excellent for beginners and people playing doubles. You can serve quickly and shift fluidly between strokes.

Our Handpicked Collection Of 10 Amazing Badminton Sets

VonHaus 10 Piece Premium Craftsman Woodworking Wood Chisel SetThe Pro Impact Badminton Set is the most affordable one on this list. It comes with three feather shuttlecocks in a case, 2 rackets,  and a shoulder carrying case.
Lightweight, yet extremely durable, the badminton set from Pro Impact is great to take to the beach or to the backyard for a quick game.
This set from Pro Impact is very versatile and can be used by people of all ages.

The racket construction is durable and made from high-quality aluminium and steel for the head and shaft.

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The rackets of the Pro Impact Badminton Set are made for daily use and are great for beginners and novices. For fewer interruptions during game time, the feathered shuttles come with their independent case for secure storage. The cover of the rackets is trendy and looks stylish.

Key features:
  • Lightweight rackets
  • Durable construct
  • Independent shuttlecock case

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Draper 88605 8-Piece Wood Chisel KitThe Franklin Sports Badminton Set comes included with 4 rackets with ‘tight string’ strings, padded grip and tempered steel shaft, 2 A-grade shuttlecocks, 1 official-sized volleyball with needle and inflating pump, 6 styrene ground stakes, 2 top and 2 middle guy ropes, 6 adjustable guy rope tension clips, and a standard-sized net with 4 sided tape construction.

The carry bag is messenger styled and is incredibly comfortable and lightweight to carry and store the entire set. As an added benefit to users, the Franklin Sports Badminton Set is extremely affordable and can fit all budgets very easily. For other sports equipment see our guide on baseball bats.

Key features:
  • Extremely affordable
  • Good quality, soft-gripped rackets
  • Playing equipment for four people

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Stanley 16-791 Sweetheart 750 Series Socket Chisel Set
The Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set is made of 2 rackets and is made for singles gameplay. The rackets in this set are lightweight graphite and carbon-aluminium composite and are suitable for novices and beginners in badminton.
Extremely durable, you can use these rackets for daily use and practice as per your training or requirement. Ideal for all skill levels, the Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set is an excellent addition to have at home.

The Senston – 2 Player Badminton Racquets Set comes with 2 shuttles, covering the case, 2 rackets, and 2 additional overgrips to keep your hands dry during gameplay and to improve hold on the handle. If you feel the length is short or you need a firmer grip, the overgrip will help overcome this flaw. See our guide on tennis racquets for other sporting guides.

Key features:
  • Overgrips included
  • Lightweight and easy to control
  • Durable

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Narex 6-piece Woodworking Chisel SetZume Games has one of the perfect portable badminton sets on this list. The freestanding base doubles up as a carry case. It is lightweight, and the net does not need poles or sticks to hold it up.
Simply attach and secure it to the freestanding base, and you can set up a net anywhere while travelling. The securing can be done with the help of telescopic poles that help keep the net upright for the duration of play. The net slides onto the poles and can be extended or reduced according to the height of the people playing.

This one from Zume Games Portable Badminton set contains a carrying case, two shuttlecocks, a regulation-sized net, and two red and two green rackets for doubles. The easy assembly ensures that this set can be used to play on any level surface.

Key features:
  • Extremely portable
  • Telescopic poles for easy adjusting
  • Regulation-sized net

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Irwin Marples MS500 Soft Touch Bevel Edge Chisel Set
The Baden Champions Badminton Set is an excellent choice for first-game users. A high-quality badminton service set with a net and hosts 4 tournament rackets and 3 nylon shuttlecocks.
The poles of the rackets are of high-quality steel and are incredibly durable in the long term. They are powder coated to promote longevity during play and storage. These poles are also known for the sturdiness that they provide the players during tight manoeuvres.

The net is superior quality tarpaulin and can be used during harsh weather as well. While many people prefer playing indoors during summer or rain, some people like to train in adverse weather as well. The tarp used in the net is waterproof and made for regular use. The nylon shuttlecocks are also high quality and can be used in all climatic conditions.

