Pre 1880 the only real way to shave was using a cut-throat blade which many men lost their lives to… Okay it wasn’t really that bad. Then came the safety razor, it’s concept made for easy shaving without the reliance on professional barbers (their poor business). Now up to this day safety razors have become widely popular amongst men. You can purchase disposable razors which are great for travelling or people that just can’t look after them! Or you can invest a little and get multi-blade razors for a closer shave. However with so much choice it’s almost hard to know which one to buy, with everyones facial hair being different some razors may be better suited to you.

When buying a razor you really want to consider the following:

  • Skin type – Sensitive or acne prone skin should use less aggressive blades, such as the single bladed razors
  • Length of hair – Longer hair can be tougher to shave, you’ll need a more aggressive blade for this, be careful!
  • Type of hair – the thicker the hair, the more aggressive the blade you need.

On this site i will be blogging about tips and tricks to getting the best shave and will also be reviewing safety razors in detail to hopefully educate you when making your decision. While to some this seems like a little much, but to others their facial hair is their pride and joy.