Key features:
  • Storage bag
  • Rackets, nets, and shuttlecocks are all-weather
  • Easy to use and set up

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DeWalt DWHT16063 Short Blade Wood Chisel 4-Piece Set

The EastPoint Sports Deluxe Badminton Net Set is a volleyball and badminton set. You can enjoy two outdoor games at the price of one.

Affordable, and with high-quality products, the EastPoint Sports Deluxe Badminton Net Set has easy instructions to follow with the setup of the net for badminton or volleyball.

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The EastPoint Sports Deluxe Badminton Net Set contains one official-size volleyball, 4 badminton rackets with sturdy steel shafts, 2 shuttles, 1 regulation-sized net with 4 ground stakes, and a weatherproof portable carrying bag case. All the materials used in the EastPoint Sports Deluxe Badminton Net Set are of good quality and can be used by all ages.

Key features:
  • Suitable for doubles players
  • Weatherproof carry case
  • Affordable

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Kaypar 10-Piece Premium Craftsman Wood Chisel SetThe Yolo Sports Badminton Set is an excellent selection for beginners and intermediate players. With 4 rackets included in this set, you can play singles or doubles as per your player numbers.
In the Yolo Sports Badminton Set, you can avail poles, a net, and hardware to install, a carrying case, 4 sturdy rackets, and 3 shuttlecocks.

The handles of the rackets are ergonomic and well-built, and they provide an immense sense of comfort during gameplay. The Yolo Sports Badminton Set comes with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. As an added advantage, this badminton set is in the affordable range, and can also be purchased as an excellent gift for a friend or loved one.

Key features:
  • Affordable set
  • 4 rackets, 4 shuttlecocks
  • 90-day manufacturer’s warranty

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WORKPRO Wood Chisels SetExcellent quality badminton set made for great gameplay. The Park & Sun Badminton Set is equipped with a guyline kit, poles, ground stakes, four high-quality aluminium rackets, 3
A-grade nylon shuttlecocks with cork tips, and a heavy-duty polyester carrying case. The excellent shuttles are made to withstand massive hits and preserve their shape.

The regulation-sized net has 1” top and bottom tape with sides and corners reinforced for additional net tension. The whole kit fits inside a polyester zippered bag with carrying handles. You can also define a makeshift court with a pre-measured boundary that can be stuck to the ground with corner anchors. If you’re into boxing see our punching bag picks.

Key features:
  • Makeshift court boundaries
  • Regulation-sized net
  • Four high-quality aluminium rackets

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Tacklife 4-Piece Wood Chisel SetThe Champions Sports Outdoor Badminton set comes with everything you might need for a fun-filled game day out with family and friends. It comes with four badminton rackets, 2 nylon practice shuttles, 2 goose-feather shuttlecocks, a mesh net, and a premium volleyball. It also comes equipped with aluminium poles to secure the net and play like a professional.

The rackets are heavy-duty powder-coated poles of aluminium for great badminton shots. The waterproof tarpaulin and nylon net and an extremely durable carry-on case for easy portability. This easy-to-set-up portable badminton set from Champions Sports is a definite must-have.

Key features:
  • High-quality rackets
  • Waterproof nylon and tarpaulin net
  • Weather-resistant carry case

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Gidabrand Professional Wood Chisel Set with Tools Roll BagYonex is one of the leaders in badminton equipment across the globe. Well known for their superiorly crafted and durable badminton sets, Yonex has again proved why they are known as a force to be reckoned with. The Yonex Badminton Set is a combo of 2 rackets, a set of 3 shuttlecocks, racket covers, and a sleek and trendy carry case.

The shuttles are packed in a steel case, and the rackets are made from high-quality long-lasting steel.

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The rackets have an ergonomic soft grip for long-play durations and are strong and sturdy for powerful shots. They are super tight and do not slip from the grasp. The rackets are B4000 Lime and B4000 Red with hologram stickers. The carry case is water-repelling and anti-foul.

Key features:
  • Water-repelling carry case
  • Rackets come with covers
  • A set of 3 shuttlecocks in a steel case

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Closing Thoughts

There you have it, 10 badminton sets to choose from. We have tried to vary the products we inspected as adequately as we could and to offer things in different price ranges.
 If you would like to see more images of any of these products you can click on the links we have provided for you. Perhaps this will help you keep you and your family occupied this summer!

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